Council Notes

June 6, 2006 Absent: Mayor Caisley

Present: Councillors Colledge (Acting Mayor), Holmlund, Hunter, Kirby, Sipe and White.

1. Call to order at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, June 6, 2006. Acting Mayor Colledge advises of amendment to the Agenda [8(j)].

2. Adoption of the minutes of May 16, 2006. Motioned by Councillor Kirby, seconded by Councillor Hunter. Carried.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes:

(a)J. Kohlhauser letter of May 9, 2006 ? CAO Miller recommended the issue be tabled and that a letter be sent to Mr. Kohlhauser advising same. Councillor Holmlund felt waiting for Dr. Hope?s report was ?overkill? and suggested Council not stop individual citizens from cleaning up their community as she believed Dr. Hope?s report would not directly affect Mr. Kohlhauser. Councillor Hunter raised the question of liability if the residents were to take it upon themselves to resolve the clean up requested. CAO Miller advised this issue would not be covered in the report and explained liability would be covered under the District?s municipal insurance. Councillor Holmlund moved that the motion be amended to request the citizen come up with a plan to be approved by Fire Chief Dan Golob. Lengthy discussion with regards to when the report can be expected and liability issues ensued. Motion to table and send a letter is defeated.

(b)Councillor White advises funding for the Fun Track has been submitted.

4. Petitions and Delegations

(a) Lee Bowd, President of Dawson Creek Gideons ? Mr. Bowd acknowledged the challenges of governing the District of Tumbler Ridge and the future of the community. As a token of their support, Mr. Bowd presented each Councilor with an inscribed Testament. Acting Mayor Colledge expressed her thanks and appreciation.

(b) TRSS Youth Delegation ? Natalie Cameron and Esther Walkley publicly thanked Council for paying for their gas expenditures to attend the conference in Prince George and made note of the comments previously submitted with regards to the outcome of this leadership conference. Councilor Hunter stated it should be Council thanking those who are taking such an active role in leadership. Councilor White enquired what their plans are for next year. Natalie Cameron advised they hope to assist with the conference next year as they have received so much. Councilor White thanked the leaders involved in working with the youth. Acting Mayor Colledge expressed her thanks for the reports and their attendance at Council.

(c) Lynn Way Re: P.A.L.S. ? Ms. Way attended Council on behalf of her findings in the community as she sought to raise funds for P.A. L.S. (Pets and Loving Seniors). Ms. Way and Ms. Shirley Hanberg began this organization in April and have raised $2,500 to date. Funds are raised in a variety of ways, including gathering pop cans and bottles. Ms. Way gave an impassioned speech with regards to the sorry state of various areas and requested Council undertake to contact businesses to request they post signs regarding litter, provide refuse receptacles and encourage employees to be responsible with their garbage, beer bottles, etc. Several Councillors agreed with Ms. Way?s comments. Acting Mayor Colledge advises Council has recognized this is a growing problem and noted that over time signs and garbage cans have disappeared and now would be a good time to review this situation. Councillor Hunter moved to refer this situation to the Committee of the Whole for further discussion. Seconded by Councillor Holmlund. Carried.

(d)Jules Jewra Re: Proclamation for Seniors Week ? Mr. Jewra identified the numerous areas the seniors in Tumbler Ridge have contributed to the success of the community (49 Forever, TR Care, Hospice and Palliative Care, COPS, Happy Hookers, Red Hat Society and several others). Mr. Jewra recommended Acting Mayor Colledge proclaim June 4 ? 11 be recognized as Seniors? Week. Councilor White noted Mr. Jewra and his wife were moving from Tumbler Ridge and articulated his heartfelt thanks for their specific contributions to the success of the community. Councilor Hunter expressed his appreciation for Mr. Jewra?s presentation as well as his concerns for seniors who are often not appreciated and sometimes suffer abuse. Councilor Hunter then moved that Acting Mayor Colledge proclaim June 4-11 as Seniors? Week. Seconded by Councillor Sipe. Carried.

2. Correspondence ? Councilor Hunter moved to omnibus letters a, c, d and e. Seconded by Councilor White. Carried. Councilor White moved to receive and proceed. Seconded by Councilor Hunter. Carried.

(a)Honourable Mac Harb Re: Canada ?Smoke Free?

(b) Walter Andreef, BP Canada, Re: Proposed Noel Tight Gas Project ? Councilor Sipe motioned Council discuss this letter. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried. Councilor Sipe requested a definition of ?Tight Gas? to which Councilor Hunter responded his feeling that this is just the moniker of the project. Councillor Sipe motioned staff ask for the information noted in the letter and that Council be added to their distribution list. Councilor Hunter requested a friendly amendment, adding a request that BP Canada address Council at some future date. Councilor Sipe agreed to said amendment. Motion seconded by Councilor White. Carried.

(c)Minister Rick Thorpe, Re: Property Tax Deferment Program

(d)City of Port Albernie, Re: Kraft Hockeyville

(e)Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care Society, Re: BC Hospice and Palliative Care Conference

3.Staff Reports ? No staff reports.


(a)Bylaw 506, 2006 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw.? Final Reading ? Councillor Holmlund excused herself from Council. Councillor Sipe moved to adopt the final reading of Bylaw 506. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried. Council?conclusion

5.New Business

(a)Rural Residential Subdivision Engineering: CAO Miller requested Council accept McElhanney?s proposal to provide engineering services for a sewer extension from the existing industrial park to a new rural residential subdivision. Councillor Hunter moved to accept. Councillor Kirby seconded. Councillor Sipe stated he had a number of concerns about the package presented on March 28. Most importantly was his concern about the impact of the $100,000 worth of work required that had not been dealt with in the budget. CAO Miller advised they are aware of the costs and it has been dealt with. L Councillor Hunter restated original motion. Seconded by Councillor Sipe. Carried.

(b)Chamber of Commerce Office Space Request. Report of Director of Community Services ? Councillor White moved to allow the Chamber of Commerce a one year lease. Councillor Kirby requested a friendly amendment to allow the Chamber of Commerce lease the space for the remainder of the year and then open up the space for a bid from interested parties. Councillor Hunter noted this amendment is in conflict with the original recommendation which was to advertise the available space at $93.00 per month. Councillor Hunter felt that every group in the community should be given the opportunity to bid for this office space. Councillor Holmlund concurred with Councillor Hunter and felt it would cause unnecessary conflict if Council agreed to Councillor Kirby?s amended motion. Council discussed their desire to support the Chamber of Commerce and indicated that after the success of today?s luncheon, the Chamber of Commerce would soon be in need of office space. Amended motion defeated.

(c)Draft Flag Policy. Report of Chief Administrative Officer ?

Councillor White moved to adopt policy TR-26. Seconded by Councillor Hunter. Carried.

(d)Code of Ethics for Senior Staff. Report of Chief Administrative Officer ? Councillor Sipe expressed concern that this Code of Ethics is for senior staff only. CAO Miller confirmed this and advised all staff must abide by municipal ethics but that senior staff had additional standards to adhere to. Councillor Hunter moved to accept. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

(e)UBCM Industrial Tax Workshop. Councillor White stated he had concerns re the provincial government and their desire to remove municipal authority and mentioned Bill 30 as an example. Councillor White further stated he strongly supported CAO Miller?s motion to send a letter to the provincial government requesting they respect the Community Charter and allow the District of Tumbler Ridge to negotiate their own taxation based on services provided. Councillor Hunter moved to accept the motion. Councillor White seconded. Carried.

(f) Policing Costs in Small Communities. CAO Miller recommended that the document presented be accepted as information. Councillor Hunter so moved. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

(g)Proposed Encroachment Policy. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy C.A.O. ? Recommended that Council review the proposed draft policy and provide direction to staff on how to proceed. Councillor Hunter moved to discuss. Seconded by Councillor Sipe. Councillor Sipe moved to bring policy before the Committee of the Whole Meeting with some generalized issues. Seconded by Councillor White. Carried.

(h)Mayor and Council Benefits.

Recommendation that Council would review the report and if sufficient membership proceed with application. Councillor Hunter moved to present the report to the Committee of the Whole Meeting. Councillor Sipe seconded. Carried.

(i)Schedule of Meetings ? CAO Miller recommended Council meet with the auditor at 6:30 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2006 when the financial statements will be presented. Councillor Hunter moved to accept. Seconded by Councillor Sipe. Carried.

(j)Approval to Transfer to Reserve for Future Expenditures ?Jason Schembri, Deptuty Finance Officer ? CAO Miller requested Council approve transfer of $227,979.71 into the Reserve for future expenditures. Councillor White moved to approve said transfer. Second by Councillor Holmlund. Carried.

6.Councillors? Business.

Councillor Sipe ? Advised he represented Council at the funeral of Brenda Sawicki as well as Bill Cooksley. He attended the Regional Round Table and the Chamber of Commerce luncheon and was impressed with the turn out and the information presented. Councillor Sipe advised he has received legal advice concerning his affiliation with Renaissance Canada Inc. and has submitted his resignation from same effective June 5, 2006. He confirms his only capacity in future will be of a volunteer nature.

Councillor Kirby? Advised the golf course still awaiting a decision with regards to parking during the upcoming tournament. CAO Miller to review and advise. Councillor Kirby states Ministry of Highways was to erect truck route signage which has not yet been done. Lengthy discussion with regards to the pine beetle situation. Councillor White and another resident counted numerous trees already infested and advised action needs to be taken before June 15 or it will be too late. CAO Miller to contact Ministry of Forests immediately for direction. Councillor Kirby requesting the Economic Development Officer advertise out of town to draw new business as well as letters be sent to financial institutions explaining the communities new growth and a viable venue for investing.

Councillor Holmlund – Advised she had similar concerns and moved this matter should be brought before the Committee of the Whole Meeting for discussion. Seconded by Councillor Sipe who then offered a friendly amendment that a special meeting for this issue be set aside. Carried. Councillor Holmlund noted she attended the Circle of Friendship and the Museum Foundation AGM. Councillor White ? Expressed additional concern and options regarding the pine beetle. He stated he went on the Boulder Garden hike, along with approximately 38 other residents and enquired as to the status of his letter which had been in Council previously. CAO Miller to put same on the next agenda.

Councillor Hunter ? Stated he attended the McLeod Lake Coal conference and had just returned from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference and will provide an update at a future time. Councillor Hunter encouraged possible membership of the Canadian Coal Association and noted he enjoyed networking with staff from Elkford and felt such an association would be beneficial. Councillor Hunter noted that the coal market had been hit hard in the last week and at this time there were no new applications for coal tenure. He notes that Grizzfeast is coming along and restated his support of immediate action against the pine beetle.

Councillor Colledge ? Advised concern regarding low income housing and expressed concern that citizens are leaving the community because of high accommodation costs. COPS will have the speed board erected soon. Councillor Colledge advised she attended the Museum Foundation?s AGM on Saturday, June 3. She advised concern with regards to a grant application that was not approved which changes the foundations cash flow but that other funds are to be released and states the Dinosaur camps are filling up.

8. Closed Meeting Items. Section 90 1(e) and (g) of the Community Charter.