Diabetic Workshop planned

Following the recent successful talk by dietician Judy April to seniors on healthy eating, the audience expressed a request for a talk specifically on diabetes. So Judy will be back in Tumbler Ridge on Tuesday 22 November for a Diabetes Workshop, to be held in the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre from 1-3 p.m. She will be joined by Home Care Nurse Loretta Howard, who does lots of the diabetic education in Tumbler Ridge.

Pre-registration will be appreciated but is not essential – please call Dawn at 242 4262 or Gail at 242 5271 to pre-register.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Canada, and Tumbler Ridge has seen an enormous increase in cases in the last few years, especially since the influx of seniors. There is lots that can be done through diet and exercise and lifestyle changes to keep it under control and prevent complications, and that is what much of this workshop will focus on.

The workshop will be useful not just for diabetics but also for their families, especially those who help prepare the meals.

The Diabetic Workshop is the second in the current focus on seniors? health. Five further sessions are planned over the course of the winter, and will be advertised in this newspaper and around town. Speakers will include our visiting physiotherapist, respiratory therapist, audiologist and public health nurse, as well as local physicians and nurses.