Council Luncheon for the TR business community

About 40 business owners and representatives attended a luncheon at the TR Golf and Country Club Restaurant on Monday June 23rd .

The idea for the meeting was brought forward by the Town Council and was (initiated by Councillor Don Mc Pherson) to open a dialog with the business community.

Town Council is asking for more input and information about business community needs to make more effective and informed decisions.

Objective information or description of the problems is the starting point to effective solutions. The number of attendees confirms high interest in the interactive work even if the novelty of the idea was recognized and clarified actually at the meeting.

After the formal introduction by Mayor Mike Caisley, Councillor Mc Pherson introduced the Council initiative.

This time Ryan Murray from Project North Management Inc. asked the first set of questions and Fire Chief Tim Lee notified the audience of the steps he is taking in the interface fire prevention in and around Tumbler Ridge.

A lively discussion started at the tables showing that there are a number of needs and requests for improvements on the business side.

After more than an hour of dialog in small groups the participants actively took the opportunity to place suggestions and requests that will be discussed at the next meeting.

For many of the invited business owners this was the first visit to the Golf Course restaurant after its re-opening. The overall impression of quality in a friendly environment combined with professionally arranged food made this meeting a promising start to a new visible trend of active communication and support.