Daddy Day Care

Dad and son fishing at lakeTrent Ernst, Editor

Mother’s Day is frequently the parental holiday given over to pampering: treat her to a spa, make her breakfast in bed.

But what about Father’s? Don’t they deserve a little TLC, too?

One of the great things about doing things for or with dad is that it can be less expensive than buying stuff.

Probably the easiest thing to do is figure out what dad likes to do and devote the day towards that activity. Is dad a camping type? Well, get out camping. Does he love to go quadding? Spend the day out on the trails. Is he a boater? Then get thee to Gwillim Lake. Or the Murray River.

But that’s not that exciting, you say, and you are a woman. Most men would often rather spend their time doing something they are familiar with and love rather than trying something new and exciting.

Often, but not always. So, for those dads who are into new adventures, or for those moms who want to try and get their husbands into something new, here’s a few options for this upcoming Father’s Day.

Go Bowling

But, you say, there’s no bowling in Tumbler Ridge. And you’d be right. But there’s lanes at Hypertension escape in Dawson, in Grande Prairie at Bowling Stones and HJ’s, and in Fort St. John at Fort Bowling Lanes. And while you’re out of town already, treat him to brunch or supper.

Go Fishing

Bowling not your … I mean his … thing? How about fishing? June 17 to 19 is BC’s Family Fishing Weekend. That means you’re allowed to go out fishing for free. No license needed. You still have to follow the rules, which you can find at This is a great time for the whole family to get out and try fishing. One option? Take in the fishing derby at Charlie Lake. put on by Backcountry.

Play catch

Still too active? How about going down to Flatbed and play catch out on the field? Seriously, dads will find an hour or two of tossing a ball or frisbee around with the kids a great way to spend the day, especially if mom is willing to toss a couple steaks on the BBQ while you’re out there.

Go for a drive

Outside of Tumbler Ridge, there are only three paved roads. But there are hundreds of kilometres of gravel roads to explore. Pick a road and follow it to the end. Never been out towards Wapiti? Now’s the perfect time. Always wondered what’s at the end of the Sukunka Forest Service Road? Find out on Father’s Day.

Don’t have a 4wd vehicle? No problem. Call Randy at Wild River Adventures and head out for a jeep tour to some of the Tumbler Ridge Geopark’s more exciting destinations.

Go for a hike

Some dads want nothing more than to spend the day relaxing. Others would love the chance to go someplace they’ve never been before.

The Tumbler Ridge Visitor Information Centre has information on dozens of destinations, from easy jaunts to extremely challenging routes. You’ll want to pick something that not only dad can do, but the kids as well.

Go to a movie

Take this one how you like it. For some, it might mean driving into Grande Prairie for a Saturday afternoon screening of Finding Dory, the new Pixar Movie. Okay, or maybe the new X-Men movie.

For others, it might mean renting a movie from iTunes, or even just going to Netflix and opening up that movie that you just haven’t got around to watching yet (for me, that’s Elysium, hint hint). The home experience can be en-richened by making some of dad’s favourite snacks to go along with the flick.

Go swimming

Don’t have a lot of cash to toss at father’s day? That’s okay. The District is offering half price swimming for dad for Father’s Day.

Or, if it’s too nice outside to spend inside, head down to Flatbed campground or Flatbed Falls or Gwillim and go swimming there.

Go Jetboating

Okay, so this one is not the cheapest option out there if you don’t own your own jetboat, but now would be a great time to get out to Kinuseo Falls, and there’s no better way to experience it than by jetboat. Again, Randy at Wild River Adventure is the person to talk to.

Fly through Monkman

Riverboating sound like an adventure, but just not … elevated enough? Then consider taking a flight through the Tumbler Ridge area with Ridge Rotors. I’d suggest heading back into Monkman, but there’s lots of country to discover from the air.

Eat something

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m not so sure, but it’s hard to go wrong with food. Do homemade pizza. Make him breakfast in bed. Go out for Chinese at Kinuseo Cafe. Do something just a little special. A little out of the ordinary. He’ll thank you for it. Or maybe he’ll just belch, but that’s just manspeak for “that was awesome.”