Tracey Storoschu and Wendy Davies spent part of May 14th with Lynn Way and Shirley Hanberg of PALS. An invitation was given to the Dawson Creek SPCA by PALS to come to Tumbler Ridge and have a look at our town and the animal control facilities as they have never been here and are new to the region.

During lunch, ideas for forming a closer and more informed relationship between the Dawson Creek branch of the SPCA and the Tumbler Ridge public were discussed. Some great plans are now in the works to bring more information about what the SPCA has to offer.

After a visit to the Town Hall, Tumbler Ridge Elementary, and a quick look at our Community Centre both Tracey and Wendy were very impressed with our town.

Tracey and Wendy spent time with the editor of our paper as many SPCA articles are printed in the Tumbler Ridge News.

Unfortunately, some people were out of town today but Tracey will be in contact about future endeavors. Tracey and Wendy were able to meet with our new animal control officer, Paul Therriault, before they left.

In the planning stages are a presentation to the community by the SPCA, planned for June, and a regular pet column in Tumbler Ridge News.