Country Lane Closed

Trent Ernst, Editor


The latest business to be impacted by the mine closures is Country Lane Creations, which closed at the end of December.

The store started out as a place to pick up giftware and crafts, but over the years had become best known as the Sears Outlet in town, as well as handling deliveries for a variety of companies, including DHL, Loomis, Purolator and Canpar.

Delivery services to Tumbler Ridge has been declining over the last year, since the idling of Walter Energy’s Wolverine Mine, but a few companies are still coming to town, but where to deliver to now that Country Lanes Creation is closed?

Stepping into the gap are two businesses. Megmar, best know for its automotive repair, has also had been operating a Laundromat across from TRU Hardware, but demand for that has plummeted as well, so the Laundromat has been converted into the new Sears Outlet.

In addition to Sears, says Roxanne Gale, who will be managing the store, they are also the drop-off point for Loomis, DHL and Canpar. “We’re already up and running for deliveries,” she says. “We’re just waiting for some things from Sears. The first truck for Sears will be on January 18.”

Gale says they are probably going to be taking on the delivery contract for Greyhound, too, but that isn’t finalized yet.

For now, says Gale, they are just functioning as the delivery outlet for Sears, et al, though “things are being looked at.”

Meanwhile, Purolator and UPS deliveries are being handled by KC’s Dollar Store. “We’re just waiting for scale and sign, so I don’t know exactly when we’ll start,” says Christine Vandeburght. “But we should have them soon.

“As soon as I know the start date I’ll post it on Facebook.