Council Meeting

1. The meeting was called to order at 7PM.

2. Adoption of Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 15, 20033.

Business Arising From the Minutes

4. Petitions and Delegations

5. Correspondence for Information:

6. a) District of Hudson?s Hope, Re: Provincial Efforts to Market Wood in China. The Council of the District of Hudson?s Hope, sent a letter of support for the City of Prince George?s resolution condemning the boycott campaign and show its support for the efforts taken by the Provincial Government in promoting BC wood to the Chinese market.

b) Minister of Energy and Mines, Re: Provincial Study on Economic Benefits of Oil and Gas Development to the Provincial and Northeast Regional Economies. This study is valued at just under $350,000 and will provide the government, industry and communities with invaluable information.

c) City of Burnaby, Re: Bill 75-Significant Projects Streamlining Act. A letter from the City of Burnaby expressing serious concerns about the possible ramifications of the adoption of Bill75-Significant Projects Streamlining Act. The City of Burnaby resolves that it is prepared to contribute to the legal costs of any British Columbia Local Government initiating a legal challenge to Bill 75, and that an invitation be extended to all BC Local Governments join the City of Burnaby in offering to contribute for this purpose.

d) City of Langley, Re: Alternative Justice Program Funding Grants. The Council. with the support of the North Central Municipal Association and the UBCM calls on the province to mandate, implement and fund Alternative Justice Programs where community organizations meet provincial criteria and standards; or where they may exist in the future.

e) City of North Vancouver, Re: Film Industry and Provincial Sales Tax. the BC Film Industry is facing serious declines in business as a result of the increasing value of the Canadian dollar and aggressive competition from other provinces and globally, City Council will forward a letter to the Honourable Gary Collins, Minister of Finance requesting the immediate removal of provincial sales tax on films produced for export.

f) Peace River Regional District, Re: Provincial Efforts to Market Wood in China. A letter of support to the resolution passed by the City of Prince George as well as to the Provincial government?s efforts in marketing BC?s forest industry in the international marketplace.

7. Staff Reports: Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Report as presented. Carried

8. Bylaws:

a) Councillor Younge made a motion for the final reading of Bylaw 474, 2003, ? A Bylaw to amend the District of Tumbler Ridge Land Use Bylaw No. 12, 1982. Seconded by Councillor Way.

b) Councillor Colledge made a motion for the final reading of Bylaw 477, 2003, ?A Bylaw to Amend ?Building Bylaw No. 416, 1999.? Seconded by Councillor Steele. (continued page 7)

Council Notes?

c) Councillor Younge made a motion for the final reading of Bylaw 478, 2003, ?A Bylaw to amend ?District of Tumbler Ridge Mobile Home Parks Bylaw No. 13, 1983.? Seconded by Councillor Way.

d) Councillor Way made a motion for the first reading of Bylaw 479, 2003, ? A Bylaw to Amend ?District of Tumbler Ridge Land Use Bylaw No. 12, 1982.? Seconded by Councillor Steele. This is a proposed change in zoning for 360 Northgate. The property is currently zoned ?Residential Multi-Family? and the request is to have the area rezoned to ?Commercial Core?. There will be public notices published in two consecutive issues of the newspaper and a public hearing will be held in conjunction with the next meeting.

9. Councillors Business:

Councillor Colledge was involved in the Christmas Hamper Project. Councillor Younge reminded Council of the Grizfest AGM on January 21st.

Councillor Steele received a letter from Grizzly Valley Sawyers regarding the disposal of standing dry timber which was addressed at a previous Council meeting. Would like to have someone from Forestry invited to attend a meeting regarding this issue.

Mayor Iles asked Brian Sipe for a report on the Hamper project. Sipe reported that 53 hampers were distributed. There was $9500 in donations, with approximately $3500 in nonperishables and gifts. There are some funds remaining to assist families into 2004.

10.New Business:

a) Council approved the appointment of Kim Isaak as the Officer responsible for corporate administration for the District effective January 1, 2004. Isaak was sworn in.

b) The Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Committee requested a room rental waiver for $32. Approved.

c) Mayor Iles left the room and Councillor Way took over the Chair as Council considered an application from Yvette Francois (Twilight Lodge) for a development permit to accommodate the additional construction of space for office and residential use. The zoning of the property does allow for a residential suite as long as it is part of the primary building. The proposed development meets all of the setback requirements of the ?C1? zone. Approved.

d) Preparation of 2004-2008 Budget/Financial Plan Bylaw. The budget process will begin with three Budget Planning Meetings to be held in the last two weeks of January. The public is welcome to attend these meetings but will not be able to participate in discussions on budget matters. Public input will begin which will allow members of the public to comment on the budget in writing. After this period has expired, Council will review and consider any input, and have a opportunity to make changes before it is convcerted into bylaw form and presented at a council meeting for readings and adoption.