Council Notes

Absent: Councillor White Present: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, Kirby, Hunter, Holmlund and Sipe

December 19, 2005 Called to order at 7PM, Monday, December 19.

2.The minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council for November 21st, the minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of December 5 and the minutes of the Special Meeting of December 13, 2005 were adopted.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

Councillor Sipe asked two questions re Olympic fund and Grant

Councillor Colledge asked about status on an insurance claim involving a tree on District property.

Councillor Hunter asked about Pine Beetle provincial task force. Councillor Kirby responded that he did attend the pinebeetle meeting and will bring it up in his Councillor?s Business

4. There were two Petition and Delegations

RCMP Musical Ride for Tumbler Ridge

a)Bill Hendley and Cpl Peats announcing that Tumbler Ridge was one of the communities selected to have the Musical Ride. The plans are still in the initial stages, but as of now members of the team will be arriving on the 28th of July, putting on two shows on July 29th, resting on July thirtieth and leaving Tumbler Ridge July 31st. Economically this is a great opportunity for Tumbler Ridge. Plans are that this will be a family event. It is hoped that ?we will be partnering with the community? and that this will be an ideal 25th anniversary event. Tentative budget will be between $125,000-$150,000. The planning committee is asking for seed money to get the organisation of this event started. The RCMP will be putting in over $40,000 in kind, which means the committee will be looking at receiving the remainder from business, provincial and municipal government. Donations may be in kind or money.


The focus will be on community policing issues. The Community Justice Forum, the Dare Program, Victim Services program and Citizens on Patrol will benefit from the event. The committee is asking three things from the District, first to approve a $5000.advance, second the opportunity to make a more detailed presentation in January and third to meet with the 25th anniversary committee to see if they can work together.

Mayor Caisley asked if it is up to the committee to raise all of the remaining money needed and if the delegation could elaborate on the in-kind donations? Councillor Sipe was involved in the Musical Ride years ago and is happy to see this happening in Tumbler Ridge. Could Council direct this grant proposal to last year?s budget. The answer was yes. Councillor Hunter offered his congratulations and said he is pleased to see that this committee is working with the anniversary committee. There were several more questions mostly related to funding. There will be more information on this as the committee works things out, as the announcement was made today, things haven?t been formalized.

Motion made to provide $5000 to the Musical Ride committee. Passed.

Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation Request for Funding/Partnerships

b) Councillor Colledge excused herself as the next issue is a Museum issue and she sits on the board for the Museum. Rich MacRea, Lisa Buckley made a presentation in regards to a letter that was sent to Council requesting the opportunity to meet with Council in January to discuss ways in which the District and the Museum could partner together during the next few years and an invitation to the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre.

There was also an announcement of some international media coverage, and that the Lakeview Credit Union made a donation, which will cover the purchase of a 42 inch LCD screen in the Community Centre that be connected to the Sci-tech North Interactive Display.

The Museum would like to discuss with Council their budget, PRPRC expansion, Dino Camps, Museum-Theatre complex, the Tumbler Ridge archives, the Town Hall exhibits, Monkman Memorial Trail, the Tumbler Ridge Tr-ilogy, communications and the Quintette Doors. Several of these items are time sensitive. MacRea commented that it is important to have municipal government working with the Museum Foundation as much of the work to gain a museum facility will be at a political level.

MacRea also spoke about the Museums request for expansion as they have outgrown their current space and the desperately require more space to house collections and displays, as well as the preparation area and an area to plan the Dino Camps. If they were to simply expand the existing collections area, rent would go up $400 a month, if they also got additional space at the front of the building, rent would go up $600 month.

Caisley commented that he is not sure that the community has any idea of how much money the town has put into the museum and he is not convinced that there is community support for this. Mike Hunter commented that he see?s the Museum Foundation has short term plans and long term plans but no medium term plans and this concerns him. Hunter asked McRea what does the Museum Foundation have have in place to ensure that they won?t continue making requests for money. McRea commented, ? I don?t think what we are asking for is out of line. This has all happened very quickly and the Museum Foundation has raised a lot of money on its own. You have to look past the straight dollar costs and look at what this has brought and will continue to bring into our community.? There will be an announcement coming out shortly regarding some international media coverage which will tie into the Olympics. The Museum has brought a lot of publicity and tourism into Tumbler Ridge, we have given the community a lot in return and you must remember, these are volunteers who are working for the betterment of Tumbler Ridge. How interested is this Mayor and Council in supporting the Museum?

Mayor Caisley asked if there is a definite lease in place for two or three years?

Motion that Council support the TR Museum Foundation with bridge financing for the next six monthes. Motion passed.

Dave Price spoke on the possibility of the TR Museum developing archives for the 25th anniversary. They would like an agreement in principal to partner with the District, agreement for space and capital costs. Space in the basement of town hall would be the perfect place to do this work. Councillor Sipe expressed concern over the space in the basement as there are some internal space needs, such as a new den for the Councillors. Kim Isaak said we need to take a serious look at what will be available.

Motion passed that a general letter of partner agreement in principal be drafted.

3.There was no correspondence to report.

4.Staff Reports:

The following staff reports were accepted as presented.

a)Acting Chief Administrative Officer Report-December 19, 2005.

b)Accounts Payable Report November 2005 in the amount of $485,324.78

Public Works Department Monthly Report tabled until next meeting

d) Fire Department Report. Questions were asked of the Fire Chief, Dan Golob. What percent of your time do you spend doing bylaw? Golob responded that bylaw is complaint based so he responds to possibly two complaints a day. In the fall and winter complaints are lower, in the spring and summer it is busier. Councillor Hunter expressed concerns with the free for all parking that are happening downtown. I am trying to get a sense of the time you spend with bylaw duties. Councillor Sipe asked about removal of Red Cross equipment, he would like a written report on this.

e) Community Services Monthly Report

Councillor Sipe asked about the item in the report that said that the Community Centre only had 16 patrons use the facility on Rememberance Day statutory holiday. Sipe asked, ?What are your ideas for other holidays.? Director of Community Services, Peter Thomas replied that other communities close their facilities on stat holidays because they are generally money losers.

f) Economic Development Monthly Report. Questions from Hunter re/ Labour Market Planning and changes that take place from year to year.

5.Bylaws a) Bylaw 505.2005 ?Council Procedural Amendment Bylaw?. For Council to give the first three readings to Bylaw 505 Council Procedural Amendment Bylaw. At the December 13 Special Meeting of Council the following changes were approved in relation to the Council Procedural Bylaw. The first change was in relation to the website address, the current bylaw list the old District of Tumbler Ridge Website address. The second approved change was to the Regular meeting times, Council agreed to move the regular meetings to the first and third Tuesday of the month. The third approved change was to add the question and answer period back into the agenda. The final change approved was for the change in time for the Committee of the Whole Meetings. Council agreed to change the Committee of the Whole Meeting times to the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.


In order for these changes to come into effect the Council Procedure Bylaw requires amending.

Motions made that District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw 505, 2005 ?A bylaw to Amend District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw 482, 2004 be introduced and read a first time in its entirety.

And that District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw be introduced and read a second time by title only and that the District of Tumbler Ridge bylaw to amend 505 be read a third time.

8. Councillors Business

Councillor Hunter: good job on the mayor?s food drive.

Councillor Sipe. Congratulations to Sean O?Reilly on 10 years of service. He is looking forward to the new portfolios

Kirby: Went to Christmas light up. Attended a Pine Beetle regional meeting in Dawson Creek with Harry Prosser. There is not enough money to fight the pine beetle. Monkman park issues are not going to be addressed. The community forest steering committee had an OPEN HOUSE and left questionnaires for the people to fill out. Councillor Kirby also spoke with a dentist in Winnipeg who has bought his equipment and is planning on moving to Tumbler Ridge.

Holmlund: No Councillors Business, look forward to working with everyone and thanks to all the residents for supporting the food drive

Colledge: Took part in the Seniors in dialogue initiatives, surveys are still trickling in. Attended the Branding the Peace initiative. Attended Hospice Palliative, and 49 forever, met with Dr. Helm re/ possibility of another doctor for Tumbler Ridge.

Councillor Sipe: Attended the Hillsborough Open House Five Cabin Proposal; Northern Lights College Strategies Open House; Memorial Candlelight service; and the HRSDC project review. (Human Resources Social Development) Attended the Brulle project presentation. Stepped down as president of TR Cares and the Arts Council to avoid conflict of interest.

Mayor Caisley: attended the grade seven class to receive their food hamper donations.

5.New Business

a) Council Portfolio Appointments:

Councillor White has been given the Youth Portfolio, Seniors Portfolio, Education and Library Board Portfolio and Environmental Portfolio.

Councillor Hunter has been given the Employee/Labour Relations Portfolio, Grizfest/Celebration Portfolio and Mining portfolio.

Councillor Kirby has been given the Forestry Portfolio and Health Based Medical Services portfolio.

Councillor Holmlund has been given the communications Portfolio and aboriginal relations portfolio.

Councillor Colledge has been given the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation Portfolio and Emergency/Protective Services portfolio.

Councillor Sipe has been given Energy (gas and oil Portfolio), Bylaw/Contracts Portfolio and Town Planning portfolio.

Mayor Caisley has taken the intergovernmental affairs Portfolio, Chamber of Commerce/tourism Portfolio, Economic Development Portfolio, Peace River Regional District Director. The Mayor and CAO are ex-officio members of all committees. Alternates have also been appointed to each portfolio.

b)Reporting of Official Election Results. The Local Government Act dictates that a report on the election results must be presented to Council within thirty days of the election. Moved that Council receive the Official Election Results for information.

c)First Responder Program; The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department is trained to First Responder Level 3 certification and would like to assist BC Ambulance with life threatening medical calls to provide support to BCAS Attendants. These types of calls would include cardiac arrest, shortness of breath, stroke, deadly bleed and when the first or second car is delayed. Motion made and staff is to implement the program.

d)For Council to give formal travel approval for Mayor and Council to attend the Newly Elected Officials Seminar in Richmond from January 19-21,2005. Moved that Council approve travel expenses for Mayor and Council to attend the Newly Elected Official Seminar in Richmond from January 19-21, 2006.

Editor?s Note: There is not enough room in this issue for all of the lengthy council notes: Please look for part two in the next edition of Tumbler Ridge News on January 11, 2006. We apologize for the inconvenience.