Council Notes

These are not the official minutes: a copy of the official minutes can be picked up at Town Hall.

June 7th, 2007. Present: Councillors Colledge, White, Holmlund, and Mayor Caisley

Absent: Councillors Hunter, Sipe, and Kirby

1.) Call to order at 7:00 pm.

2.) Motion was made by Councillor Holmlund to adopt the minutes of the regular meeting of Council of May 15th, 2007. Seconded by White. Carried.

3.) There was no business arising from the minutes.

4.) Petitions and delegations.

(a) Sean Whiteford, Kennecott Canada, Re: Murray River Coal property. Whiteford, a representative of Kennecott Canada, presented a list of highlights to Council.

They (Kennecott Canada):

-Are the second largest coal producer in North America.

-Acquired land in the area located 12 km south of Tumbler Ridge.

-Are in stage three of their progress which Whiteford called ?target testing?. Whiteford said that there is a lot of underground coal.

-Chose the area south of Tumbler Ridge because of existing infrastructures in the area. (The Quintette plant/load out, etc)

– Are currently looking at geotechnical aspects to see how the coal lies. (Vertically or horizontally)

-Anticipate drilling up to three holes this year with a diamond drill up to 700 meters.

-Have already started with the First Nation consultation process.

-Are collecting environmental data.

After Whiteford?s presentation, Mayor Caisley asked if there would be any public information meetings in Tumbler Ridge. Whiteford said that once more holes are drilled, it will be the perfect time for community consultation. Whiteford added that at present, there isn?t much in this stage for local hiring. The next stage of development will be best for local hiring.

Councillor White stated that he personally objected to any activity that is visible to the community. He added that underground mining is more dangerous. Whiteford agreed that there are more dangers to underground mining, but the positive aspect is that there is very little surface disturbance which is more aesthetically pleasing.

Councillor Holmlund inquired about the depth between each coal seam. Whiteford told her that there are approximately 30 meters between the seams. He added that most of the mining could be done with machinery.

Mayor Caisley thanked Whiteford for coming and asked that he keep Council apprised of their progress.

(b) Lindsey Vandale, Visitor Information Services Manager, Re: ?Be a tourist in your own town?. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge to proclaim the entire month of June as ?Be a tourist in your own town month?. Seconded by White. Carried.

A second motion was made by Councillor White to proclaim that during the months of June, July and August 2007, the residents of Tumbler Ridge invite visitors to celebrate our northern way of life and ?live a day the northern way?. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

5.) Correspondence.

(a) Kin Stone, Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources, Re: Peace River Coal Inc. application for coal license. Motion was made to assign a delegation for information by Councillor White. Seconded by Colledge. Carried.

(b) City of Langley, Re: support for a regional approach to metal recycling. Motion was made by Councillor White to receive the letter for information. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

6.) There were no staff reports.

7.) There were no bylaws.

8.) New business.

(a) Tumbler Ridge Holdings Ltd, option to purchases extension. Report of Chief Administrative Officer. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to approve a one year extension, trigger date to be amended to July 18th, 2008, on the option to purchase by Tumbler Ridge Holdings Ltd. Of lot 110, District lot 3164, Plan 29399, civic address of 292 Murray Drive on the condition that substantial investment be made by the applicants as per the contractors letter of May 22nd, 2007. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

(b) Aldrich Pears investigative trip report. Report of Economic Development Officer. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge to refer to the next Policies & Priorities Committee meeting for discussion. Seconded by White. Carried.

(c) Requests for road closure for Grizfest parade. Report of Director of Community Services. Motion was made by Councillor Holmlund to approve the road closure request from the Tumbler Ridge Days Society for the annual parade on August 4th, 2007 at 10:00 am AND direct the Public Works department to close off the roads specified in the attached ?Schedule A? parade route AND THAT the emergency services personnel, fire, police, ambulance be notified of the route and hours of closure. Seconded by Colledge. Carried.

(d) Hose lay event. Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Motion was made by Councillor White that Council permit the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department to host the 2007 Hose Lay competition and allow the closure of Pioneer Loop between Northgate and the Legion entrance for the Hose Lay activities on June 23rd, 2007 between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

(e) 2007 Canada Day fire works display. Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to direct the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department and their volunteer staff to set up and fire the 2007 Canada Day fireworks display on July 1st, 2007. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

(f) NRAHTA (Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association) strategic planning session. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to approve travel expenses for Councillor Sipe?s attendance at the Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association strategic planning session being held on June 20th, 2007 in Fort St. John. Seconded by White. Carried.

(g) Schedule of meetings. Councillor White will be absent from July 9th to the 16th. He will be working in Monkman Park.

9.) Councillors Business.

Councillor Colledge- Attended the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) in Calgary, Alberta. She said that there are different options for affordable housing. Colledge attended a Protective Services meeting where there was lengthy discussion on an emergency preparedness plan. Colledge commented that June 7th was Constable Dave Thorne?s last day in Tumbler Ridge and that a replacement for him will be coming from Dawson Creek. Colledge added that, Russ Webb, a counselor at the Mental Health Unit, will be leaving the community. Mimi Greengrass tended her resignation due to childcare issues. Colledge said that Council should be looking into childcare issues that the community may have. She closed by requesting that everyone attend the Heart and Stroke Big Bike ride fundraiser event on June 20th.

Councillor Holmlund- Commented that the Town Hall meeting resulted in major issues. She attended the FCM in Calgary and thought it was one of the best conferences she has been to. She said that the information from the speakers was excellent. Holmlund said that our community needs to become a greener community. She was accepted to attend the FCM Energy Mission at the end of July/beginning of August. She will be traveling through Alberta and looking at what communities are doing to become greener. She also attended the trip to Drumheller which she thought to be very informative.

Councillor White- Commented that he is expecting a big turnout for the Poker Ride and Family Day events on June 9th and 10th. A Councillor will attend to help with the cooking. White invited everyone to come and see Bob Norman at the event.

Mayor Caisley- Commented that there was much lively discussion at the Town Hall meeting. He said that commitments were made by Council and staff to get things done. Council will be taking a look at the minutes from the Town Hall meeting for discussion at the next regular meeting of Council. Mayor Caisley said that the Town Hall meetings are an important part of communications with the residents of Tumbler Ridge.

He thought the FCM was an interesting conference to attend. Some speakers we very humorous and Mayor Caisley enjoyed the speeches. He commented on General Hillier, who is a Chief of Defense staff member, and his speech about the armed forces and the mission in Afghanistan. Hillier said that he appreciated the support that Canada has given the troops.

10.) Question and Answer period. There was only one comment from Bob Norman saying that he thought Council was doing a good job.

11.) Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.