Council Highlights

In attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councilors White, Hunter, Holmlund and Colledge. Absent: Councilor Sipe, Councilor Kirby.

Councilor Hunter chaired meeting.

Official Meeting Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1.Call to Order: 6:01 pm

2.Approval of Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of October 23, 2007.

3.Business Arising from Minutes:

New Life Assembly

Councilor Colledge was curious to know if New Life Assembly received their cheque for their grant request. It has been confirmed they have received their money.

Seniors Housing

Councilor College asked, ?With regards to the seniors housing project(proposed), is district going to send in an application for a grant(deadline November 28th)??

Trevor Seibel, Chief Financial Officer, explained the application requires a plan, that is endorsed by council, in order to apply for the grant. Mayor Caisley also commented there will be a meeting November 19th in order to gather information from seniors to assess the needs of the community. After that meeting, the committee will work towards developing a plan of action.

4.Review of Agenda: Amended

Item 5 is changed to Mayor?s Food Drive. Item 6 Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society, unchanged. Item 7 changed to new issue: Snow Removal on Residential Streets in Tumbler Ridge. Item 8 is now the TR Golf Course.

5.Mayor?s Food Drive.

The Mayor?s Food Drive will be held Monday December 3rd, 2007. The District has purchased banners to help advertise and there will be advertisements in the newspaper in order to give Tumbler Ridge residents more details. The Cubs will be helping with the food drive and because of this, the food drive will start around 3pm.

6.Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society(WMNS)

The WMNS held their AGM on October 16th, 2007. At that meeting the following motion was brought forward:

1)Proposed more formal relationship between District of Tumbler Ridge and WNMS.

WMNS is hoping Council will help them create a committee that will meet every couple months, comprised with WMNS president, WMNS secretary and the Economic Development Officer(EDO) as well as a representative from Council. WMNS is hoping this committee will be able to meet and then report back to both Mayor and Council as well as WMNS

This motion will be formalized at the next regular meeting of Council.

WMNS also requesting the True Sport $10,000 be transferred to WMNS in order to help with the development of the planned track and field facilities. WMNS feels the project will advance more rapidly if the funds were readily available.

Mayor and Council will address the issue around the money at the next council meeting once a more detailed amount(some funds used from this $10,000 already) is available.


Councilors Hunter and Holmlund feel the district needs to get on with the issue of the track and field development. Councilor Hunter stated ? we are stalled on this?. WMNS has been coming to council for the past few years for help with this and there has not been any progress on it.

7.Snow Removal on Residential streets in Tumbler Ridge.

Councilor White commented on the difficulties the snow plows were having as they maneuvered their ways through the streets as there were many parked cars/trucks on the side of the road. He witnessed the snow plows struggling to plow Spieker, slipping and moving ever so carefully missing the many vehicles.


Councilor Colledge: ?Didn?t we just discuss a possible bylaw for one sided parking??

Mayor Caisley: Giving notice to streets(through signs) to inform people living on streets that the plows will be working on them in a day (or two days) may be an option. As he explained, it works in other small northern communities.

Lonnie Miller,Chief Administrative Officer(CFO): Mr. Miller is in full support of one sided parking but he also feels that there needs to be more tickets handed out to homes/vehicle owners where there are more than three vehicles parked.

Fire Chief Dan Golob and Bylaw Officer Jennifer Wells were out issuing tickets to people who had been parked on the streets for more than 24 hours after the snowfall.

8.Tumbler Ridge Golf Course: Report from Chief Financial Officer

On Tuesday October 9th, at a special meeting of Council, a motion was carried that gave the District of Tumbler Ridge control of the Golf Course.

Before the golf course can be operational, several renovations need to be done. There are several fire, health and safety issues that need to be addressed. The plumbing, electrical and flooring must also be addressed. The estimates to get the entire golf course into a functional unit(as prepared by administration) total $377,500.

A report submitted to Mayor and Council (dated November 5th, 2007) by Trevor Seibel , Chief Financial Officer(CFO), offered three options for the short and long term planning of the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course. These options echoed the ones given to the District by the consulting firm hired(CK Solutions) which helped evaluate the status of the Golf Course as well as the clubhouse in its current condition. Mr. Seibel was looking for direction from Mayor and Council in order to move forward with the issue of the golf course.

The three long term options outlined in the report are:

1.Option 1-District Manages the Course: District would need to hire a Golf Professional who has the proper qualifications and necessary management experience to operate the facility. District could choose to have the restaurant operate separately from the restaurant.

2.Option 2-Find another Lessee for the Golf Course: District would find a qualified individual or company willing to lease the facility. This would be similar to how the golf course has been run for the last several years. However, under this option, the lessee would have to run it on a for profit basis. Therefore, the organization would not be able to apply for grant funding.

3.Option 3-Sell the Golf Course and Surrounding Land for Housing Development:District would seek to find a qualified individual or company willing to purchase the company. The District currently owns the property which the clubhouse and golf course is located. The District would seek to find a qualified contractor that has the financial resources and abilities to develop the zoned estate lots along the Golf Course road.

For full report and pros/cons listed in the report prepared by the CFO, please look at the agenda for the meeting of November 13th, 2007.

Of the three options presented, Option #3 was seen as the most favourable.


Mayor Caisley thinks the District should do all that they can and feels that pursuing the option of selling is the ?right route? for council. However, Mayor Caisley is not convinced that selling the golf course and selling the land at the same time has to be done as selling estate lots is a different area of expertise.

Councilor Colledge also supports option #3 and feels the same as Mayor Caisley about selling the land separately. Her concern is whether or not conditions can be placed on the sale of the golf course(if it is to end up in private hands) should it cease to operate as a golf course, where District can once again take over control. She was advised that yes, restrictions can be put in place.

Councilor White feels the District needs to make the golf course look attractive and ready to sell. We need to focus on getting it up and running, fix it, then sell it, White stated. We ?can?t focus on selling it? until it is fixed. District needs to prove it can be a viable enterprise.

Councilor Colledge said she is not too keen on selling at this point. However, she also feels District should sell it(and not renovate) or renovate and do more to get it ?up to snuff? so then we can see the potential of the golf course. As it stands, no one ?knows the potential? the golf course has.

Councilor Hunter was curious about the estimates to renovate. Are they accurate? Where did they come from? The CFO explained to him that yes, the estimates are a bit inflated, however contractors were asked for their professional opinions. The actual numbers came from the contractors approached.

The CAO and CFO reminded Mayor and Council that whatever option chosen, the renovations must be done before the golf course can be open and operating in the Spring of 2008.

Mr. Seibel also reiterated that District would profit beyond the sale of the golf course. District would also save grant money as well as earn taxes.

The ultimate goal with regards to this issue, as stated by Mayor Caisley, is to reach a stage where district could sell the golf course.

9.Meeting Adjourned: 7:12pm