Council Highlights

August 7, 2007

In attendance: Councillors Holmlund, White, Kirby, Sipe and Colledge.

The official minutes for Council may be obtained from Town Hall.

Mayor and Council received a letter from Western Canadian Coal regarding the mine permit amendment for the proposed 3.0 MT/a Wolverine Mine Expansion. The proposed expansion will increase total product coal from 10.9 to 22.8 Mt. The expanded minesite footprint will increase from 289 ha to a total of 889 ha. Part of the expansion occurs within the previously defined project study area. The changes will extend the mine life from the currently approved six years to ten years.

A letter of non-objection will be sent to Western Canadian Coal from the District of Tumbler Ridge.

A letter of support was sent from the District to Northern Health regarding the safety issues for senior patients at the Riverview Hospital in Fort St. John. The concern is the psychiatric patients, also housed in that facility that are presenting an issue for other patients and staff. Jim Eglinski, Mayor of Fort St. John, has asked for a policy review from the Honourable George Abbott.

Letter to Mayor and Council from the Single Business License Advisory Group advising that a draft model is being circulated for discussion. Received for information, and a copy has been forwarded to the Chamber of Commerce.


Bylaw 522, 2007 District of Tumbler Ridge Building and Plumbing Bylaw – 3rd reading.

Bylaw 529, 2007 District of Tumbler Ridge Freedom of Information Bylaw – First three readings.

Bylaw 530, 2007 District of Tumbler Ridge Zoning Amendment Bylaw First Two Readings

Pernell Kirby completed a zoning bylaw amendment application, dated July 31, to change the zoning for part of Lot A, PL 31190, DL3164 from Future Development Commercial (FDC) to C1 (Town Centre Commercial). The purpose of the application it to build a 7,000 square foot grocery store. The construction will be between the existing car wash and Days Inn on Southgate. Mr. Kirby has made an offer to purchase, and has agreed to pay survey, appraisal, development permit, zoning amendment, and municipal service connections related to the development.

The sale of the land is in compliance with the current Land Sale Policy TR25 including the requirement for the developer to grant a two year option to purchase by the District of Tumbler Ridge should the required development terms not be completed.

BC Housing Project ? Tumbler Ridge Hospice/Palliative Care Society will manage two housing units in the Tumbler Ridge Housing Co-operative, one of which will be fully accessible to accommodate people with disabilities. The Society will put in an application for Grant in Aid funding for $8,800, cost for these units from July 1 to December 31. The housing units will meet the 2007 Goals and Objectives; Promote Awareness Of What Is Happening; Support A High Quality Of Life, And Promote Community Values And Protection.

Chamber of Commerce Rental Agreement for their space in the Community Centre – has been approved.

Restrictive Covenants placed on raw land within the townsite by the provincial government no longer serve a purpose and should be removed in order to fulfill the 2007 Goals and Objectives. Recommendation made and approved that staff work with Mayor Caisley to lobby the appropriate members of the provincial government.

3/4 Time Enterprise Lease Renewal: Recommended that the District enter into a three year lease agreement for the restaurant with rent beginning November 1, 2007 at $2,214.08 plus GST with increases yearly cumulating in a rent of $2,303.63 plus GST for the period of November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010.

The application for a liquor license by Sheila Sherburne, has met the requirements; ie posted notice, advertising, and public hearing.

Council has approved the granting of a liquor license.