Dawson Creek is “Planning for People”

The City of Dawson Creek has launched a new website PlanningforPeople.ca that outlines the principles of sustainability that are now part of every decision made at City Hall ? a move that is gaining nation-wide recognition for the City.

?One of our focuses has been to maintain that sense of community and quality of life we enjoy in Dawson Creek,? explains Mayor Calvin Kruk. ?Sustainability means providing that same or better quality and opportunity to our children and grandchildren as well.?

The website outlines the progress Dawson Creek is making towards sustainability, and also shows ?what you can do? in your home and lifestyle to not only save money but also help the environment.

?We have a lot of interest from other cities across Canada, so this website allows us to share the planning documents and processes,? says Emanuel Machado, Deputy Director of Development Services. ?In particular there is interest in our city energy plan that uses renewable energy, conservation and efficiency to save money and help the environment.?

Dawson Creek has recently won a national award for its innovative energy policy.

?We call it Planning for People because sustainability is all about putting people first,? explains Machado. ?If we are a sustainable community, we reduce pollution and keep our water and air clean. That improves health and reduces health care costs. From an energy standpoint for instance, that means moving to clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar, while reducing our energy usage overall.?

Dawson Creek has introduced principles of sustainability into every decision making process, not just energy. This expanded framework integrates social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects into every plan ? avoiding duplication, improving efficiency and cutting costs.

?It?s very encouraging for our City to be seen as a leader in this field,? says Mayor Kruk. ?There is a tremendous sense of optimism as we move in this direction, and a sense that this path will lead us to our full potential as a community. Sustainability is all about quality of life. PlanningforPeople.ca will help other communities and individuals move in that direction too.?