Council Notes

Council Highlights

By Stacie Gruntman

Regular Meeting of Council: March 4, 2008

In attendance: Councillors Holmlund, White, Colledge and Mayor Caisley

Official Minutes can be obtained for this meeting at Town Hall.

1. Call to order: 6:00pm

2. Adoption of Minutes:

(a) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 19, 2008-carried

3. Business arising from the minutes:

(a) Regional District Planning Function

Motion for Discussion-carried

Councillor Holmlund: Because of the increased activity in the area with oil, gas and upcoming wind projects, Councillor Holmlund is beginning to think that participating would be a benefit. She would like to have more information about it.

Mayor Caisley explained that opting out would not close the District out of discussions; they would just not be included in the voting process.

Councillor White: The areas of part 26 that do come to the table usually do not have to do with Tumbler Ridge. Therefore, he does not ?support being in the program? and paying the $14,428.00


That Council continues to opt out of all part-26 services and functions offered by the Peace River District-tabled

(b) Community Centre Mechanical System

Projected cost: $1,988,525. With an added contingency of 15%, the total projected cost is $2,286,804.

Mr. Miller: There have been no upgrades to the community centre mechanical systems in 25 years, therefore he cannot ?emphasize enough how urgent this is? to do these upgrades or we may lose the use of the building. Of the options given to fund the large project, Mr. Miller recommends that the District borrow the funds (option #3). The other options given to council were #1-Taxation, #2-Reserves/Surpluses and #4-applying for grants.

Councillor White motioned to start the process for design and obtain quotes on pricing for the project-motion carried.

4. Petitions and Delegations:

(a) Tumbler Ridge Minor Hockey Midgets, Re: Sponsorship Request

Keith Bertrand, head coach of the midget hockey team, along with his hockey players appeared as a delegation to request a donation to help cover costs for them to travel to the provincial games March 15-20, 2008. The games are being held in Beaver Valley, BC. The team is raising the funds to help offset the costs of attending the provincial games as well as the rental of the bus, fuel, rental of a bus driver, rooms for coaches, the trainer and team jackets. Mr. Bertrand explained they have fund raised approximately $3000 and are still in need of fund raising another $1000-$2000. Due to time constraints, Council was forced to make a quick decision.

Motion to donate $1000.00 to the midget hockey team-carried

(b) Mr. Peter Thompson, re: Partnering agreement

Mr. Thompson appeared as a delegate to bring attention to the ?unintended consequences that have arisen in the case of the Wilderness Lodge/Tumbler Ridge Partnership?. He brought to Council?s attention the need to look into the Hotel Booking system that the Wilderness Lodge uses to find out if it is operating in a manner that is acceptable to the District. He brought forth two examples in particular that he hopes the District should look into. The first being the rental pool. He referred to a women in her seventies that bought two strata units that has ?never received a cent? for her properties in the rental pool. The second issue he brought forward was an outstanding account the Wilderness Lodge has with a local business man, who provided furniture to the Lodge, which sits at approximately at $50,000.


Mayor Caisley stated the District will follow up on Mr. Thompson?s concerns and look into the records.

(c) Mr. Rob Haydock, re: Highway sign age

Rob Haydock addressed Mayor and Council with regards to the notice received by business owners to remove their advertising signage from the roadsides in the Tumbler Ridge area. He stated ?these signs are a good form of advertisement?.They not only advertise, they also ?give locations? of the businesses. Mr. Haydock explained he has spoken to Caribou Road Services and John Miller, from the ministry of transport, and neither want to remove the signs. He is hoping that District will either allow the signs to stay or work together with the District to replace them with a different type of signage.


Councillor Colledge asked Mr. Haydock if he received information on the bylaws before he put his signs up. Mr. Haydock explained he did not get clear information from Town Hall and therefore added his signs to the others.

Councillor White explained to Mr. Haydock that ?he can appreciate his concerns, but there are just as many people who don?t like the signs?.

5. Correspondence:

(a) Fraser valley regional District, re: Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) and Homelessness Partnership Initiative-will be addressed with new business 7(e)

(b) Environmental Assessment Office, Re: Proposed Quality Wind Power Project.

Mayor and Council received a letter from Associate Deputy Minister, Robin Junger, from the environmental assessment office. The letter was to inform Mayor and Council that BC?s environmental assessment (EA) process for the proposed Quality Wind Project (project) has been initiated. The project is in the early steps of the pre-application stage of the EA process. -Item received for information.

(c) Energetic Olympics Participation Invitation.

Mayor and Council received an invitation from One Sky; the Canadian Institute for Sustainable Living, of Smithers BC, to participate in their community based 2008-2009 BC Energetic Olympics Challenge to reduce energy use. -Item received for information.

(d) Northern Dog Musher?s Association, Re: Invitation to Participate in Upcoming Dog Sled Races

Stacy Lajeunesse, organizer of the Wolverine Challenge Dog Sled Races, extended an invite to Mayor Caisley to participate in the Celebrity Class portion of the upcoming Wolverine Challenge Dog Sled Races. This is scheduled for March 15th, 2008 at 1:00pm(or as close to as possible).

Motion to sponsor the dog sled races $2000-the amount of the grant-in aid application-carried

6. Bylaws:

(a) District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw No. 538,? A Bylaw to provide for the Establishment of a Board of Variance.?

*First reading-carried

*Second reading-carried

7. New Business:

(a) Issuance of Temporary Commercial Use Permit Application #2008-01 Recommendation:

That Council approve the issuance of a Temporary Commercial use permit #2008-01 to Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic (2002) Ltd., and;

That Council approve the proposed lease agreement to be established between the District and Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic (2002) Ltd. for the use of the subject property.-carried

(b) Issuance of Development Variance Permit Application #2007-12


That Council approve the issuance of Development Variance permit #2007-12 to 0711320 BC Ltd. pending the issuance of a cheque to the District of Tumbler Ridge, dated June 1, 2008, in the amount of $214,000 and;

That the condition of release for this security provision will be based on the full completion of the proposed restaurant and conference centre by May 30, 2008.-carried

(c) Property Sale Closure Extension-Bigway Foods


That Council grant an extension to the sale closure of 2,944 square metres of part of Lot 3, Plan 31190, District lot 3164 to Mr. Pernell Kirby, and set the deadline at may 30, 2008, and;

That if a second extension is required, Council will require written notification at least three weeks prior to the new closure deadline.-carried

(d) Calgary outdoor Adventure and Travel Show


That Council approves expenses to send Councilor White to the Calgary Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in Calgary, Alberta from April 5-6th, 2008-carried

Approximate cost: $745.00

(e) Subsidized Housing Needs.

The recommendations that Council:

1.Send a letter to the Minister of Community Services demanding improved services or financial assistance for low income Tumbler Ridge residents included increased living allowances and/or additional subsidized housing units

2.Submit a resolution to NCMA by March 7th, 2008, requesting assistance from other northern municipalities in our efforts to lobby for change and improved services for our low income residents-

Have been carried.

(f) NCMA Resolutions Submitted by the City of Fort St. John


That Council endorse the four resolutions from the City of Fort St. John and That Council send a letter to the city of Fort St. John and the North Central Municipalities Association advising of the District?s endorsement of these resolutions-carried.

(g) Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities Meeting- March 11, 2008 at 5pm

Regular Meeting of Council-March 18, 2008 at 5pm

8. Councillors Business:

Councillor Holmlund: Recently attended the Museum Development Foundation Meeting.

Councillor White: The 2010 Legacy committee is still awaiting all the criteria they must follow for granting funding. However, Councillor White encourages local organizations to start thinking of applying for funding.

Councillor Colledge: Recently attended a convention in Vancouver , BC with a focus on youth issues, domestic violence and gang violence as well as abuse of drugs. There was an emphasis on Community Policing. When a full report is given to Councillor Colledge, she would like to share the information with some groups in town. While in Vancouver, Councillor Colledge was able to speak to Jon Les, the Solicitor General, and he promised her there would be more money coming out of the new budget for victim assistance and drug issues.

Mayor Caisley: Attended the public meeting for interest in Claude Galibois March 4, 2008. In total there were 7 expressions of interest. The Museum is the only groups interested in the whole building. All groups had the opportunity at this meeting to state their needs and their interest in the school. Mayor Caisley also attended the Seniors Needs Meeting. Mayor Caisley commented on a first class job by the UNBC staff. There have been several hundred surveys done and 51 people were in attendance at the focus groups held. Mayor Caisley wants to ensure that surveys will be collected until March 17, 2008. There is a drop off box at the community centre and there is also one at Town Hall.

9. Question and Answer Period:

Kees VanDeburgt asked the following to Mr. Miller: ?When there are agreements in place, why the double standard?? Mr. VanDeburgt is referring to the Days in no longer having to place the facade on the outside of their building.

Mr. Miller?s response: According to the Urban Design Guidelines, the Days Inn is not in the downtown core, where it is required to have the facade.

Mr. VanDeburgt, not happy with the answer, said he does not believe the Days Inn should have to place the facade on the building as he thinks the building looks fine, but he wonders why there is a double standard when it comes to the building he wants to construct.

10. Closed Meeting Items:

(a) Legal

(b) Land

11. Adjournment: Moved to a closed meeting at 6:55pm