Once again the Scouts, Cub and Beavers gathered for their annual race of self-made wooden cars and trucks. To ensure fairness, the cars are weighed and then equaled out by adding mass to the vehicle until they are all the same.

The descending wooden racetrack was set up in the Fireside Lounge of the Community Centre on Saturday, February 25th, with uniformed troupes of all three groups nearby. A double event took place, with a huge birthday cake to celebrate Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell and his wife?s birthdays, which coincidentally were the same day. Lord Baden-Powell founded Boy Scouts and Lady Baden-Powell developed the first Girl Guides group.

Winners of the races were as follows. Scouts Truck Race: 1st – Michael Webb; 2nd – Nick Kuhne; 3rd – Brandon Beaton. For Cub Cars: 1st – Myles Wagner; 2nd -Lesa Madsen; 3rd – Kyla MacNeil. The youngest competitors racing Beaver Buggies: 1st – Brandon Crispin, 2nd – Kyrtsen Pleasance; 3rd – Nicholas Jackson. There was a good showing of support from the crowd for this fun day of awareness and a day at the races in Tumbler Ridge.