District Flag Presentation

Among the many events that took place on April 9th, a somewhat quieter celebration took place at New Life Assembly Church. Immediately following the regular Sunday service, Councillor Brian Sipe was on hand for an occasion very significant to the church. On behalf of the District of Tumbler Ridge and Town Council, Sipe presented a District flag for the church?s new Prayer Station.

The Prayer Station dedication and regular church services were conducted by Pastor George Rowe who commented on the need for such a sanctuary. The purpose of the Prayer Station is to welcome people of every walk of life a place to meditate or pray and feel at peace. People are welcome to use the room as individuals or otherwise.

Pastor Rowe also noted that due to hectic schedules and the busy lives of our local residents that scheduled prayer meetings were difficult to arrange. Several of the churches in town have spoken within their own services, of the struggles of consistency and sometimes negative feedback they are experiencing. Pastor Rowe praised his congregation for their attendance and encouraged them to stand up for their beliefs and even if that meant going to other churches and others coming to New Life Assembly, that all of it was for the purpose of prayer and fellowship..

The Prayer Station is not intended for just New Life Assembly worshippers and Pastor Rowe welcomed everyone to come and use the new room. Many town residents believe that a very unique practice in Tumbler Ridge is that the churches, in the past, have not been divided and some go to other services and are welcomed to do so. Pastor Rowe expressed that he does not want to see that element change in this town and hoped that his words were being received and understood. The purpose of the Prayer Station is so that people can meet whenever they wish, at their own convenience, regardless of their denomination.

While the Pastor had so many to thank, especially from his congregation, for all the hard work to put together the Prayer Station, a former meeting room, special work went into the wooden cross, constructed by Carl Friessen. The Canadian flag that shares the wall with both the provincial and municipal flag was donated by the office of MP Jay Hill.

Pastor Rowe requested a District flag from Town Council at the April 4th meeting and it was approved. Said Councillor Sipe, ?Council wants to affirm we are in support of all believers.? In reference to the same topic as Pastor Rowe and the challenges of unity in the church recently, Sipe added ?To have been representing District of Tumbler Ridge at (this) service this morning, I am overjoyed to see the healing take place in this congregation and look forward to seeing the overflow from this event spread throughout the community.? Pastor Rowe was very pleased for the Prayer Room to have the flag and was grateful to the District for this bequest.

The opening date for the Prayer Station was Monday, April 10th and will remain open for the hours of 7 am ? midnight daily, seven days a week. For further information please contact Pastor George Rowe at the church office – 242-5694.