Council: October 7, 2014

Trent Ernst, Editor


Present: Councillor Mackay (chair) Councillors McPherson, Snyder and Litster via speaker-phone.

Councillor Mackay welcomes Chris Leggett as the District’s new Finance Manager.



Dr. Charles Helm to report to Council, including implications and potential funding opportunities, much of what was discussed in his article in last week’s paper, but in a power point presentation with pictures.

Larry White was also there. He says he went down a week before to give presentations to a number of classrooms. “The kids were very interested in BC.”

He says he want to make it clear the Geopark status is only temporary. In four years, the status we gets re-evaluated to see if the Geopark has lived up to what they said we would do. “The work starts now.”

Don McPherson says he was down at UBCM when the announcement came through and everyone was so thrilled. The irons are hot. He says the District is sending representatives to Victoria at the end of the month. He says the Geopark and the District should come up “with a game plan as to what we need to do for you.”

Councillor Litster says “thank you to all involved in making this happen.”

Councillor Mackay says this is quite an accomplishment is such a short amount of time. “It shows that we are not just a mining town. As a resident, I’d like to thank you and the committee for putting us on the world stage. Thank you very much.”


Clay Iles came in during the presentation from the Geopark. Council breaks from their standard agenda to make a presentation. Hope to have story and/or picture next issue.


April Moi, from Destination BC, came before Council to provide Council with an overview of the Community Tourism Plan 2014 – Tumbler Ridge. See story next issue.



Council received a letter from Lakeview Credit Union’s board chair and CEO in response to the District of Tumbler Ridge’s request that the Credit Union’s bylaw that governs board representation be amended to specify that a representative be elected from each community where the Credit Union operates. “Our current bylaws allow any member in good standing, whether from Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd or Dawson Creek to run for a seat on our board. Board members are expected to set strategic direction and objectives based on what is best for our LVCU’s membership as a whole… LVCU will not be making a change to its bylaws in this area.”

Lakeview also addressed a recent move by the District to withdraw their accounts from Lakeview. Council decided to hold discussion until the next P&P meeting. See story page 10.



Council gave the first three readings to the Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw. Council has the ability to exempt from taxation land and improvements used for the purposes of worship or for charitable, philanthropic or not-for-profit purposes. Historically, this has included the local churches as well as clubs like the Saddle Club and the Royal Canadian Legion, The Museum, The Ridge Riders and the Sportsman Association. This year, a number of not-for-profits are being included in the bylaw, including: The Library, the Youth Centre, The Children’s Centre, The Arts Council Space, the Curling Club, the Lions Club, the Oldtimer’s Hockey Club and the Tumbler Ridge Community Garden and Composting Society.



Council discussed writing a letter of support for Boralex Inc. Boralex has two planned wind power projects in the Tumbler Ridge area, which they are planning on submitting to BC Hydro. These include a 15 MW project by Moose Lake and a 15 MW project on Babcock Ridge. They could start building these next year, but need a power purchase agreement from BC Hydro. Council directed Staff to provide a letter of support for Boralex Inc.’s application for a power purchase agreement from BC Hydro for the Babcock Ridge and Moose Lake wind power projects that Boralex intends to develop in the Tumbler Ridge area. Councillor McPherson says he hopes we can get something done for them. Councillor Mackay says, in all the discussions they’ve had with the wind projects, they were very keen on hiring locally.


Council entered into a one year lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Curling Club to renew their lease in the amount of SEVENTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY ONE DOLLARS plus GST ($17,561.00) for the period of October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015. Councillor McPherson suggested a meeting with the club just to see what’s happening.


Council received the 2014 Annual Report for the District of Tumbler Ridge. It took a little longer than planned, because they were waiting for audit because there was some difficulty in reporting tangible capital assets, but that has been handled. This needs to be available to public for 14 days before passing.


Council adopted the Community Tourism Plan 2014 – Tumbler Ridge as the guiding document for tourism development in Tumbler Ridge.


Councillor Snyder attended Grande Cache open house. Not a lot of traffic, but a lot—and I mean a lot—of online applications.

He attended UBCM, and was at many of the meetings with ministers, as well as a lot of other meetings.

Attended meeting with Minister Watt at museum.

Attended senior’s luncheon with HD, and Lions pancake breakfast on Oct 4.

Councillor McPherson attended senior’s lunch with HD. He says it sounds like HD wants to get housing done and get it right. He also went to pancake breakfast and attended lunch with minister watt at museum. He extends kudos to MLA Bernier for his work in setting that up.

Went to UBCM. Attended a lot of meetings with ministers.

He says the VIC is looking awesome.

Councillor Litster says Sept 6 was the Healthy Community session, which was greatly attended. Surpassed expectations. Also attended UBCM.

Councillor Mackay has been sick for last little while, so no report. He did have a chance to go and check out the VIC, and it’s a fantastic building.