Cross Country races held

On December 11, 2005 a cross country ski sprint race was held in Hinton, Alberta at the Athabasca Lookout Nordic Ski trails. This race was held as a practice for the up-coming Winter Games and as a fun race to host a team of about 12 top skiers from Korea who are doing a 10 day tour in a cross country ski exchange program with Alberta.

Tumbler Ridge was represented by three of our top racing skiers, Sheena, Esther and Fred Walkley. Sheena bought home a silver medal in a photo-finish sprint to the finish line with a Korean girl in the midget category. Esther skied very strongly in all four 600M heats tand made her way into the ?B? finals.

Fred used his power and skills to win a silver medal in an exciting sprint to the end with the winner taking the lead in the last few meters.

Sprint racing is a very exciting race to watch because you can see the skiers for the whole race. Even though each race is very short, it is very demanding on the athletes as they may ski 3 to 4 races in the day to determine the top skiers in each category.

It was a great experience to ski in this kind of race with international skiers and with other skiers in the same age group. Altogether it was a fast and fun day to remember.

Editor?s Note: My apology to the Walkley Family for missing the December 21st issue, in which this story should have appeared.