Depression Recovery Program

On September 14 and 16, as an introduction, Dr. Neil Nedley educated us on the causes and cures of depression. He stated that, ?Depression is reversible. It does not have to be tolerated as a lifelong condition with its miserable effects.?

On Tuesday, September 23, we began an 8-week series on overcoming depression. The title for Session 1 of this stimulating series was ?Identifying Depression and Its Causes.?

Next Tuesday, September 30, at 7:00 pm, Dr. Nedley will reveal the ?secret weapon? which not only helps treat depression, but more than 90% of all diseases! These simple, practical remedies have helped so many of his depressed patients and they can help you!

Come learn to help yourself and others achieve full potential. In this comprehensive program, you?ll find the help you need to feel rested and have a renewed energy level.

This past week we learned how a ?night person? could fix circadian rhythm problems, benefit brain function–and in turn, alleviate depression.

The subject next Tuesday, Oct 1, at 7 PM is ?How Nutrition Benefits the Brain.?

One of the most neglected areas of depression treatment, this can be the single factor that keeps some from full recovery. We will also learn the type of diet that supplies crucial nutrients such as folic acid, omega-3 and tryptophan. Food samples and recipes will be prepared and shared–all incorporating the concepts from the night?s topic.

We discuss herbs that may benefit brain health and treat depression, along with the secrets of healthy weight loss and the hidden dangers of obesity.

Cholesterol levels are an important gauge that can reveal a positive or negative direction for overall health. Learn the vital role diet plays in the health of the mind and body.

For more information, phone Jean at 250-242-3252 or Loretta at 250-843-6928.