Council Notes

Present: Mayor Wren, Councillors Mackay (P&P Chair), Caisley, Torraville, Snyder, McPherson. Staff: Barry Elliott, Candie Laporte, Doug Beale, Angie Collison

Regular Meeting:

Business Arising from the Minutes

Boat Launch: Mr. Elliott, “Environmental plan and the land Tenure Application, the two go hand in hand the province has given receipt of the documents. It’s now in their hands to move this forward, although we are staying under their skin as we move along. There is also a First Nations consultation in the works on this.”

Natural Gas Rate Increase: Mr. Elliott, “The letters have been prepared and Mayor Wren has signed them and sent them off.”

Northern Health Tumbler Ridge Master Plan: Mr. Elliott, “The process is not complete. Timelines are out the window. At this time they have crunched the numbers and right now they are working on a building assessment. They have a meeting coming up.”

Bowling Alley Feasibility: Mayor Wren, “Find out if there have been any blowing alleys built in the province in the last few years, do some research that way. Mr. Elliott, “I have gone down that road to a point and I will continue to do so.”

Petitions & Delegations

Chamber of Commerce: The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce appeared before Council to explain where they are in the process of re-starting the Chamber, and to present Council with a proposed budget. Trent Ernst made the presentation. Ernst said, “People talk about to do lists, but if all we do is work on what we need to do, we become reactive. As a Chamber we want to be proactive. We’ve been working on creating our ‘To Be’ list, what do we want the Chamber to be. We want to be the hub of knowledge for all things business in Tumbler Ridge.”

The proposed budget for the chamber is around $79,770. About $6,500 of that would be start up costs. About $45,600 of that budget would be for the salary of the manager. McPherson said the Chamber Manager position is a very important one to fill and could make or break the success of the Chamber. Ernst explained most of the budget would be counter balanced through Chamber membership fees, a business directory listing and a few other avenues.


Honours and Awards Secretariat: Correspondence dated January 28, 2013 from the Coordinator, Honours and Awards Secretariat, providing Council with information on 2013 Call for Nominations for the Order of British Columbia, the Province’s highest award for excellence and outstanding achievement. Any person or group is welcome to nominate a deserving individual as candidate for appointment to the Order of British Columbia.

Green Jobs BC: Council received a letter dated February 1, 2012 from Lisa Matthuas, Co-Chair and Darryl Walker, Co-Chair of Green Jobs BC. The letter states, “With the right plan, a future with good, green and plentiful jobs for our children and our grandchildren, as well as ourselves, is not out of reach.” The focus of the letter was on sustainability and economic development that nurtures ecosystem health and communities and the ecological values on which we depend. The group is calling for a Bold Green Jobs Plan for BC.

Temporary Home Based Business Licence: Correspondence dated February 9, 2013 from Martha and Ed Kennedy, requesting a temporary permit to make and deliver pizzas from home. The letter states, “We would ask Mayor and Council to note it is not like we just decided to run a home-based business. For 11 years we were an important part of the town retail section until just recently when circumstances beyond our control forced us to close our business.”

Mr. Elliott commented, “There are two other temporary use permits that are in the process of review by Council. In all instances it was clear we needed to update our process a little bit with all of these applications and therefore all three of the applications have been asked to fill out a temporary use permit application form. There is a $300 fee for each application that is in the form. We’ve asked they are all completed and we’ll bring them forward to the next meeting of council.”

Mr. Elliott explained the reason for the delay is the applications need to be made public before they can proceed on granting application or not. That gives the public a chance for discussion about the applications. The applications are the pizza delivery service, the dental practice and Teck’s application for a 500 man camp.

ReMax Tumbler Ridge Realty: A letter from the Managing Broker, ReMax Tumbler Ridge Realty was received, appraising Council of space that could be purchased for use as a dental office. The letter explains a store front downtown could be purchased on a 15 year amortization at 4 percent interest for $1,627.38 per month. The letter says, “I hope that council will give serious thought to the implications of allowing the spread of business developments into residential areas.”Tumbler Ridge Realty was received, appraising Council of space that could be purchased for use as a dental office. The letter explains a store front downtown could be purchased on a 15 year amortization at 4 percent interest for $1,627.38 per month. The letter says, “I hope that council will give serious thought to the implications of allowing the spread of business developments into residential areas.” The dental practice is looking for support from the community to operate residentially for two years at which time the practice will move downtown. With 1,000 patients over the next 12 months, Dr. Cheng will have enough client-base to approach the bank for funding. Dr. Cheng says to expect minimal traffic; one to three patients an hour and patients will park their vehicle in the driveway.

New Business

Bulk Water / Sewage Disposal Control System Consultant Fee: The Operations Manager requests Council pre-approve $1100 plus taxes for a consultant to evaluate the control systems at the bulk water and sewage disposal facility. The letter states, “The District of Tumbler Ridge provides a service of supplying bulk water and sewage disposal for customers in Industry and other users. There is a cost to produce water and treat sewage and is increasingly difficult to collect revenue accurately to pay for those services. The current control system for access and data collecting is inefficient, inadequate and needs to be upgraded.” PASSED.

Library Board Appointments: Now that it is a Municipal Board, the Library Board is appointed by Town Council. The current board (Jerrilyn Schembri, Crosbie Bourdeaux, Jan Turner, Rebecca Favelle, Trent Ernst and Jessica Fredlund) is recommended to remain as the library board, and Council appointed Councillor Aleen Torraville and alternate, Councillor Rob Mackay to the District of Tumbler Ridge Public Library Board effective October 1, 2012.

Mayor Wren asked, “I know there was some information circulated by the UBCM regarding elected officials being on boards. Is that going to have an influence on our ability to have these councillors sit on the library board?”

Mr. Elliott responded, “I am still waiting for a formal legal comment on that. However, what I have been appraised of, is that a Municipal Library Board has Council appointed. So in this instance it’s not a conflict.” PASSED.

Office Furniture: Last week, Council sent back the motion to pre-approve expenditure for furniture for the new Operation’s Manager office, which has been moved to the Public Works Yard Building, as a local quote had not been obtained. After discussions with Kees Vanderburgt, owner of the Dollar Store, it was recommended by him to utilize the services of Speedee Office Furnishings as he wasn’t in the office furniture supply business and couldn’t compete, so the motion was put back on the table. As the 2013 budget has not been adopted, pre-approval of this capital expenditure is needed. The estimated cost is $2,512.79. PASSED.


Approval for Art To Ride On Project: At the February. 12, 2013 meeting of Council, Anri Scheepers and Sydney Blunden appeared as a delegation with a proposal to use the skate park as an art canvas. The top eight art selections will be brought back to Council for their approval before being applied to the skate park.

Business on the table was whether Council is sending this forward to the Family Needs Committee for review prior to giving it further consideration. McPherson, “I’m just wondering why we’re doing that?” Mayor Wren, “I believe there was a thought that the Family Needs could be a part of it, but I’m not certain we can’t give support to the approval without that. Certainly I could entertain a separate recommendation were this one were defeated.” Recommendation Defeated.

New recommendation by Councillor Mackay, “I make the recommendation that Council support the Art To Ride On Project allowing the display of approved art work at the skate park.”

Second Recommendation PASSED.

Sustainability Plan –Reference: An agreement has been entered into with the Community Development Institute (CDI) of UNBC for the completion of a Local Sustainability Plan. The overview provided talks about the purpose of the plan, goals and guiding principles. Action areas include housing and income; health, safety and social services; recreation, sport, arts and cultural programs; economy; education; natural environment/municipal infrastructure; and civic engagement. The Council will be meeting with CDI on March 16 or 17, 2013. Must take dates back to CDI for availability. PASSED.

Budget & Fee-for-Service Policy 2013: ·Draft Capital Budget 2013 to Council on or before February 28, 2013 with projects totaling over $10 million. ·Meetings with Grant-in-Aid applicants who would qualify for the new Fee-for-Service Policy program being developed to take place on or before February 28, 2013. ·Year-End process finished on or before March 15, 2013. Auditors will be here March 11-15, 2013. ·Completed Operating Budget, Fee-for-Service Policy and contracts 2013 on or before March 31, 2013.


·Final assessment number from the BC Assessment Authority, April 1-15, 2013. April 22-25, make final budget decisions due to assessment number changes and finalize tax rates.

·April 29 to May 3, 2013 give three readings to the Tax Rate and Five Year Financial Plan Bylaws. ·May 7, 2013, give final reading to the Tax Rate and Five Year Financial Plan Bylaws.

Pre-Approval of Information Technology Budget 2013: The new Engineering Technician started with the District and since his arrive has had extensive problems with the available computer system equipment in place and it is restricting his ability to perform his duties effectively. A quote for a new computer system is attached in the amount of $3,263.52 plus cost. This request is for a pre-approval of $5,000 to purchase new computer equipment for the Engineering Technician. Mr. Elliott said, “With the new Engineering tech on board what we’ve found is that all of the equipment is extremely slow. He’s been working with the suppliers with some of the equipment to see if he can make some other adjustments, such as memory increase and that sort of thing. The computer is just incredibly slow for the size of files they are trying to operate with the new AutoCad system.” PASSED.

New Visitor Centre Proposal: Councillor Mackay resuscitated a plan for a new Visitor Centre, which got buried under all of the other projects years ago. Mackay said, “I would like to have a motion that would cover the expenses of the preliminary work for bringing a proper proposal. Go down in conjunction with the NCLGA meeting, when we’re already down there. Could make appointments with different log builders and at least have a plan and come up with a price. The costs needed to be covered would be for travel and expenses. Would be great to have Mr. Klickash on board with us and use his expertise.” Mayor Wren, “Motion to provide financial support for a preliminary investigation into a visitor centre.” PASSED.

Community Forest Celebration: Friday March 1 at 12 p.m. The request is for a road closure from 11:30 till 1:30 and use of Town Hall patio front for BBQ, burgers provided by the Lions Club. Members of Council and all residents of Tumbler Ridge are invited. Road closure to bring the logging truck right out front of Town Hall to get some photo ops of the first truck loads of logs pulling into town. Councillor Mackay said, “It’s an exciting time and a historical date in Tumbler Ridge history. Benefits of this project, the resident’s will see for years to come.”


Councillors Business:

Councillor McPherson – “I attended Dr. Helm’s presentation on the GeoPark. As per usual it was very well done. I did raise the question, ‘Would the park limit ATV and sled use?’ He said it wouldn’t. There was a write-up for Dawson Creek about a Geo Park as well. I think it’s a great thing we should be pushing forward.”

Councillor Mackay – “I would like to touch on the Community Forest. There is a little bit of a different procedure the district will take in the clearing of the forest. The market has changed dramatically and it seems the wood that was chipping is now very marketable and goes for a good price. We can make some money promptly.

Congrats to TR Midget Hockey team for an impressive first place finish at the tournament last weekend. Geopark, I went to a Peace River Regional District meeting with the group and had to say Dr. Helm did a presentation and it was very obvious it was from the heart. Very well received.”

Councillor Snyder – “The hockey tournament was the biggest thing on my agenda for weekend. Fantastic turnout! Game they played against Ft. Nelson it was a very close game.” Missed the Geopark presentation, but has talked with Dr. Helm on it, and it’s going to be a huge boost to our tourism industry. “I wish him all the luck on getting that here and hopefully we get that designation.”

Councillor Caisley – “Met with Mr. Ernst on the Chamber of Commerce, which was the draft budget. That’s a step forward. Also had a conference call with CDI with regards to the terms of reference that we got finalized. Hopefully the date we’ve set for them to come up in March will be finalized.” Councillor Caisley was at the Peace River Regional District meeting on February 14 for Dr. Helm presentation on Geopark. He got two motions on the s table: Regional District supply a letter of support for the project (passed) and to refer the materials and information to staff so they can put together a recommendation relative to some of the options which can be considered in the future.

Councillor Torraville – Nothing to report

Mayor Wren – Put efforts into trying to get some communication between HD Mining and the various unions. “That’s an ongoing issue,” he said.

He met with the Junior Councillor Sydney Doonan. “She’s a very bright gal. She skipped grade seven and is now in grade nine and doing work at the grade ten level. She is a very enthusiastic, humble young gal, who has a lot of good ideas for Tumbler Ridge. She will provide insight from a demographic that we haven’t heard a loud enough voice from. I can’t wait to welcome her here.”