District Launches two Targeted Investment Projects

Following the completion of an extensive planning program to prepare for new investment, the District of Tumbler Ridge Economic Development Department has initiated the creation of two targeted investment strategies. In order to facilitate the expansion of Tumbler Ridge?s retail and service offerings, the District is taking the first step in confirming both existing and future opportunities for investment through the development of a Retail/Service Expansion and Recruitment Opportunities Strategy. The District is also embarking on the development of a Tourism Investment Attraction Strategy, which endeavors to increase the contribution of tourism to its local economy. Both strategies are aiming to confirm, through solid research, a prioritized set of investment opportunities in their respective areas. They will also articulate action based recruitment strategies designed to bring these opportunities to the attention of investors, local or otherwise, that will take advantage of them. In addition, they will also analyze the District?s competitiveness within the scope and power of municipal government and recommend an action plan to increase it. More information can be found online at: www.TumblerRidge.ca/mh/projects.htm.

District of Tumbler Ridge Receives Project Funding

District of Tumbler Ridge Economic Development has received $10,000 from the Community Investment Support Program (CISP), a federal investment initiative under the Ministry Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The funding will be put towards the creation of an online investment portal that will be completed towards the latter portion of 2007. The District has also been approved for $20,000 from UBCM?s Community Tourism Program to be put towards the recently initiated Tourism Investment Strategy Project.

Commercial Lot Prices Reduced

In order to take an aggressive approach towards facilitating new commercial development, Council has agreed to reduce the minimum prices for the District owned lots in both the Service Commercial (C2) and Heavy Industrial (M1) subdivisions. The average reduction in price for the C2 lots is 27% lower than previous, for the M1 lots the average reduction in price will be 40%. New prices will be posted in the last week of May.