Council Notes

Official Council Notes are available from town hall, or at the District website.

September 7, 2004 Present: Mayor Iles, Councillor Younge, Councillor Kirby, Councillor Colledge, Councillor Way and Councillor Steele.

1. Call to Order by Mayor Iles

2. Minutes approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of August 16, 2004

3. Business Arising from the Minutes-None

4. Petitions and Delegations

a) Donald Burns made a 15-minute presentation to Council. It is his belief that some employees are making discriminatory actions towards certain residents of Tumbler Ridge. Mr. Burn?s complaint is that he isn?t getting a response from members of District staff. Burns feels that this is a personal vendetta against him because he knows of no one else in the community who is treated in this way. He pointed out that the Government is elected to serve the people and he asked that these employees be removed immediately. Mayor Iles thanked Mr. Burns for his presentation. A brief exchange followed. Mayor Iles concluded, ?we will sit down and discuss this and get back to you?.

b) Ellen Sager of the Tumbler Ridge Garden Club appeared before Council to extend appreciation to the Public Works Department for their assistance in keeping hanging baskets watered, lawns groomed and providing a shed for the Garden Club hoses and equipment. Mayor Iles said that the Garden Club did a wonderful job this summer. The garden looked beautiful. Councillors Younge and Way also commented on the contributions made by Garden Club volunteers.

5. Correspondence: a letter requesting a letter of support to provide Employment Assistance Service (EAS) in the Tumbler Ridge area. Tumbler Ridge Employment Development Services (TRENDS) is entering their fourth year with Human Resources Development Canada to provide the EAS contract in this area. A letter of support will be used in the proposal to HRDC to continue services that are already in place. Motion made to support this request for the EAS contract. All in favor.

6. Staff Reports:- Motion to receive the following staff reports: Chief Administrative Officers Report, September 7, 2004.

7. Bylaws: Final Reading of Bylaw No 490, 2004, a Bylaw to Provide for the Appointment of Officers. Passed. This bylaw is pursuant to sections 146, 147,148 and 149 of the Community Chart.

8. Councillors Business:

Councillor Colledge attended the official opening of the Medical Facility at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Councillor Way attended a meeting with representatives from Mcleod Lake Indian Band regarding pipeline services coming into the area. This was the first introductory meeting by Summit Pipeline Services, and other Oil and Gas representatives. Attended the Dino Days parade and Barbeque at Flatbed Creek.

Councillor Kirby attended the Museum Foundation meeting. Over 400 people went on tours this past summer. Grants have been approved for the Museum Foundation to employ two people. Kirby is pleased to see the work that is being done on Emergency Management in the community. Attended the Junior Rangers meeting.

Councillor Steele was on holidays so has nothing to report.

Councillor Younge attended the meeting with McLeod Lake Indian Band on the Summit pipeline proposal.

NRAHTA (Northern Rockies Alaska Highway) Tourism Expo is coming up. Councillor Younge asked that a motion be made for her name to be submitted for alternate director for NRAHTA. Motion made and passed.

2.Councillor Younge worked on the District float for Dino Days and took part in the barbeque on Sunday.

3.Mayor Iles has been spending time working on the Fairshare to try to get the Regional District share increased. Mayor Dahlen from Dawson Creek will be making a presentation this week with the Finance Minister. A lot of work has gone into this proposal. Has had an inquiry about the BC Rail shops. Would like this looked into.

4. New Business:

5. Annual Tax Sale. A motion made that manufactured homes and improvements on land held by lease with delinquent taxes outstanding be sold as distress as per Section 252 of the Community Charter, such sale to take place in conjunction with the Annual Tax sale at 10 AM September 27th, 2004. Passed. These properties within the District of Tumbler Ridge will be sold for taxes under the provisions of Part 11. b) Schedule of Meetings

10. Closed Meeting Items: Motion made that Council resolve to a closed meeting of council as per section 90 (1) (k) of the Community Charter.