Date set for Dawson City “Mock Election”

The Citizen?s of Dawson Action Group has determined the 20th of April, 2006 will be the date for Dawson City?s symbolic election.

Dawson residents have been without a municipal government for almost 2 years with no sign that the Yukon Territorial Government (YTG) will return democracy to the embattled northern community any time soon.

Since the Yukon Party Government is unable to decide on a remedy for Dawson, a local grassroots movement has taken the initiative to inform the government how they can best serve the town. They will do this in ways that have yet to be revealed, culminating with a municipal election on the 20th of April, 2006.

Dawson?s mayor and council were replaced by a trustee in April 2004 by YTG because of Dawson?s untenable financial situation. The Citizens of Dawson Action Group believes that the root cause of the town?s financial woes was the result of incompetence and negligence on the part of some YTG bureaucrats and the various flavours of Territorial Government over the last 12 years. The checks and balances designed by the Territorial Government itself to prevent overspending and financial mismanagement by a municipality were ignored by the Territorial Government?s own officials. Consequently Dawson?s debt was allowed to escalate and the interest to accrue to an unconscionable level, significantly beyond the limits of YTG?s own legislation (Yukon Municipal Act).

Our citizen?s election on April 20th will focus attention on the fact that Dawson and its citizens are being unfairly punished for a crime they did not commit. The Territorial Government needs to take responsibility for its share of Dawson?s financial debacle and restore democracy to Dawson along with a fair and reasonable financial plan for the town.