Craft Fair packs them in

Trent Ernst, Editor

The Community Centre was packed last weekend as both Ten Thoursand Villages and the Annual TRISPS craft fair were held. According to Ellen Sager, the TRISPS craft sale did quite well. “Some of the vendors didn’t sell much, but others sold as much or more as they did last year.” Sager says when the dust settled, TRISPS raised about the same as last year.

“There was a lot of agony, because we had to change tables around twice, because of the playground thing,” says Sager. The “playground thing” was the new playground being installed in the Community Centre, which cut down on the available space. Rooms four and five were open for vendors to display, as was the Senior’s Corner.

Sager says the Seniors partnered with the youth to sell off blankets donated by the Barb Wood Estate. “They did well, and raised a lot of money,” says Sager. Not all the blankets sold, and the rest will be donated to the SPCA and the Salvation Army.

The Tumbler Ridge Indoor Swimming Pool Society was started many years ago by Janet Hartford. While Hartford did not swim herself, she decided that the town needed a pool. “A lot of people think it was the District or one of the mines that built the pool,” says Sager. “But it was through Janet’s hard work that it was built.

There was some discussion on Facebook that Ten Thousand Villages stole some of the shoppers, but Carol Poff, who organized Ten Thousand Villages, doesn’t think so. “There was twice as much shopping, so people had twice the reason to come down.”

“One of the things that was said was everybody walking through the craft fair was carrying a Ten Thousand Villages Bag,” says one member of the Happy Hookers Club, who also had a table. “But we didn’t have our own bags. I used Safeway bags.”

Poff agrees that just because someone bought stuff at Ten Thousand Villages it doesn’t mean that they didn’t also buy stuff at the TRISPS Craft Fair. “We had people come back for a second time, and their one thing they had bought was at the bottom of the bag, covered with all the other stuff they picked up at the craft fair” says Poff.