Crosbie Bourdeaux raising money for breast cancer

Trent Ernst, Editor

Crosbie Bourdeaux will be losing her hair next month at the hands of a group of school kids after she raised over $1000 for breast cancer research.
Crosbie Bourdeaux will soon be bald, and cancer is to blame. 
Unlike most people who lose their hair because of cancer, Crosbie is not undergoing chemotherapy. Instead, her hair is going as part of a fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness. 
“I decided this year that I was shaving my head for Breast Cancer,” says Bourdeaux.” My mom is a survivor. It was kind of her to have a disease that had my favourite colour, because it made it easy for me to support her.” 
And she is passionate about raising awareness and finding a cure for breast cancer. “I was always concerned about breast cancer,” says Bourdeaux. “When my mom was diagnosed, probably 15 yaers ago now, it was too real. I thought Okay, I need to support this and do whatever I can.”
Since that time, says Bourdeaux, she’s participated in a number of walks for cancer in Dawson Creek, “but this is the first time I’ve shaved my head.” Her facebook page sports a pink ribbon, her vest is embroidered with a pink ribbon, and she even has a pink ribbon tattooed on her leg. “I have the tattoo to permanently show I am a supporter,” she says. “I got the tattoo in memory of my father, which is an Orca whale on my back. To even it out I got a pink ribbon tattoo on my ankle for my mom.”
Bourdeaux’s mom is Janet Hartford, the closest thing Tumbler Ridge has to having a founding mother. Everyone who has been in Tumbler Ridge for more than a few years knows and loves Janet, though no one, says Bourdeax, loves her as much as she does. “I love my parents so much. I got the tattoos so they’ll always be with me.”
Bordeaux says that she knew that a lot of people might be tapped out on donating money towards the end of the year, especially with the food bank fundraisers coming up over the next few months, so she set her target at what she thought was a reasonable goal. “My goal was to raise $500,” she says, “and then I would shave my head.”
It didn’t take long for her to reach her goal. “I announced it at Lions meeting I was at and they donated $500.” Then she mentioned it in passing when she went to Peace Country Toyota to get her tire’s changed. “They donated $100, and then they put out a challenge to the other car lots, so I got $100 from Inland and $100 from Brown’s Chev/Olds as well.”
Bourdeaux works at the school, and says there are a number of students helping her. “I talked to the students, who were very excited and decided to go out and get donations.” Over the next few weeks, she says, the students will be out raising funds as well. “Everyone who raises funds will get to take a snip off,” she says. Once that’s done, they’ll break out the razor and shave her bald. “Darryl over at Shop Easy said he’d donate $100 if he got to shave the first strip.”
Bourdeaux’s passion about breast cancer doesn’t just stem from her mother’s bout with it. About ten years ago, Bourdeaux discovered a lump in her breast. While the lump was benign, it was a frightening period of time for her, and something that drives her on to raise money and awareness about the disease. “I thank God every day that I’m a supporter, not a survivor”
The hair comes off November 13 at the high school. Anyone interested in donating to the cause can call Crosbie at 250-257-0707,  or drop off a donation at the high school.