December Fire Report

Fire Chief Matt Treit


During the month of December, members of the TRFD also conducted a CPR demonstration at TRE, a fire drill at TRSS, and participated in the annual food drive.

Training in the month of December covered the topic of Fire Behaviour theory. Congratulations to Deputy Vandale, Captain Curry, Lieutenant Braam, and Firefighters Beale, Beattie, Ross, Dell, and Giles who all achieved 100% attendance at training sessions this past month. A further congratulations also goes out to Perry Giles who has completed his probationary training and is now a full member of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department. Congratulations Perry and we hope to see you with the TRFD for many years to come.

The final month of 2014 proved to be a fairly quiet one for the TRFD which responded to only nine calls during that period of time. These calls included five First Responder calls, two reports of ringing fire alarms, one activated carbon monoxide detector, and one report of open burning. Those calls bring the grand total for 2014 to 177. These included:

  • 108 First Responder calls
  • 26 Reports of Alarms Ringing
  • 8 Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • 7 Reports of Alarms Ringing in residences
  • 4 Grass Fires
  • 4 Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • 4 Reports of Smoke
  • 3 Reports of a Gas Smell
  • 2 Fires (unclassified)
  • 2 Open Burning
  • 1 Report of Fire
  • 1 Structure Fire
  • 1 Brush Fire
  • 1 Gas Leak
  • 1 Fire Investigation
  • 1 call to assist STARS

A reminder for those of you with wood burning appliances, to be sure to inspect and clean your flue pipes and chimneys on a regular basis.  Because the burning habits of individuals vary from home to home, it is difficult to give an exact time interval of how often chimneys should be cleaned; however, the British Columbia Fire Code states that, “The presence in a chimney of deposits of soot or creosote in excess of 3 mm (1/8”) thick will indicate the need for immediate cleaning, possible modification of burning procedures, and more frequent inspections.”  I encourage everyone to check and clean their chimneys and flue pipes on a regular basis to prevent chimney fires which have the potential to lead to more serious fires.


The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department continues to need more members.  If you are interested in serving your community as a member of this organization, contact the fire hall at 250-242-3939 or stop by for an application.  No experience is necessary.