Council Highlights Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting

April 14, 2009

In Attendance:

Mayor White, Councillors Wren, Schembri, and McManus. Councillor McManus chaired the meeting.

Official minutes for the meeting can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

2. Approve Minutes from Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting of March 23rd, 2009-approved.

3. Business Arising from Minutes- none

4. Review of Agenda-addition to agenda will be: Letter from Soccer Group and Industry Legacy Fund.

5. Presentations

1.1Pat Jarvis-Bio-Generation Concept

Patrick Jarvis, Condor Industries Ltd, presented a projected to Council: ?Biomass Derived Electrical Power Generation?. Jarvis has been working on the project for ten years and as he explained to Council, he has ?been trying to make the easiest form of Green Energy?. The project is directed towards communities to ?give communities opportunities to raise money as a business?.

The proposed project is to build a large plant that would use the Gas to Liquids(GTL) process. GTL is a refinery process to convert natural gas or other gaseous hydrocarbons into longer chain hydrocarbons, such as gasoline or diesel fuel. Jarvis is wanting to use affected MPB trees. The trees would be chipped in the bush and hauled to the plant. Using ?old proven technology?, Jarvis stated the plant would support over 82,000 homes. There is already a large potential customer base that includes BC Ferries and Translink, explained Jarvis.

If this project goes through, it will be the first of its kind in Canada.

There are three engineering firms now interested in the project and two other communities considering it. The $400 million dollar project proposal was informative. When asked if the plant was safe, Jarvis explained that the ?biggest thing is the noise as it is a very big plant? and you ?don?t want it parked next to your town.?

1.2Harry Prosser-Grizzly Valley Saddle Club

Harry Prosser, President of the Saddle Club, addressed Council to clarify their request for the Waiver of Fees during their Poker Run Weekend which will be held in June.

Kim Clark first took Council through the history of the Poker Run, to paint a clearer picture as to costs involved for the weekend, monies raised in the past and profits/losses from the past.

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the Saddle Club and to commemorate this, the Poker Run is going to be a weekend of Family Fun. There is going to be a concession, pancake breakfast and trick riders. Instead of admission charges, there will be donation jars for the Health Centre Foundation, whose wish list includes a new bed and incubator.

Prosser stated the Saddle Club had a hard year last year as weather did not cooperate but managed to break even. Prosser said the goal this year is to ?put this one over the top? and in order to do that, the Saddle Club is asking for help with resources they do not have.

Council was pleased with the clarification and thanked Mr. Prosser and Ms. Clark for their information.

6. Reports

1.1Fee Waiver Policy

Ms. Cheryl Hayden advised Council the fee waiver policy has had its language updated so that it reflects the application for grant in aid. This year, each approved fee waiver will be capped at a maximum of $400 for eligible organizations. Organizations are eligible for only one fee waiver in a calendar year. There has also been some automatic rejection criteria added which include: any applicant who has already received a fee waiver for the year or a grant in aid for the current year, has a political affiliation, or would benefit a for-profit organization.

Ms. Hayden explained to Council that the fee waiver policy has been working very well for her and the new language should not affect many, if at all any, future applications.

If an application doesn?t get an automatic approval, it will be sent to Council for discussion and the final decision will rest with council to either approve or deny the application.

1.2Community Centre Leases, Storage Places and Concession

Leases:Except for the Curling Rink, the leases up for renewal will be done for a three year term as per Ms. Hayden?s recommendations.

The high cost to run the Curling Club for 88 members is still not sitting well with Council. Councillor Wren stated ?it seems like a lot of money for the town? and we ?need to start looking at ways to reduce costs?. Councillor Schembri would like see the ?lounge area? used more by the general public. Councillor McManus would like to look at alternatives to using the space in the summer as it is not utilized very much as of now. A decision on the Curling Club will be made at a later date.

Storage: The Storage Policy will be put in place and storage fees will be charged to those groups/organizations who utilize storage spaces in the Community Centre.

Council has come to a consensus not to charge the Arts Council $500/yr to use Room 2 for storage. The Arts Council uses the room to store props and other items needed for the many entertaining events the hold each year in the Community. Instead, the fund raising the Arts Council does in partnership with the community centre has been raised from $3000-$3500.

Ms. Hayden explained there has never been pressure put on the Arts Council to raise those funds.

1.3Land Sale Policy TR 25-Revised.

The Land Sale Policy is 95% the same, explained Ray Proulx, District?s EDO. Mr. Proulx is suggesting in the revised policy that the sale prices for property within the District not be sold for amounts below the assessed value. They should be assigned an asking price rather than a minimum price.

Councillor Wren questioned this as there are district lots on the market now under the assessed value but still aren?t selling. Mr. Proulx explained it is not just the price for those lots not selling. Proulx stated the changes in the land policy will ?establish a consistent, equitable process for selling land? within the district.

7. ¾ Time Enterprises(Sheila?s Place)

Ms. Hayden and Ms. Isaak met with Sheila to address some concerns. Sheila?s Place will be looking into acquiring some security in the foyer for Fri/Sat nights. Sheila?s will also be giving the community centre a suspension list of problem patrons. Bathroom checks will also be performed. The district staff will not get involved in altercations but the district will be providing Sheila?s will a suspension list so that problem patrons will be down to a minimum.

8. Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall Meeting is being held on Tuesday April 28, 2009. Refreshments will be served. Mayor White stated this is Councils first attempt at a Town Meeting. There will be a couple of short items discussed to update the public in attendance at the meeting. The rest of the meeting will be guided by the public.

9. Letter from Soccer Association

The soccer association has since held its registration night and has come back to council with a clear request for funding. The association would like to purchase 4 sets of nets for a total of $339.80. These are small nets for the younger children. The request will be put on the next agenda meeting for final approval.

10. Industry Legacy Fund

Councillor McManus would like to table this until Council knows how it is going to work.

11. Question and Answer Period: None

12. Adjourn: 9:52pm