Meeting of Council

By Trent Ernst, Editor
January 8, 2013
Present: Mayor Wren, Councillor Mackay (chair), Councillors Hewitt, Torraville, Caisley, Snyder
Staff: Barry Elliott, Angie Collison, Kelly Brian, Candie Laporte, Doug Beale
Council received two letters from Mitch Campsall, President of the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) on the topic of the proposed sale of Ridley Terminals, one addressed to Michael Carter, Executive Vice President, Canada  Development Investment Corporation and one to the Honourable Ted Menzies, Minister of State. Council then proceeded to discuss their own position on the sale. Mayor Wren says he got a call an hour before the announcement. “That is not consultation,” says Wren. He says that any sale needs to work for Tumbler Ridge, and wants the government to be more open and transparent in what’s happening. Councillor Caisley says this is something council needs to watch “with interest.” Mayor Wren says he wants to bring forward a resolution at the next regular meeting, after hearing what the Peace River Regional District has to say on the matter. 
Open House Comments
Mr. Elliott has taken each of the Open House flipchart items and assigned a category and added comments for council’s review. 
Councillor Caisley says when council talked about this issue earlier, “I thought we decided it was important to let the residents know where we stand on these issues.” He advocates council form a response to each one of the issues. Mayor Wren says it is important to note this is a starting point. Many of the items, he says, are advocacy-based, meaning council doesn’t have any direct influence on the outcome. 
Community Centre Kitchen
The District is planning on leasing out the restaurant space in the Community Centre, however, according to Mr. Elliott, he went over to do an inspection with Jason Collison and Ken Klikach. “During this tour,” says Elliot in his report, “I found much of the basic kitchen equipment was missing, and that, of the remaining equipment, very little conforms to current legislative requirements. As a result, it is clear that the kitchen itself requires significant upgrading and equipping before it can be made ready for commercial use.” For instance, says Elliott, the ventilation is not up to code. There is no dishwasher, just a sanitizer, which is no longer allowed. 
The report suggest that the cost to renovate the kitchen would be in the neighborhood of $260,000.Elliott says that Council could take and rent out as is, and any proponent would have to bring their own equipment in. Councillor Caisley asks why the equipment is missing. Elliott replies that previous contractors did bring in some of their own equipment, and much of what remains is in rough shape, or, like the sanitizer, is no longer up to code. 
Mayor Wren says “We need to take steps to have a kitchen open in the community centre. Or chance of bringing a proponent in on a lease and having them supply their own equipment is slim.” Councillor Torraville agrees, saying “I think we need to bring the kitchen up to date, and would be a worthwhile investment in the community. The kitchen is the heart of a home, the restaurant is the heart of the community centre.” There is some discussion about used equipment, which would bring the costs down. 
Regular Meeting of Council
Chetwynd Forest Industries  
Council received for information a letter from the Forestry Supervisor, West Fraser Mills, notifying Council that Chetwynd Forest Industries, a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd. (CFI) is commencing a session of information sharing for the Forest Stewardship Plan #229 Amendment #2 Revised Five-Year Harvest Plan and Five-Year Harvest Plan for Little Prairie Community Forest. 
Ministry Of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Council received for information correspondence from the Minister of Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, thanking Council for meeting with him during the 2012 UBCM Convention to discuss Crown land for residential development. 
Council discussed a letter from Executive Project Director, Environmental Assessment Office, notifying Council that the Minister of Environment and the Minster of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas decided to issue an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the Roman Coal Mine Project proposed by Peace River Coal Inc. Councillor Toraville suggests inviting them to give an update to council.
Council also received for discussion correspondence from the Executive Project Director, Environmental Assessment Office, notifying Council that British Columbia’s environmental assessment for the Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project proposed by Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd has been initiated under section 10(1)(c) of the Environmental Assessment Act.
Council Remuneration and Expense Bylaw received final reading.  
New Business 
The Operations Manager submitted a report titled “Electrical Supply of Services Tender Award” recommending Council award the supply of electrical services for the 2013 year to All Peace Industrial Contractors at $70 per hour to provide support to the District of Tumbler Ridge operations was defeated.

In the discussion, Councillor Caisly asked if All Peace Contractors worked at the mine? Operations Manager Doug Beale says the worker works in town on a contract basis. Councillor Caisley asks why the recommendation is for All Peace and not Brian’s Electric? “What was the basis for him not making the cut.” Beale responds that, while All Peace is headquartered out of Dawson they are established in Tumbler.  “The reason for recommending All Peace is for the support they offer. They have more technicians. They bring a lot of support with the company. Brian’s hasn’t always been available, as he is just one person.”
Councillor Caisley asks if there has been any discussion about performance with Brian’s Electric, as they’ve had the contract for years. Not with the company, says Beale, but staff feels that he has often not been able to deliver service in a timely manner. 
Mayor Wren says “I’m not sure that the company out of Dawson Creek would be any more available than Brian’s Electric. Brian is less expensive, and he is familiar with the infrastructure. I would prefer to award Brian’s Electric, and have a closer evaluation over the next year.” Councillor Mackay agrees. However, Councillor Torraville says “I know that it can take a long time to get things done with Brian’s Electric.”
Supply of Propane
Council reviews a report from the Operations Manager titled “Supply of Propane for District Operations” requesting Council award the supply of bulk propane services for the 2013 year to Canwest Propane. As they are the only respondent, the contract is awarded to Canwest. 
Ski Hill Terms Of Reference
Council moves to create a Task Force on the development of an alpine ski facility be established, with the terms of reference be adopted as presented. 
Boat Launch Land Tenure Application
An on-table report advises council that, in order to secure ownership over the Murray River Boat Launch, tenure should be sought. Councillor Caisley asks if this covers the proposed expansion and wonders if it it better to do it all at once. Barry Elliott says no, this is just the boat launch and parking lot, but this can take a while, and expanding the area might slow things down. Mayor Wren says “Let’s get this done.” He says future expansion can be handled later on. 
Councillors’ Business
Councillor Snyder says not much has happened recently. He attended donation of old fire vehicle to the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) and a meeting with CDI. 
Councillor Caisley had a meeting with Mr. Elliot to discussed Chamber of Commerce final report and preparations of luncheon on January 13. He also attended CDI meeting, and had a conference call with them “this morning.” 
Councillor Torraville attended presentation of fire truck. Attended library board meeting. “The library board AGM is coming up on February 6,” she says. As well, there was a concern brought up by librarian about moving into an office that isn’t being used. They’re meeting with some resistance from some of the staff at the Community Centre, though there might be a solution presenting itself. “I’ve been hearing a number of concerns of lack of police presence and people speeding through school zone. Wondering if we could have RCMP to report to council and share those concerns.” She also attended the CDI meeting. 
A Motion is made that RCMP attend PnP meetings on a quarterly basis and is passed. 
Councillor Hewitt says her focus is on the grand opening of toboggan hill later this month. 
Councillor Mackay attended sustainability meeting with CDI, and says there’s lots of action on the Community Forest Front. They have engaged an accountant, set up bank account and GST number, created a budget, and had two cutting permits approved. 
Mayor Wren says he won’t repeat the things that have been mentioned already, but was at the CAC and CDI events as well. He says there has been a lot of discussion around OHVs and snowmobiles. There is a meeting set for 8 on January 15. He has met with a number of developers and feels there’s going to be a lot happening this year. Dr Chang is close to being set up for doing hygiene work. Also, he says he’d like to acknowledge Jeff Cool for donating a trailer to CAC, which he built himself.