Council Notes

Absent: Councillor White

Present: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, Holmlund, Hunter, Kirby, and Sipe.

1.Call to order at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, June 6, 2006.

2.Adoption of the minutes of June 6, 2006. Motioned by Councillor Holmlund, seconded by Councillor Colledge. Carried.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes:

(a) Babcock Mountain Coal Tenure. Councillor Hunter motioned this item be tabled until Councillor White can be in attendance as this matter is of signficiant importance to him. Seconded by Councillor Sipe. Carried.

4.Petitions and Delegations

(a)Glenn Miller, Royal Canadian Legion, Re: Legion Week. Mr. Miller addressed Council requesting the Mayor declare June 25-30 (dates corrected) as Legion Week. Councillor Hunter so moved, Councillor Kirby seconded. Carried.

(b)Joanne Tranquille, Re: 120 Kiskatinaw Crescent, Two Year Development Timeline. Ms. Tranquille presented the facts concerning the above-noted property and requested Council consider her unique situation. Ms. Tranquille sited lack of trades, reduced building season and lack of gainful employment as reasons for not be able to meet the District?s two year development time line. Mayor Caisley thanked Ms. Tranquille for bringing forth additional information for Council to consider.

(c)Constable Jenkins, Re: RCMP Monthly Report. CAO Miller advised of this addition to the agenda. Councillor Sipe moved to amend the agenda. Seconded by Councillor Holmlund. Carried. Cst. Jenkins submitted a lengthy report outlining trends/impacts, stats and budget concerns. Cst Jenkins noted specific highlights for Council to review and discuss at the next Council Meeting.


(a)British Columbia Paleontological Alliance, Re: Thank You.

(b)City of Dawson Creek, Re: 25th Anniversary Parade.

6.Staff Reports ? Accounts Payable Report, May 2006 – Councillor Kirby moved that Council accept the report, seconded by Councillor Colledge. Carried.

7.Bylaws ? N/A

8.New Business

(a)Approval of the Audited Financial Statements and Auditors Report for 2005 ? Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Councillor Hunter moved to accept the report, seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

(b)Fireworks Service ? Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer ? Councillor Colledge moved that Council direct the Fire Department and their volunteer staff to conduct the Canada Day fireworks display. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

(c)Urban Guidelines Approval ? Report of Economic Development Officer – Councillor Colledge moved that Council approve the Urban Design Guidelines as presented and that Council direct staff to work with Urban Systems Ltd. To incorporate the Urban Design Guidelines into the District of Tumbler Ridge Official Community Plan. Councillor Hunter seconded. Carried.

(d)Area Parades ? Report of Corporate Officer/Deupty CAO ? Councillor Colledge moved and Councillor Hunter seconded to approve travel expenses for Council to take part in the July 1st Pouce Coupe Parade and the August 11 Dawson Creek Exhibition and Rodeo parade. Carried.

(e)Homelessness Forum ? Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO ? Councillor Hunter moved to amend the recommendation to approve travel expenses for a suitable individual from the Health Centre, rather than one Council member, to attend the Homelessness Forum in Fort St. John as this forum will also deal with mental illness and addictions. Councillor Sipe seconded. Carried.

(f)Twenty-fifth Anniversary DVD Project ? Report of Economic Development Officer ? Councillor Sipe moved to direct the EDO to hire Peace Videoworks to complete the Tumbler Ridge 25th Anniversary Commemorative DVD project for a total contract price of $35,340.00. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

(g)Schedule of Meetings ? No additions

9.Councillors? Business.

Councillor Hunter ? Advised no further coal tenures and that Grizzfest is going well.

Councillor Kirby ? Advised the golf course events have been well-attended and that the Pine Beetle situation is of an even greater magnitude than initially thought. He stated the Community Forest Program will be submitted a business plan to Council for approval in the near future.

Councillor Holmlund ? Stated she attended the Northern Lights College open house and felt there was a good turn out. Advised there was a recent fire alarm and was impressed with the quick response from the volunteers. Councillor Holmlund requested CAO invite Mrs. Kennedy?s grade six class to join the Councillors for lunch in recognition of their newspaper. Mayor Caisley requested Holmlund advise if this was ?a direction? to which she replied affirmatively. CAO Miller will contact Mrs. Kennedy and attempt to set up a luncheon for Friday, June 23, 2006.

Councillor Colledge ? Advised she was involved in a conference call today with the province?s Emergency Preparedness workshop.

The District requires a local health plan which needs to emulate Northern Health?s (NHA) plan, however, they currently do not have such a plan in place. Councillor Colledge felt this should be a priority with NHA so Tumbler Ridge could be in compliance. She advised that the restorative justice program is going well and that the COPS speed board is up and operational. Colledge advised she attended the Bryant Bird welcome and feels he will be a great asset to Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Colledge expressed a concern for the safety of ATV riders and pedestrians after witnessing an incident on McKenzie Avenue.

Councillor Sipe – Advised he attended the June 15 Alzheimers Society forum which he felt was informative. He stated he received a call regarding ATVs, as well, this weekend and enquired as to the status of signage and pamphlets advising residents of the bylaws in effect.

Councillor Sipe requested CAO Miller make this a priority.

Councillor Sipe advised that it was agreed that staff would look into having Council meetings electronically recorded and noted this was still a few months away. He moved that Councillors be allowed to utilize a cassette tape recorder in the meantime. Seconded by Councillor Colledge.

Councillor Hunter stated he was against this motion as he felt that Council had provided direction to the staff and that they were to be given time to follow through.

Councillor Holmlund noted her agreement with Councillor Hunter?s comments and stated she felt that too much detail was in the minutes.

Councillor Sipe requested clarification of what should be in the minutes. CAO Miller advised. Motion defeated as all but Councillor Sipe opposed.

Mayor Caisley ? Brought to Council?s attention a list of priorities as developed by CAO. Mayor Caisley advised this list was for review and requested Councillors note any other directives that may have been missed. He stated that once the priority list was complete, Council would use this document to determine where future directive would be inserted, in order of priority. This document is to be on the next agenda for discussion.

10.Question and Answer Period ? Resident Rolf Raque requested Mayor Caisley and Council consider the request of Ms. Tranquille.

11.Closed Meeting Item. Section 90 1(c) of the Community Charter.

?90 (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(c) labour relations or other employee relations;