Council Notes Part Two – continued from last week

e)Council consider an extension to the Community Forest application coordinators contract as it has taken more time than initially budgeted for, to define a proposed area for the community forest . Once the tenure area has been identified and accepted by all stakeholders, the writing process can proceed. Recommendation that Council grant 2 Horse Power Logging an extension to its contract deadline to complete the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest Application process. The suggested amended deadline is Feb. 10th.

f)There is a request from the Manager of the Wilderness Lodge to relax the signage section of bylaw No. 12 and allow the business to install advertising signs on District property. Councillor Kirby supports this as he sees the need for well advertised lodging in Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Hunter has issues with setting this precedence. ?If we say yes to this will we have legitimate reason to say no to anyone else. What about putting a sign on the side of the building?? Councillor Colledge, some businesses already have signs up on the highway. We need to find out if the proposed area is crown or municipal land. Motion to table this request until we have reviewed the bylaws that apply.

Mayor Caisley would like to give the Wilderness Lodge an idea of how long before a reply can be given. Sipe, I will work with staff to give an answer by the end of January. Add this to the motion. All in favor

g)Commercial Vehicle Parking: Motion that Council give further direction in this matter for staff to respond to the concern of the commercial vehicle parking in the down town centre. There was some talk of trucks parking at the proposed Co-op Card Lock fuel centre.

Councillor Hunter believes that a full time bylaw enforcement officer is needed. I want to see this dealt with as these trucks are blocking roads and leaving trucks running all night causes health concerns.

Councillor Colledge: we need to work with the accommodation owners to deal with this problem. Council talked about needing a truck route that is well marked and that the town needs to begin monitoring the trucks and give ample notice that parking will change.

h) Standing Offer Agreement #0601-Petroleum Products and Fuels. To secure a petroleum supplier from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. Motion that ?Dawson C o-operative Union? be awarded the standing offer agreement #0601 for petroleum products and fuel for 2006 and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to sign the contract.

i) Tender #0602- Electrical Maintenance: that Brians Electric be awarded the standing offer agreement #0602 for electrical maintenance for 2006 and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to sign the contract.

j) Standing Offer Agreement #0603-Propane Services moved that ?Joy Propane Ltd.? Be awarded the standing offer agreement for propane services for 2006 and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to sign the contract.

k) Pam Weidner of ProKlean Janitorial has written a letter outlining her discontent with the awarding of the Janitorial contract at the October 17 Council meeting. Recommendation to advise Mrs. Weidner that the situation has been investigated and we will be retaining the contractors that were awarded the contracts. This will be discussed in the closed meeting.

l) Community Events Funding Program-Recipient request. The purpose is for Council to provide direction on a proposed amendment made by the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council regarding their recent award of event funding. Asking that the $1000 which were to be used for a Christmas production of Theatre on the Ridge to be held in December. This event did not happen and the Arts Council has asked that this money be allowed to be used for the spring project.

m)District of Tumbler Ridge Organizational Review: Council enter into a contract with James Craven and Associates to complete the search for a chief administrative officer as well as an organizational review that will include staff salaries and council stipends.

n) Proposal?25th Anniversary

Commemorative Video and Companion Book. A proposal was submitted jointly by Hank Bridgeman of Northeast Productions and Don Pettit of Peace Photographics, for the creation of a commemorative video/companion book set to celebrate Tumbler Ridge?s 25th Anniversary. Dr. Helm has agreed to do a great deal of the writing for the project and will contribute several of his photographs. In exchange, a portion of the books profits would be targeted to an organization of his choice. Dr. Helm has only a brief window over the holidays in which he will be able to complete the necessary writing. Councillor Hunter asked why doesn?t Don Pettit take this on himself. Councillor Sipe thinks Dr. Helm should use his Christmas vacation for a rest. Mayor Caisley commented that this can be dealt with once we can look at the budget in totality.

A motion had to be made that allowed the Council meeting to be extended past 10 PM. Councillor Sipe asked for five min adjournment. Holmlund concerned about the length of the Council meeting because there is still the Closed meeting items to follow and this will make for a really long night. Mayor Caisley said that these things need to be dealt with and that he would like to see the 10 o?clock limit on Council meetings bylaw removed.

o)Western Canadian Coal Licence application to grant a license for the Mount Hermann area. The Mineral Titles Branch of the MEMPR invites comments, concerns and questions from Mayor and Council regarding this application. Mayor Caisley excused himself and asked Councillor Hunter to chair, due to Mayor Caisley?s employment with Western Canadian Coal. Mt Hermann has been identified as a recreational area used by Tumbler Ridge residents. With that in mind, Council may want to consider gathering input from the public to incorporate into their response to the MEMPR. One letter has come forward already. Councillor Kirby expressed his concern over this project proceeding. Councillor Sipe, drew attention to Mr. Kaun?s letter regarding the trails that may be impacted and requested seeking public input. Councillor Holmlund questioned Councillor Hunter?s ability to chair this issue as he has an opposing vested interest in coal issues as well. Holmlund thinks Council should have further discussion with WCC. ?I don?t think we have enough information at this point to block this project.? Councillor Hunter assures Councillor Holmlund that he is not trying to block this, that he was just asking if Council should seek public input. Councillor Sipe believes the public needs to be involved in the process. Ray Proulx, EDO added that the course of action should contacting the Ministry and the proponent and work with them. Encourage input to be early in the New Year so we can proceed with this.

p)It is crucial that Council become more familiarized with the LMP and the information that has been distilled from it so far. Training sessions will take place from late January to early March. That Council choose a date from the suggested weeks to meet with Duncan Holmes and Ray Proulx regarding the Tumbler Ridge Labour Market Planning project.

q)Graduation request for a waiver of fee of $560.00 in return for 56 hours of community service.

r)That Sander Rose Trobak, Chartered accountants of Dawson Creek, be appointed as auditors for the District of Tumbler Ridge for the 2005 year end and that they be paid $17,000 plus GST for their auditing services.

s)Schedule of meetings