Crime Prevention – it?s everyone?s responsibility

Crime prevention is more than home security, it is also being aware of your personal surroundings and limitations.

As part of the Crime Prevention Week Campaign, the BC Crime Prevention Association and BC Hydro Power Pioneers remind seniors and people with disabilities of steps they can take to increase their personal safety.

According to Valerie MacLean, BCCPA Executive Director, one of the best tips is to introduce yourself to your neighbours and get their names and telephone numbers in case of an emergency. Phone a friend daily to check up on each other.

Safety Tips

Participate in a ?Crime Free Multi-Housing? or ?Block Watch? program.

Be aware ? read the local papers, listen to the radio and watch the news on television.

Don?t be shy about calling 911 if you see a suspicious person loitering around your building who doesn?t belong there, especially after dark.

Make sure your door and window locks are strong enough to deter thieves.

Put good lighting around your property and install a peephole in your front door at your eye level. Thieves want to enter a home quickly and quietly so make it as difficult as possible for them. Visit your local community police station for advice on protecting your property.

Carry cash, credit cards, drivers? license, and house keys in an inside jacket pocket, or another concealed place.

When walking in your neighbourhood, vary your route; do not be predictable.

Do not carry excess cash. Most stores accept debit and credit cards.

If you think you are being followed, do not go home. Go directly to the nearest gas station, convenience store, house or other open business and honk your horn repeatedly to attract attention.

Crime Prevention Week

Since 1983, Crime Prevention Week has been an annual event that runs nationally during the first week in November. It provides an opportunity to bring members of the community together to participate in events that promote and support community safety.

This year?s theme – ?Crime prevention is everyone?s responsibility? – is a reminder to everyone that they play a key role in preventing crime and in keeping our communities safe throughout the year.

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