Dinosaur Media Tour for Tumbler Ridge

On 23-24 June the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) welcomed reporters and photographers from the Vancouver Sun and The Province, showing them the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC), field sites, and Dino Camp activities.

The tour was organized by the Royal BC Museum, a long time supporter of TRMF through its Living Landscapes program, and was supported by Hawkair (one of the top supporters and sponsors of Dino Camp) and the District of Tumbler Ridge.

The local team included Economic Development Officer Ray Proulx, TRMF directors Rose Colledge, Hazel Peters and Charissa Tonnesen, Carolyn Golightly, Lindsey Vandale from the Visitor Info Booth, tour guide Jen Becker, Northern Lights College Dino Camp co-ordinators Janet Proos and Melanie Dame, the five kids who staged a mock dino-camp (Alexa Golightly, Carina Helm, Daniel Helm, Laura Sharman and Natalie Sharman) and of course the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC) staff Rich McCrea, Lisa Buckley and JCP worker Denise McWhirter, who all spent many hours providing the details and inspiration for the story to the reporters.

Dawson Creek Mayor Wayne Dahlen specially came to the airport to welcome the group to the Peace Region.

From the Tumbler Ridge perspective, editorial revisions unfortunately resulted in minimal coverage for Dino Camp, and led to one article not painting a true picture of the wonderful teamwork atmosphere of Tumbler Ridge.

The in-depth Province article gave Tumbler Ridge priceless exposure, with a wonderful four-page colour spread. The photographs in both papers, including the unique TRMF lantern tours (?Tumbler Ridge night-life?) were very good.

Hopefully the positive effects of this publicity will include a further increase in tourist numbers for the region, more knowledge throughout BC of what the Peace Region has to offer and, at least indirectly, awareness of the Northern Lights College?s unique Dino Camp program in Tumbler Ridge.