Council Meeting

Regular Meeting of Council, January 19, 2004

1.The meeting was called to order at 7PM by acting Mayor McPherson.

2. Adoption of Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 5, 2003. Carried.

3. Business Arising From the Minutes:

Petitions and Delegations

a) Cpl. Grobmeier of the Tumbler Ridge RCMP gave a quarterly report. Grobmeier said that it has been a very good quarter with criminal code cases seeing decreases over the same time last year. Total Criminal Code offences dropped from 105 last year to 39 this year, a decrease of 66 cases. Cpl. Grobmeier commented that Citizens on Patrol seems to have had an impact. People are also more aware and have started locking their doors. Last summer all vehicle thefts that took place were of unlocked vehicles with the keys in the ignition.


a) District of Taylor sent a New Years Greeting.

b) City of Williams Lake, Re: BC Hydro proposed rate increase. This letter was written to inform Premier Gordon Campbell that the City of Williams Lake does not support the proposed 9 percent rate increase by BC Hydro. Councillor Steele asked if Mayor and Council should follow suit and send a letter supporting the Williams Lake?s initiative. Staff will draw up a letter.

Correspondence for Information:

Staff Reports: Motions were made to accept the following staff reports as presented:

a) Chief Administrative Officer?s Report of January 19, 2004

b) Accounts payable in the amount of $394,517.35

c) Public Works Department report.

D Fire department report.

e)Community Services department.

F) Economic Development Department.


a)Councillor Younge made a motion for the second reading of Bylaw 479, 2003, ? A Bylaw to Amend ?District of Tumbler Ridge Land Use Bylaw No. 12, 1982.? Seconded by Councillor Way.

This is a proposed change in zoning for 360 Northgate. The property is currently zoned ?Residential Multi-Family? and the request is to have the area rezoned to ?Commercial Core?.

Councillor Steele made a motion for the third reading of Bylaw 479, 2003, ? A Bylaw to Amend ?District of Tumbler Ridge Land Use Bylaw No. 12, 1982.? Seconded by Councillor Colledge.

5.Councillor?s Business:

6.Councillor Colledge reported that she attended the meeting with Blair Lekstrom and Jay Hill. She felt Jay Hill was well founded when he commented that Tumbler Ridge is becoming well known, even outside of BC. On the 9th of January a Tumbler Ridge resident called to discuss the lack of public transportation to Dawson Creek. There are a large number of people who don?t have vehicles, which makes getting to appointments in Dawson very difficult. Colledge said that she would like to have Council talk to Greyhound about the possibility of resuming bus service to Tumbler Ridge. Colledge also attended the Museum Foundation meeting which was positive and informational as to the direction the Museum Foundation is heading. She attended the TR Days Society. Colledge attended the Wilderness Lodge Open House and found the meeting very informative. She was impressed with the turnout and the answers that were given to the questions.

Councillor Steel reported that he had attended several of the same meetings as Councillor Colledge and had nothing to add.

Councillor Way attended the Youth Council meeting and was impressed with the teens and the way they presented themselves. She also attended the Library AGM that saw the election of a new board.

Councillor Younge spoke to Jay Hill about the Northern Living Allowance. The only way for Tumbler Ridge to get an increase would be if the government decided to move the boundary down, which would mean that Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and all of the other communities would also get an increase. Younge also attended TR Days Society AGM. Younge will be attending the Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association (NRAHTA) meeting and would like Council to make a motion to cover her travel costs.

Councillor Colledge made a motion for approval of travel expenses and a per diem for Councillor Younge to attend the NRAHTA meeting. Approved.

Councillor McPherson attended the Wilderness Lodge Open House and said that it seems that everyone in Tumbler Ridge seems to be in favor of this hotel.

7.New Business

a)Animal Control Contract: The animal control contract is given out every three years. The current contract ended on December 31, 2003. The contract was advertised in the local paper; Joe Tummonds and Rose Colledge submitted tender packages. Bylaw Control Officer Shorty Smith called a pre bid meeting to inform the applicants what would be expected of them, and to ask them to submit offers on how each would perform the task of animal control for the District.

In his submission to Council Smith recommended College for the position citing her exceptional service to the District over the past five years, and experience (no training required).

Councillor Colledge was asked to leave the room. Councillor Younge made a motion that Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign a three year contract with Rose Colledge for the continuation of Animal Control Services to the District at a cost of $25,008.00 for the first year and a 2% increase for the following two years for a total of $76,534.48. Councillors McPherson, Younge and Steele in Favour. Councillor Way Opposed.


a)Development Variance Permit.

Review of an application for a Development Variance Permit from Chris Brouse. The variance requested is on Bylaw No. 12 (Land Use) regarding front yard setbacks. The resident applied for a permit to build an addition onto the front of his house and was refused. This is the second time that this resident has requested action from Council regarding this development. Current zoning states that the setback from front property line be a minimum of 7.5m, this house is only 5.25m. The variance will require Council to authorize a front yard setback of only 3m. A copy of neighbours signatures was also presented showing that they didn?t have any objections to this addition. Councillor Younge said that she is not in agreement with this variance. What she would like to see is to have this dealt with when reviewing the Official Community Plan (OCP) rather than dealing with all of these variances on an individual basis. Councillor McPherson and Councillor Steele agreed. Nigel Black , District Administrator, commented that the OCP is on the budget agenda for review.

b) Motion that Council approve the travel expenses for Mayor Iles to attend the Showcase for Canadian Exporters 2004: A Link to Asia Market, in Vancouver on January 31, 2004. Approved.

c)Schedule of meetings: Attention called to the upcoming budget meetings: Thursday, January 22nd, 6 PM. Monday January 26th and Tuesday January 27th, 6 PM, budget review. Budget open house: Wednesday, February 18th, 10AM, 3PM, and 7PM.

8.Closed Meeting Items: None

9.Motion to Adjourn