Council Highlights Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting

Tuesday June 10th , 2008

In Attendance: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, White, and Schembri.

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

2. Approve Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of May 27th , 2008-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from Minutes- none.

4. Review of Agenda-Item 10 New Horizons Support Letter, 11. True Sports Sign, 12. Adjourn

5. Monkman Way Road Extension

Further development of Monkman Way(Plan 28607) from Speiker Ave, north east past Ridge Road and intersecting Mackenzie way will cost an estimated $2.5 to $3.0 million dollars($1800-$2100/metre of roadway) as per an estimate prepared by DGS Astro Paving. This would include engineering, administration, excavation and embankment, sub-grade prep, base and paving according to the x-section, clearing of grub, a traffic signal system, drainage, intersection work and street lights.

The recommendation for the further development of the ?Monkman Way Road Extension? project is to consider it in the future when there is an increase in Tumbler Ridge?s population.


Councillor White: ? What if we don?t pave it??Clark Hazlehurst advised White that it would be against the bylaw to keep it unpaved while open to the public.

6. Tumbler Ridge Mountain Pine Beetle Project Update.

There has been a wildfire committee formed with Fire Chief Tim Lee, Alissia Sawicki and Clark Hazlehurst representing staff. Councillors Colledge and Schembri are interested in being the voice for council on the committee. The Verbenone pouches will be arriving June 16th, 2008. Chris Maundrell, of Adlard Environmental, will be available to aid and supervise in the Verbenone Pouch applications. Because there will be doubling up of pouches where the non-infected pine tree stands, there is a dire need for volunteers during the week of June 16th-20th, advised Ms. Isaak. The heavier application process is twice what was the program last year and therefore will take twice as along.

There has been a recommended removal of 350 hazard pine trees within Municipal owned lands. Unfortunately a number of last year?s ?Marked for Removal? pine trees in three of the selected areas for harvesting were not removed. For every one infected tree not removed, potentially one hundred new trees become infected. There are now areas in Tumbler Ridge with 80% infection and total removal of pine trees is required.

Comments/Questions: Councillor White: ?Is there any leeway on the time(in terms of Verbenone pouch placement)?? Clark Hazlehurst explained it has been recommended that all Verbenone pouches are in place by the end of June.

7. 2007 Annual Report

The 2007 Annual report will be made available for public inspection beginning on Monday June 9, 2008. The report is being introduced at this time for review. The public can provide comments or feedback on the report. Once the public has viewed the document, then Council must hold an Annual Meeting to approve the Annual Report. Comment forms are available at Town Hall or from the District?s website.

8. BC Climate Action Charter

The motion to sign on to the BC Action Climate Charter was defeated at the September 18, 2007 Regular meeting of Council. Councillor Schembri has requested Council to reconsider and to now sign on to the agreement. As of May 21, 2008 123 local governments across BC have signed on to the charter with a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2012. Tumbler Ridge is the only community in the Peace Region that has not signed on to the Charter. A motion to sign on will be brought to the next Regular Meeting of Council.

The Peace River Regional District is proposing a ?regional community? approach to the Climate Change Charter. This approach suggests it would be much cheaper for the communities who don?t know where to start to move forward as there would be opportunity for cost sharing agreements for consultants and equipment. A motion to sign on to the ?regional community? will be taken to the next Regular meeting of Council.

9. Corporation of the Village of Pouce Coupe The Village of Pouce Coupe has invited Mayor and Council to participate in their Canada Day celebrations. Following the parade there are activities planned for the family, including live entertainment, children?s activities and fireworks at dusk.

10. New Horizons Support Letter

Council will provide the Seniors Needs Task force with a support letter to help with their funding proposal through New Horizons. In the support letter, ?Council will be committing to finding a space but not committing to an actual space? for the communication station/drop in centre stated Ms. Isaak. The letter will be given to the task force immediately.

11. True Sports Sign

Councillor Colledge has had complaints from local business about a business sign attached to the True Sports Sign that is visible when entering Tumbler Ridge. Kim Isaak advised Councillor Colledge that the sign will be taken down as it should not be there.

12. Adjourn: 7:28pm