Absent: Councillor Colledge

Present: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Kirby, Hunter, Holmlund, Sipe, and White.

1.Called to order at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, May 16, 2006.

2.The minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council for May 2, the minutes of the Special Meeting, May 8, 2006 were adopted with errors corrected by Councillors Kirby, Hunter, and Holmlund.

3. Business Arising from the

Minutes Moved that if the group TRBBBR contributes $7000.00 to the construction of the fun track then the District will match that money and add $2000.00 as a contingency.

4. Petitions and Delegations ? Mr. Paul DeCosta from Community Futures (Dawson Creek) presented Raelynn Johnson with the Aurora Award of Distinction. Mayor Caisley and Council offered the congratulations stating Ms. Johnson?s award was well deserved.

Jim Craven of James Craven & Associates explained Paul McKivett?s report with regards to the Mayor and Councillor salaries. Mr. McKivett has 15 years HR experience with the District of Saanich and utilized numerous data to determine his recommendations. End result is that Councillors appear to be somewhat below the average remuneration (approximately $70/mo) while the Mayor is above. After much discussion, Councillor Hunter moved to refer the report to the Employee Relations Committee for discussion with CAO Miller.

Mayor Caisley clarified that CAO Miller would be discussing exempted salaries further in the agenda and the motion was revised to table Mr. Craven?s report at this time. Councillor Kirby seconded this motion. Carried.

Cpl. Peats presented a lengthy report to Council: Councillor Sipe requested clarification of the Bear Aware program. Cpl. Peats responded advising this was a private group willing to donate funds for education and training and that COP has requested funding as the program is currently inactive.

Councillor Holmlund expressed concern that 100% of the offenders in the violence in relationship category were female and enquired if this was an anomaly or a trend. Cpl. Peats advised that this somewhat unusual, however, it is usually 50/50.

Councillor Hunter noted a 25% increase in calls and wondered if there was a specific type of call the RCMP were responding to. The Council was advised that a report of trends was forthcoming but aside from a large increase in impaired drivers (more in the last two months than all of last year), there was no one specific area relating to the increase.

A question was raised regarding the ?Vial of Life? to which Cpl. Peats stated is a program geared toward seniors.

Councillor White expressed concern regarding possible abuse of seniors in Tumbler Ridge. Cpl. Peats stated he can?t recall seeing any such files come across his desk, but notes there are mostly medical issues concerning the elderly.

There is still some concern about residents maintaining Alberta plates due to the reduced cost. Councillor White asked what, if anything, could be done with regards to this. Cpl. Peats stated it was difficult but there were criteria they viewed to help determine if someone is a resident of BC.

Councillor Holmlund noted that the RCMP has experienced a 400% increase overall and queried whether they had budgeted for this increase and what the plans were to maintain service. She also questioned the 172% increase in traffic code violations to which Cpl. Peats responded to by commenting that the stats support the requests for additional staffing.

Councillor Sipe advised that the Mayor would be attending a policing policy workshop in Vancouver in the near future and suggested he request additional provincial funding.

The detachment is in need of renovations or an addition and Councillor Sipe enquired as to where all of the funding would come from for this work. Cpl. Peats stated that it would all be from the provincial government at this time but noted that in future it may be split with the district.

Cpl. Peats provided an update regarding the RCMP Musical Ride stating that it is a ?ton of fun? and that they are coming along like gang busters. He stated that there will be children?s venues, artisans, as well as some local Native participation (six tepees will be put up for the event).

5. Correspondence ? Council received direction from CAO Miller with regards to handling correspondence. Sipe moved and Hunter seconded to follow Miller?s recommendation. Carried. (a)City of Coquitlam ?Senior Advocacy Services support in principal the establishment of Reginal Senior?s Advisory Offices.

(b)Mayor Caisley received a letter on May 3, 2006 from the Ministry of Forests and Range and Responsible Housing inviting TR to apply for a PCFA direct award. Councillor White advised they are in the process of completing this application and that it is proceeding quickly.

(c)Resident J.M. Kolhauser sent a letter to the Mayor and Council expressing concerns with the greenspace behind his home. CAO Miller noted staff often receive queries with regards to appropriate usage/clean up of the greenspace and Miller requested Council draft a policy for consistency with dealing with this matter. Miller further requested that Mr. Kolhauser?s letter be responded to advising the matter is currently under discussion. Councillor Hunter moved to accept CAO Miller?s recommendations and Councillor Sipe seconded. Carried.

(d)The City of Trail has adopted a flag lowering policy and sent a letter requesting Tumbler Ridge consider the same practice. Table until further information is received. Carried.

(f)Received a letter from the Village of McBride sharing their hopes for winning the Hockeyville competition.

6. Staff Reports ? Councillor Hunter moved to accept the Accounts Payable (January 2 to April 30, 2006) at $419,186.64. Seconded by Councillor Kirby. Carried.

7. Bylaws ? Mayor Caisley and Councillor Holmlund excused themselves from the meeting while Councillor White took the Chair. Bylaw #506 was read a 2nd and 3rd time.

8. New Business ? (a)E0-2 Council Code of Ethics. Motion tabled for discussion by Councillor White, seconded by Councillor Hunter. Council Sipe pointed out bracketed questions in points 5 and 6 and suggested the Code of Ethics be put into place but reviewed in 120 days. Mayor Caisley and Kim Isaak advised that this was an error on the document and that these issues had been discussed and concluded. Thus Councillor Hunter made a motion suggesting the document be revised to reflect this and the policy adopted. Councillor White seconded. Carried.

(b)Report of CAO Miller with regards to exempt staff salary review. Rquest to Council to accept his recommendation for a 2.3% COL increase retro to January 1, 2006. Councillor Holmlund moved to accept, Councillor Hunter seconded. Carried.

Councillor Sipe asked CAO Miller what affect the motion that just passed would have on the budget. CAO Miller stated he will do a detailed review and recommend an amendment to the budget, if necessary, however he was anticipating extra revenue (the exact figures not available at this time). Councillor Hunter moved that option two be tabled for review, Councillor White seconded. Carried.

(c)Ridge Ramble Biathlon ? request for barricades. Councillor White moved to approve this request, Councillor Kirby seconded. Carried.

(d)Policing Cost Forum ? Councillor Hunter moved to accept the motion for Mayor Caisley to attend this forum, Councillor Kirby seconded. Carried. Councillor Sipe asked if other staff were attending, i.e., CAO Miller. Mayor Caisley advised it had already been approved. Councillor Holmlund wondered if the Mayor would be taking Cpl. Peats? stats with him. He replied that he was not aware that he would be given time to discuss individual specifics but would be armed with such data. Mayor Caisley hopes the forum will discuss the mammoth about of paper work the police are buried under and whether this detailed procedure is necessary and/or possibly even outdated.

(e)Regional Round Table Workshop ? Motion to authorize the attendance of Councillor Sipe made by Councillor Holmlund, seconded by Councillor Hunter. Carried.

(f)McLeod Lake Indian Band, Coal mining workshop: Withdrawn.

(g)Aboriginal Awareness Workshop ? Ledcor sponsored an Aboriginal Workshop in the past which Fire Chief Dan Golob attended. He briefly explained the benefit of this workshop in light of his professional and personal life. Councillor Holmlund motioned Council accept the recommendation for this workshop, seconded by Councillor Sipe. Carried.

(h)Schedule of Meetings ? Kim Isaak advised the Public Open House had now been added to the schedule for June 21.

9. Councillor Business ? the Mayor and Councillors each stated how the recent NMCA affected them in terms of their work with Council. All had good things to say and appreciated the value in the various workshops, hoping to translate many ideas to their own area of expertise.

Councillor White advised Northern Health Authority was still attempting to find someone with social work/mental health experience for this area. He advises the application for PCFA should be complete in the next couple of weeks. Councillor White stated a tour of the Town Hall was given to children from TRE (grades 3 and 4) who passed a motion for more chocolate in council. . Councillor White advised that Michele Burton of the library has been chosen to represent small communities on a provincial-wide committee to review the feasibility of a one-card system for the province. Councillor White felt that was a real ?feather in her cap? and offered his congratulations.

Councillor Hunter advised the GrizFest is coming along well. He stated that all tenure application for mining have been dealt with . He advised that he has been in contact with the Minister requesting resource allocation and will keep Council advised.

Councillor White announced there is discussion and plans to provide a cancer clinic in Prince Georgewhich he felt will be of substantial benefit for families dealing with this disease. Councillor White requested CAO Miller provide him with costing to get this information out to the community. Councillor White briefly mentioned policing costs and advised the district may have to cover some costs as early as 2007.

Councillor Kirby advised the golf course was requesting permission to allow those attending the July 28-29 tournament be allowed to park their RVs along the golf course road. Councillor White pointed out that this was the same weekend as the RCMP Musical Ride and expressed parking concerns as well. It is anticipated that approximately 5,000 visitors will be in town that weekend. After some discussion, CAO Miller advised he would report back with an action plan. Councillor Kirby advised the golf course is still without water and CAO Miller is looking into the problem. Councillor Kirby is waiting costing with regards to keep the pine beetle out of Tumbler Ridge. He also had a concern about the policy regarding the lowering of flags; the policy would not be strictly for armed forces, but also for our police and fire personnel.

Councillor Holmlund advised she attended some of the NCMA, in particular the Roberts Rules of Order workshop. Ill health kept her from additional activities.

Councillor Sipe requested CAO Miller send a letter to resident ?. Motion made by Councillor Sipe that a formal letter be sent knowledging his conversation of today with CAO Miller and stating he will be contacted in the near future. Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

Mayor Caisley requested Council approval to travel to Ottawa while in Toronto at FCM to meet with Jay Hill. Motion by Sipe, seconded by Hunter. Carried. Mayor Caisley spoke briefly to Council advising he is aware of the tremendous amount of work involved and the overwhelming effect. The Mayor advised he has asked CAO Miller and Kim Isaak to review past minutes and bring forth all outstanding issues so that Council can put items into a priority sequence. Mayor Caisley hopes that having all items on ?the radar screen? and in priority will be beneficial for all involved.