Silk painting classes are an established part of Terry Lansdowne Foundation?s activities. Statements like ?I?m totally hooked now? or ?I don?t want this class to end? are common in the experience of the silk-painting instructors Mila Lansdowne and Dawn Cooksley. This time the class was held as a part of the Creative Peace Winter 2008 ?TR Winter Getaway at the Community Centre

The professional auctioneer David Neale came from Grande Prairie to auction off 30 pieces of original artwork in the Community centre on December 13th. 11 Tumbler Ridge artists offered their work to Terry Lansdowne Foundation to enhance the attractiveness of the Creative Peace Winter 2008 ? TR Winter Getaway.

The proceeds $2,000, will support the next Creative Peace event which will be held in Tumbler Ridge the first weekend in April 2009.

This project will be a three day community event based on healthy lifestyles and the quality of life. Information and workshops will be offered on cooking, healthy choices, local producers of food and local practitioners of health.

A focus will also be made on addictions, for example smoking, and how to reduce or eliminate dependency of nicotine products. For more information call Mila at 250-242-3389.