Council Highlights

Regular Meeting of Council:

November 6, 2007

In attendance: Mayor Caisley,

Councilors Kirby, White, Holmlund and Hunter. Absent: Councilors Colledge and Sipe

Official minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes: From Regular Meeting of Council October 16, 2007 and from the Special Meeting of Council October 23 2007, 2007.

3. Business arising from the minutes: None

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Kees VanDeBurgt Regarding lot K Building Project:

Mr. VanDeBurgt addressed council on the issue of parking stalls and the number he is required to purchase as well as the facade that it required to go on the outside wall of the proposed building at lot K(directly across from the fire hall).

Mr. VanDeBurgt is in disbelief that he can provide the necessary upgrades to the facade that council is requiring of him for a cost of $20,000(quoted by district). The lowest quote that Mr. VanDeBurgt has received thus far for materials and labour is between $35-38 thousand dollars. The highest is around $68 thousand dollars. This upgrade as well as the required parking stalls (he would not own the parking, he would be paying funds for parking in lieu) will increase costs and make it almost impossible to build for a reasonable cost.

Due to the fact that Mr. VanDeBurgt will NOT own the parking, this money he is paying will in the end, not be included on his appraisal which would greatly affect his investment. This in comparison to the Days Inn, said VanDeBurgt, where the land was bought cheap($1) and the parking will be built and included in appraisal.

Mr. VanDeBurgt stated: ? the policies that district has in place is not working, to my belief, otherwise there would be more building going on? around Tumbler Ridge. He also stated he feels the district is being extremely negative in terms of his building project and is upset with the negativity. He states, when you ?put extra burdens on small projects? you have to think, is it really worth it?

After his address, Mayor Caisley said, ?Thank you.?

No other comments were made by Council.

(b) Peter Thompson Regarding the Proposed Lot K development.

Peter Thompson addressed Mayor and Council and endorsed Mr. VanDeBurgt?s comments on the negativity of Council. Mr. Thompson explained there is a need for positive feedback from Council, not just the negative feedback that is perpetually given.

Mr. Thompson bought Lot K from the district and the lot had a two year building clause. The two years are almost at an end and there is no building on the lot as of today. Mr. VanDeBurgt has purchased the lot from Mr. Thompson and Mr. Thompson has an agreement to buy a piece of the proposed building.


(a) Honorable George Abbot: Minister of Health

Mayor and Council received a letter from Health Minister George Abbot. The letter was to thank Mayor and Council for their concern with regards to patient safety in the North Peace Care Centre in Fort. St. John. Item received for information.

(b) Peter Thompson: Construction Office

Letter from Peter Thompson received for information. The letter(dated October 25th) written by Mr. Thompson, addressed his frustration to Mayor and Council, with regards to the break in communication at the District office. He had requested information regarding a temporary office during the construction of Lot K. After contacting Mr. Klikach, once through answering machine and once addressing him personally on the phone, Mr. Thompson stated he never did receive the information promised to him by Mr. Klikach.

A response was sent to Mr. Thompson(dated October 29th) by Mr. Klikach tell Mr. Thompson that he never did get the first message and during the subsequent phone calls, Mr. Thompson did not request information regarding a temporary office. Mr. Klikach advised Mr. Thompson the building bylaw allows for a construction storage tailor for Lot k to be placed in the parking lot nearest the construction site BUT there are no provisions in the bylaw to carry on business in a temporary office tailor or any other temporary buildings in Zone C1.

(c) Chris Nickerson, BC Ambulance-Executive Director Northern Division Regarding the UBCM Meeting.

Mayor and Council received a letter from Chris Nickerson thanking them for their willingness to work with BC Ambulance Service(BCAS) in recruiting and retaining paramedics in Tumbler Ridge. Item received for information.

6. Staff Reports: none

7. Bylaws:

(a) Bylaw 527, 2007 ?A Bylaw to Amend the Official Community Plan Bylaw No.498, 2005.?

Third Reading-motion carried

Final Reading-motion carried

(b)Bylaw 528, 2007 ?A Bylaw to Amend District of Tumbler Ridge Zoning Bylaw 517, 2006.?

Third Reading-motion carried

Final Reading-motion carried

8. New Business:

(a)Food Distribution Grant Request: New Life Assembly

Motion Carried. Grant request in the amount of $1500.00 to start a food distribution program has been approved. The New Life Assembly will be using the funds to renovate the space in the New Life Assembly church that will be used for the program and will apply any funds left to other start up costs involved.

(b)Commercial Off-Street Parking Requirements: Cash in Lieu Parking Fees

Following a report from Lonnie Miller, Chief Administrative Officer, Off- Street parking requirements will stay the same ($700 for each required stall) and there will be no motion to change Zoning Bylaw 517. Mr. Miller researched communities within the Peace region as well as other small communities within BC to compare costs for developers when considering parking(and whether they need to build parking or pay cash in-lieu). Tumbler Ridge is at the lower end of the scale and comparative to other communities of similar size. Larger communities and ones that are experiencing a strong development(Fort St. John- $3500 and Dawson Creek-$5500) are considerably higher.

Councilor Kirby questions whether these parking in lieu requirements are hindering small development within Tumbler Ridge. ?Are they causing hardships for small development?? Councilor Kirby stated he thinks the parking requirements for Mr. VanDeBurgt, with regards to Lot K, are excessive. However, Councilor Kirby also stated it is important for developers to be aware of all bylaws and requirements while developing their initial business plans.

(c)Councilor Sipe?s Resignation

1. Motion to accept resignation as submitted by Councilor Sipe: Carried

Councilor Sipe has submitted his resignation effective December 31, 2007.

2. Motion that Council give direction to the Corporate Officer to schedule a Special Meeting of Council for January 2, 2008 for the purposes of appointing a Chief Elections Officer and Deputy Chief Elections Officer for the March 2008 By-election: Carried

Due to Councilor Sipe?s resignation before January 1, 2008 there must be a by-election.

(d) Northern Medical Program Community Partnership(NMPCP)

Motion carried to enter into an informal partnership with NMPCP to host one or two medical students for a weekend in Tumbler Ridge.

The primary goal for the NMPCP is to provide medical students exposure to all the facets of a northern community and not just a medical experience.

The building of relationships with small communities is a strategy to entice and retain future medical staff in the future.

(e)Northern Lights College Request for Donation of Lots

Recommended and Approved: Council will be donating three residential lots(one per year) to Northern Lights College and their Residential Construction Program. These will be donated on the understanding that all profits from the sale of the homes will be allocated to new programs in the Tumbler Ridge Campus and that all conveying costs be for the account of the Northern Lights College.

(f) Resolution for Oath of Office for Bylaw Officer

Jennifer Wells is the newly appointed Bylaw officer.

The bylaw officer is authorized to enter onto and inspect property pursuant to section 16 of the Community Charter for the purposes of determining whether all regulations, prohibitions and requirements are being met in relation to the District?s Bylaws.

(g) Letter of Support Request-Historic and Heritage Trails

Motioned and Carried: Mayor and Council will provide a letter of support(in principle) to the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society for their efforts in having Stony Lake and Krueger?s Flats designated as Historic Trails.

(h) Schedule of Meetings

November 13th, 2007 Policies and Priorities Committee meeting: 6:00pm

November 20th, 2007 Regular Meeting of Council:6:00pm

November 27th, 2007 Policies and Priorities Committee meeting: 6:00pm

All Council Meetings are held in Council Chambers at Town Hall.

9. Councilor Business:

Holmlund: Joined Emergency Preparedness Program.

Kirby: nothing to report.

Hunter: Has recently spoken to BC Minister of State for Mining, Kevin Krueger.

White: Attended Provincial Financial Committee meeting and there are a couple notes of interest. Item 1: The BC government is ?pushing for added water inspectors?. As of now there is only one north of Prince George. The water inspectors check water before and after gas companies move into an area to ensure there is no damage to water systems. Due to the lack of water inspectors, not all the necessary inspecting is getting done. Item 2: More nurses have been requested and more health care training and funding have also been requested.

Councilor White also attended a Success by Six Meeting as well as the Northern Initiative Luncheon. White commented that Tumbler Ridge was well promoted by Dr. Charles Helm at the Northern Initiative Luncheon and Dr. Helm?s presentation was well received.

10. Q & A Period:

Question to Mayor and Council from Mr. VanDeBurgt. ?Where did my letter go?? Mr. VanDeburgt is referring to an email dated November 1st, 2007 sent to Ray Proulx requesting more detailed information on the quote of $20,000 to put the facade on the proposed building.

Lonnie Miller, CAO, answered Mr. VanDeburgt?s question by providing Mayor, Council and Press copies of the email in response detailing the quote. Steels Industrial Products Ltd, in Prince George, provided a quote for their lowest price stone including delivery to Tumbler Ridge for $12,155.50. Mr. Miller further explained he had been told it would cost around $8000 for installation of the facade and that is where the quote for $20,000 came from.

Not satisfied with the answer with regards to labour costs, Mr. VanDeburgt?s follow up question ?Where did you get the labour quote for $8000??

Mr. Miller?s response, ?It is not our responsibility to go find labour for you? or provide you with details.

Mr. Miller advised Mayor and Council district had suggested a compromise for Mr. VanDeburgt. The compromise allows Mr. VanDeburgt to build the building and then put on the facade one year later. This would allow for Mr. VanDeburgt to get the business up and running for a year. However, Mr. VanDeburgt has not felt this is a good idea, since he has not brought up the issue again, said Miller. Also, District has relaxed on window requirements, explained Miller, because of the uniqueness of the lot(being surrounded by streets).

11. Closed Meeting Items: moved to address closed meeting items at 7:02pm

(a) Personnel Issue

(b) Land Issue

12. Adjournment