Dear Citizens of the Peace Region:

As a community working to better ourselves, and help each other reach a viable goal of success, we believe an Adult Rehabilitation Centre, (ARC) should be set in place. The Salvation Army in the Peace Region has perceived a profound need for such a program. We see astounding evidence everyday of substance abuse, and it’s victims that lie in the wake of these tragic occurrences. While there are a number of rehab programs available in the province, there are none close to home, and these are only 28 days long or shorter. We are not making light of these programs, for they are a necessity, but what we are proposing, provided sustainable funding can be procured, will work in cooperation with them. Our proposed program would take place, idealistically, near the town limits of Tumbler Ridge or Dawson Creek, B.C. The ARC would house 10-20 people.

Our goal in this one year period is for the individual to become reliable, responsible, and a hard working productive citizen of society. Not only would this greatly increase the chance of people in the program staying clean and sober, and or drug free, but it would also play a major part in job creation and employment opportunities in the Peace Region.

With these goals in mind we are asking the communities for input and ideals. Your feedback is important to us. The nearest ARC programs are in Yellowknife, Edmonton and Vancouver. These are six months to a year programs and have a high success rate. The Salvation Army has utilized these types of programs for many decades. Such programs allow the individual to recover and heal at their own speed. We would work with other rehab programs in the region, perhaps even as a half way house. This would enable the individual to reorientation back into society, thereby giving them a better success rate for adjustments to ‘life after’ the ARC or rehab program.

Some of the advantages to an ARC program would and should be: job creation in the Peace Region, a decline in crime, a reduction of spousal/child abuse; a safer community, reduction of substance abuse; generating productive citizens of society.

We have an opportunity to take care of each other here. We are asking for your input and letters of support to be able to put the wheels in motion to make an ARC program a reality.

We encourage you to send your thoughts and comments to the local papers, or send a postcard or letter to: The Salvation Army ARC Project, P.O. Box 224, Dawson Creek, B.C. V1G 4G4. If you are in the Dawson Creek area, feel free to sign a petition for an ARC at the Salvation Army Family Service Centre located at 1019 – 103rd Ave.