Council: November 20, 2012

Trent Ernst, Editor
Present: Councillors Snyder (Chair), Torraville, Caisley, Mackay, Hewitt. Mayor Wren. 
Staff: Barry Elliott, Angie Collison, Candie Laporte, Kelly Bryan (regular meeting only)
Ellen Sager appeared before council as representative garden club to thank Shawn and Ella and students for hard work on Hartford Gardens. She says the burger bus brought people into gardens and to picnic table and caboose. Mayor Wren asks about leveling of ground, Mr Elliott says it didn’t happen this year as public works was stretched thin. 
Sager also appeared as representative on the Forever Young Society, inviting council to a Christmas Luncheon on December 14. 
Council discussed the terms of reference for the Mayor’s task force on Health. 
Regular Meeting of Council 
Business Arising
Boat launch. Councillor Caisley wants to know that the district is working on getting boat launch done and getting a time table together. Mr. Elliott says “yes, we are working on it.” 
Councillor Caisley also asks about bowling alley and ski hill feasibility study was supposed to be here this week. It’s not. Mr Elliott says it is simply because staff ran out of time, though we are polling the public via social media. Councillor Caisley asks how does that work? Mr. Elliott says we are asking the public for feedback, and it has been posted to the District webpage and District Facebook page. 
Councillor Snyder asks about flaps for garbage can lids Mr. Elliott says that public works is looking at options right now. 
Councillor Mackay asks about the Dryatron and heat exchange installation at pool. Mr. Elliott says that it is very close to completion. Update should be ready for next meeting. 
Councillor Torraville says she would like to make a comment on the garbage cans. Not that many years ago there was a bear aware program launched, she says. One of the emphases they had was on getting garbage cans with bear proof lids. “Ravens aren’t the only thing we have to worry about with garbage”
Council received correspondence from the Minister of Environment, providing Council with a follow up to the meeting held September 27, 2012 at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2012 convention. Councillor Mackay says this feels a bit like a brush off, and suggests that council follow up with a letter. Mayor Wren says that, in talking with other municipalities, he has been told a letter isn’t going to do it. “We need to get in front of these people and met face to face. Anything g short of that is shorting ourselves.” 
Council received correspondence from the Project Assessment Manager, Environmental Assessment Office, notifying Council that an environmental assessment for the Sundance Wind Project proposed by Sundance Wind Project Limited Partnership has been initiated under section 10(1)(c) of the Environmental Assessment Act.
Council received correspondence from the Coordinator, Family Assistance Program, requesting Council participate once again in the District of Tumbler Ridge Food Drive.  Two dates are proposed, December 1 or December 8. A motion is made that it be held on December 8, when the Volunteer Fire Department is available, but none of the councilors will be around, so it is decided that it will be held December 1 instead. 
Council received correspondence from the Minister of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas, providing Council with a response to the letter that was sent September 4, 2012 regarding the warehousing and distribution of liquor products in British Columbia. 
Council received a letter  from the Minister of Children and Family Development, asking Council to help raise awareness about adoption in the province of British Columbia.   
Council received notification from the Project Assessment Manager, Environmental Assessment Office, notifying Council that an environmental assessment for the proposed Echo Hill Coal Project proposed by Hillsborough Resources Ltd. has been initiated under section 10(1)(c) of the Environmental Assessment Act.
Council gave final reading to District of Tumbler Ridge Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw No. 594, 2012. 
Council received a request from KC’s Dollar Store for Temporary Placement of Cargo Container, asking if a cargo container could be placed in the parking lot outside the store for a limited time as the company finds space for permanent storage.
Councillor Caisley says there’s a number of places this doesn’t meet guidelines, but what kind of hardship would this cause us? Mr. Elliott responds that the only negative is access to four parking stalls. “I hope my report is clear that given that it doesn’t meet current bylaws, I have no other recourse than to recommend that it be defeated, because it doesn’t conform and I am bound by those by laws. Council can choose to do this on a temporary basis.” 
Councillor Caisley says his only concern is this doesn’t drag on and become 12 months or 18 months. 
Councillor Mackay points out there was another vendor in that area that has recommended the same, and that was refused based on the zoning by laws. It was the same issues. “We said one thing to one person, are we going to say another thing to another? I have issues with making one rule for one person and another rule for another.”
Councillor Snyder agrees council shouldn’t have different rules for different people. But in this case it is waiting for land to move it to. In the other case there was no land to move it to. Councillor Mackay says no, that was part of that discussion, too. 
Councillor Torraville says “I know this is supposed to be temporary but it is downtown. There are urban design guidelines. If we have one SeaCan is there going to be others popping up? If we allow for one, we need to allow for all others.”
Councillor Snyder says “I understand that there is a purchase pending. Is there a way to make a down payment or rent the property so that piece of property can be used at an earlier date?” Mr. Elliott responds that council certainly has the right to rent a piece of land for this usage. “It’s a little bit complicated, but it is possible. If council wanted to do that, we could look into it.”
Mayor Wren says “Although it is temporary, I agree that it sets a bad precedent.” He is hoping that some alternate can be found. 
Council decides to not allow the cargo container. Councillor Snyder and Caisley opposed.
Council adopted the 2012 District of Tumbler Ridge Strategic Plan. 
Councillor’s Business
Councillor Snyder had a relatively quiet couple weeks. Attended meeting with West Moberly First Nation. 
Councillor Caisley attended meeting with West Moberly. Has some concerns regarding the timing. “It’s something that I hope we’d be able to meet in the future around and come out with some recommendations.”
There is a Small Business luncheon set for Dec 6, but that might be changed. 
Councillor Torraville also attended meeting with West Moberly, and attended library board meeting
Councillor Mackay  has been out of town for most of the last couple weeks, but says “I still think its important to press the ministry on the issue of stairs at Kinuseo. Also, heard report from a resident about the sliding hill, and would like to congratulate Councillor Hewitt and Family Needs Committee. He heard some concerns on gravel trucks in town. Apparently they were hauling hazardous waste. Does anyone know what was happening around that? And are we supposed to be notified? It’s being looked into. Also, says Councillor Mackay, Councillor Beales contribution to council should be noted. 
Councillor Hewitt chaired family needs meeting. They are still waiting for firepits and picnic tables at the sliding hill. 
Mayor Wren attended meeting with West Moberly. Kudos to the Legion and all who planned Remembrance Day. He is at the preliminary stages of study on ski hill feasibility. He attended several meetings with HD mining.and was introduced to the miners. He toured the site and was happy to see that there were 40 or 50 people out there, most of whom were local.