NCMA Resolution Submissions

At a Special Meeting of Council held on March 1, 2007 Mayor and Council approved the submission of three resolutions for the North Central Municipal Association Annual General Meeting in May. The following three resolutions will be considered by the members of the NCMA at the Annual General Meeting:

1. Clean Energy·Council is urging the province to fund clean energy research

2.Conflict in Afghanistan ·Council is encouraging the NCMA to send a letter expressing admiration for the men and women serving with the Canadian Armed Forces

3.Air Ambulance Access ·Council is urging the province for a speedy resolve regarding the jurisdictional issues between BC Ambulance and STARS Air Ambulance.

Support for Taxi Service At the March 6, 2007 Regular Meeting, Council agreed to send a letter supporting the need for a taxi service in the community. This is the second support letter that Council has sent to the Passenger Transportation Board in the last several months.

Twilight Lodge Development Permit At the March 6, 2007 Regular Meeting, Council approval was given to the development permit application for the expansion of the restaurant facilities at the Twilight Lodge.

Honourable Minister Rich Coleman At the March 6, 2007 Regular Meeting, Mayor Caisley reported on a meeting with Minister Rich Coleman and MLA Blair Lekstrom in Victoria on February 22, 2007. Mayor Caisley expressed that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the upgrade of the Murray River Forest Service Road and was pleased to report that Mr. Coleman has made a commitment to visit the community to meet with the road?s key stakeholders. The purpose of this visit would be to explore the possibility of upgrading the road through partnership efforts. Mayor Caisley further noted that Economic Development Department would be working very closely with Minister Coleman?s and Mr. Lekstrom?s office to organize this