Council Notes August 8

Lynsey Kitching



Mayor Wren, Councillors Caisley (PnP Chair), McPherson and Snyder


Policies and Priorities

Ellen Sager was present representing TRFYS requesting permission to administer the Meals on Wheels Program in Tumbler Ridge. The method of doing this program is the driver goes to the restaurant, pays five dollars for each meal, goes to the client and receives the five dollars. There are no costs for the TRFYS. Dave Price is terminating his partnership.

The senior’s needs task force needs to be contacted and appear before council to bring the motion forward.M


The Draft Street Naming Policy –TR 40 has been received as information by council. Refer to page five for more information.


Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) sent to council their application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Acquire, Construct, Own and Operate a Compressed Natural Gas Virtual Pipeline between the Communities of Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge. Mayor Wren put forth a recommendation to formally apply for intervener status and this was taken as direction. Full story was in last week’s newspaper

Discussion Items

Council discussed which ministers they would like to have meetings scheduled with for the upcoming UBCM, Sept. 15-20. There are currently no appointments set. Councillors requested to speak with the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Natural Gas about the fracking process and groundwater protection, and the possibility of creating a pipeline for natural gas into Tumbler Ridge; the solicitor general concerning ATV licensing and the ministry of mines regarding host communities being more involved in conversations. Mayor Wren would also like to invite support from the province for the Geopark Application.

The next discussion item was requested by Councillor McPherson in regards to the boat launch. Please refer to story on page 2 for more information.


Regular Meeting of Council


The Dawson Creek Rotary Parade Committee invited council to participate in the annual Fall Fair parade, Aug. 9, 2013. It was submitted for information.

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association sent information to council signed by Philippe Reicher, Vice-President, External Relations. The letter explained there are 114,000 km of pipeline in Canada, including 9,000 in BC. The purpose of the letter was to inform council about the new educational tool ‘Pipelines: Enablers of Prosperity” found on their website The letter was received as information.

The Tumbler Ridge Minor Hockey Association sent information stating Minor Hockey will begin Sept. 10, 2013.

BC Hydro requested dates from council for a planned power outage. The date has been set for Sept. 22 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Northern Health and the Health Officers Council of BC have invited the mayor or designate to participate in the upcoming Health Officers Council workshop, Oct. 8, 2013 in Fort. St. John.

Council was informed BC has AAA credit ratings. The Municipal Finance Authority of BC sent out a letter assuring local governments that what happened in Detroit, will not be mirrored in BC.

The Tumbler Ridge Days Society sent correspondence from the Grizfest Committee, expressing their appreciation for in-kind sponsorship of the Grizfest Music Festival.

New Business

Installation will begin for the ice at the Community Centre on the last week of Aug., which will enable the ice to be ready for the Sept. 10, 2013 start date for the minor league hockey.

Aleen Torraville has been appointed as the new Deputy Chief Elections Officer for the by-election. She will be receiving $500 for this position. Election Officials remuneration has been set at $25/hr. The Chief Elections Officer will be making $600.

The tax sale was held last Sept. 24 2012, for properties which had three years of taxes owing. Eight properties were sold at the tax sale. To date, three of the properties have been redeemed. The District was declared the purchaser of 307 Industrial Drive, Lot 8, District Lot 3184, Plan 28758 because no one bid on this property. Council may, by bylaw, extend for one year only the period of redemption. Council passed the recommendation to not extend the redemption period for 307 Industrial Drive.

Doug Beale was appointed to the Community Forest Corporation Board of Directors. Duncan McKellar (from the community forest) explained no one came forward for the position when it was posted, so they asked Mr. Beale and he said yes.

The Museum brought forth a proposal for renovations and a new outbuilding. However, the new building, as it stands, doesn’t meet snow load requirements said Ken Klikash, Building Official.

Councillor Caisley made a motion that, “we table this request until such time we have received and determined our position relative to the TR Museum Foundation.” There was no seconder so the motion died.

Mr. Elliott explained, “Certainly, Mr. Klickash will make sure proper construction parameters are met. The property is owned by the District, thus it is the owner who needs to be making the application for the development permit. Council has commissioned Aldrich Pears to do a review of the museum foundation and the museum operations. The intent is to determine long term direction. It was my understanding the previous mayor and council did approve this. I got the impression the approval happened prior to my arrival in TR, so I did some research for what the approval was for. All I have been able to find is two resolutions of council supporting two separate building expansion grant applications.”

Councillor Snyder stated, “If this is going to become District property, the building has been paid for by the museum foundation. The reason I believe they need this is for the specimens they are bringing in and the building season is quickly going away. If we wait, they are going to miss the building season.”

The building proposed would stand 130 feet by 35 feet and they would need a development variance and a review by the neighbourhood. Historically there has never been a commercial type building in residential or P2 areas.

The resolution was passed to authorize the museum foundation to proceed with their development plan. Councillor McPherson seconded motion but Councillor Caisley was opposed.

All councillors were in favour of the recommendation that Council approve the Capital Expenditure to purchase from EECOL Electric the Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax system at a cost of $53,995 and the RD7000 Pipe Locator system at $4,903; and that council authorise the redirection of $20,000 in Capital funds from the TRIP Lagoon Berm Rehabilitation project to the Sewer Service Camera Project.

All councillors were in favour of reallocating $60,000 from the ATV/Snowmobile/Hiking/Bike Trail upgrades to do some building renovations at 419 Willow Dr.

In the 2013 Capital Budget there was $280,000 budgeted for Trail/Walkway expansions, as well as $170,400 and for 2014 there was $109,000 for ATV/Snowmobile/Hiking/Bike Trail upgrades. Candie Laporte stated this means $170,400 is available for reallocation in 2013.

The renovations to 419 Willow Dr. include painting, new windows and a furnace. The estimated cost for the repairs is $60,000.

There are also renovations happening down at the golf course. Please see page 12 for full story.

Council carried a recommendation to approve the Heating System Upgrades at the Claude Galibois project where the Museum Foundation now resides. In the budget there is $270,000 for the heating system upgrades to be completed in 2014.

Staff has found the system is a safety hazard and requires replacement immediately. The Museum Foundation has $75,000 to put towards this project.

It is unclear if there are monies available in the 2013 budget, however Candie Laporte stipulated finding a source to fund the project be revisited in December of 2013 by council. The Five Year Plan Bylaw will need to be changed and resubmitted to the Ministry prior to the end of the year.

Another reallocation of funds from the ATV/Snowmobile/Hiking/Bike trail upgrades will be going towards Town Hall Renovations, $23,000 to sound proof the Municipal Hall, $22,500 for Municipal Hall Lighting, and $8,000 for the Municipal Hall Ceiling Tiles.

Council has carried the recommendation to reallocate $53,000 from the ATV/Snowmobile/Hiking/Bike Trail Upgrades for the Municipal Hall upgrades.

The District has contributed to the Lac Mégantic Relief Fund to help them rebuild after the train accident. They donated $1,000.

Councillor Snyder brought forward a motion for the Seniors Needs Task Force because the coordinator is leaving. Motion was approved to continue to carry on the contract for the senor needs coordinator.
Councillors’ Business

Councillor Snyder – Attended meeting with Aldrich Pears. Attended the Geopark Meet and Greet at paleontology centre. Attended Grizfest, Battle of the Bands was great. Had a bunch of tents for the kids, which was fantastic, other than the parents had to pay to get to the kids area. Talked to the vendors, a lot were unhappy about setup and because the crowds weren’t there. One thing he would like to see from Grizfest committee is to make sure Northern Health comes to these events. Saw very few operating and health permits from vendors. Michael King is in charge of Fire Underwriters and is knowledgeable about why we need a ladder truck, how it will affect our ratings. There are numerous items they go over, that is one of them. He is willing to come in September or October to explain so everyone knows the facts about what we need.

Councillor Caisley – Attended meeting with Aldrich Pears, looking forward to report. Had a meeting on Aug. 6 with CDI. They have completed the housing/income section, and will be sending full written report shortly; the health component is now being looked at. Also some discussion will be had with Northern Health taking a look at the overall master plan that was to be completed by Northern Health in 2013.

The next workshop is the health grouping which will be Sept. 11,12,13. Also Jack Wong will be in the area on August 21, instrumental in helping the District get the grant for the sustainability plan.

Councillor McPherson – Took some of the delegates from the Geopark on a boat trip up to the falls. They sure enjoyed it. Went to the Lions playground opening, it is awesome. They’ve done a wonderful job on that. We now have a new race track and a paint ball setup. “I was wondering if we have any worry about it? They have a figure eight race track, I don’t know if there’s signage, maybe we bring it to next P&P and discuss it,” said McPherson.

Mayor Wren – Congratulations to Laura Sharman on her induction into the Tumbler Ridge Sports Wall of Fame, very deserving young gal. Commended the volunteers for the symposium; really good job of not only selling Tumbler Ridge, but the whole Peace Region to the world. “As the application goes forward, I am hopeful the provincial government will take a more active role than they have. We unfortunately didn’t have any representation from the provincial government at this symposium, but hopefully we’ll have more in the future,” he said.

Was at Grizfest for a little while, the Battle of the Bands was good. The kid’s activities were good, had his son there on Sunday. It wasn’t from a lack of effort of the volunteers for the lack of attendance.

Attended the opening of the Lions Campground playground; can’t say thank you enough.

The mayor commends Dave Price on his work with seniors needs. The mayor also thanks Teck for keeping him in the loop with their activities. Finally, he thanks Sgt. Render for his five years of service. He wishes the sergeant and his family all the best and says he was just the type of person the town needs. The new sergeant will begin work in Sept. or Oct. Sgt. Render knows and recommends him.

The mayor would like to look into the potential for heli-skiing in Tumbler Ridge. A potential partner is Ridge Rotors. Heli-skiing would need less infrastructure than a regular ski hill.