Dino Days: A Great Ending to Summer

What?s red, black and yellow, sits on a horse and started off the 1st annual Dino Days Parade with eye catching color? The answer of course is the newest member of Tumbler Ridge?s RCMP detachment, Cpl. Peats. Looking splendid in his red serge and riding a beautiful horse, Cpl. Peats captured everyone?s attention.

The Tumbler Ridge District Float thanking community volunteers followed. This float featured a rainbow made of balloons and a pot of gold at the end, the theme was, ?Volunteers, more valuable than Gold.? This District theme continued through the weekend. Councillors Colledge, Young and Way want to offer a big thank you to Doug Beal for his tireless last minute help with the float.

Tumbler Ridge Fire Department, led by new Fire Chief Dan Golob followed with their sirens and lights flashing.

First place float, TR Dog Control, featuring canines of all sorts, followed candy throwing clowns and kids on bicycles.

The New Touch van came next followed by the third place float from the Museum Foundation. The Museum Foundation float was all about dinosaurs and included Dr. Helm pushing Marie and her dino friend in a wheelchair. Grizfest, the Rangers and TR2B3 Boards and Blades followed with their 2nd place float. There were skateboards, scooters, a cowboy with a lasso, Glacial Refrigeration featuring Wayne the Dino, the TR Stage, Garry Doonan with his horses Echo and Ransom pulling a wagon filled with young people, the Tru Value mini car, cowboys on horseback and a even a dog. There was candy, toys, dino stickers and lots of waving and smiles.

The general consensus was that the parade was great, especially for the first year. ?Everything went smoothly,? said event organiser Florence Stirling. Dressed in a green dinosaur costume, Stirling walked the two and a half KM parade route and was very happy with the turn out.

The parade was just the beginning to the weekend?s events. There was a pancake breakfast put on by the Lions, who played a big part in the success of the weekend.

There was fun bingo, which was well attended and lots of prizes were given out.

There were childrens activities and George and Janet were on hand with their Dino-myte cotton candy machine.

There was an action packed game of hose hockey featuring the firefighters vs. the RCMP.

Sunday?s events were held at Flatbed Creek. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery with leaves beginning to change colour and the creek flowing in the background. There was great music thanks to Brian Bray, Erin Hannah and Lori Holmester. Riel Carrier had his easel set up so he could sketch people. All of the money Riel raised is going towards Dino Days.

The amazing Duck Race was postponed until Wednesday or perhaps next weekend because the water was too high. Notice will be posted at Shop Easy the day before the race, so everyone can come down and cheer on their favourite duck.

The Lions held a barbeque with hamburgers, hotdogs and some very special corn-on-the-cob. Ken Gessner drove seven hours to pick up this farm fresh corn from Fairview Alberta, so that it would be fresh for Sunday. ?I think this is great?, said Lion member, Glen Miller. ? I wasn?t expecting this quality of event, I think this is awesome. People must agree with me because there are a lot of people here. I?m happy that the Lions can be involved with this weekend.?

Mayor and Council took the opportunity of Dino Days to provide a gorgeous cake for community volunteers. This carried on the District of Tumbler Ridge theme of saluting volunteers. Councillors Colledge, Way and Younge were on hand to give out cake to all who attended Dino Days.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Florence Stirling for all of the hard work, time, energy and money she poured into Dino Days. Stirling was the driving force behind this entire weekend and she deserves a big thank you. Great job Florence!