District Appoints Statutory Officer

She issues marriage licenses, organizes civil receptions as well as travel for the mayor and staff, she handles legal matters, minutes, bylaws, contracts, leases and acts as confidential secretary for the Mayor and Administrator and now Kim Isaak is being recognized for all she does with her appointment as Clerk/Deputy Administrator and the District of Tumbler Ridge?s Corporate Administration Officer.

When asked what her new jobs will entail, Kim smiles and says, ?The appointment is basically a recognition of what I have already been doing ?.

This appointment isn?t something Kim foresaw in 1994 when she started working with the town as the Pool Clerk, or even later when she was given the job as Office Assistant at the Community Centre. Later, in 1999, when Kim moved over to the Town Hall to work as Confidential Secretary she decided to start taking some courses. She is currently working towards and Intermediate Certificate in Local Government Management and has completed the Municipal Administrative Training Institute?s, MATI Level 1 course.

When Nigel Black took over Fred Banham?s position as Administrator as well as continuing on as Treasurer, Kim?s responsibilities increased to cover the loss of one position. The Clerk/Deputy Administrator position was created with the primary responsibility to be the District?s corporate officer responsible for the corporate administration of the District and to assist with administration in the absence of the Chief Administrative Officer. With her new appointment, Kim has been now been given the recognition she deserves. Congratulations Kim.