District of Tumbler Ridge

Bylaw 511, ?Development Procedures Bylaw.? The changes will guide and assist residents when dealing with amendments to the Official Community Plan, Land Use Bylaw, permits and appeals to the Board of Variance.

The fees have been significantly increased to cover staff time to process applications. The following bylaws are repealed in Land Use Bylaw No. 12: Parts 2, 4 and 5; Section 56, Part 8 of Land Use Bylaw No. 12, and Schedules 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8.

Applications for the following shall be submitted to the District of Tumbler Ridge and shall substantially be in the form as prescribed by the Approving Officer:

Application for Subdivision; Official Community Plan Amendment; Zoning Bylaw Amendment; Issuance of Development Permits; Appeals to the Board of Variance; Issuance of Development Variance Permits; and application for the issuance of Temporary Commercial and Industrial Permits.

Permits for the following shall substantially be in the form as prescribed by the Approving Officer: Development Permits; Development Variance Permits; Temporary Commercial or Industrial Use Permits; and Notice of Permit Form to Land Titles office.

Schedules A Fees and Schedule B, Process for Applications.

Bylaw 512, 2006 Council Remuneration Bylaw

At the August 1, 2006 Regular Meeting of Council a motion was made that the Council Remuneration Bylaw be amended to decrease the Mayor?s annual remuneration from 26,000 per annum to $22,189.00 per annum. Additionally the motion read that the Council remuneration would increase from $7,423.00 per annum to $8,260.00 per annum effective January 1, 2009. The attached bylaw reflects the change for the Mayor remuneration and we will note the change for the Council remuneration to be brought forward in December of 2008.


Since the remuneration for the Mayor is decreasing from the current amount in the budget there will actually be a surplus in the budget due to the decrease.

Changes to Bylaws 511 and 512 would need to be done through an amendment to the bylaw once the bylaws have been adopted.

One of the items on the Committee of the whole agenda on August 8th was the request to remove the District owned berm beside the building that the Museum Foundation is renting. The berm fronts MacKenzie Way in the small Commercial Park. The museum society would like to have better visual access to the dinosaur panorama that is being painted on the building.

The Museum Society has requested that the berm be moved to allow the travelling public to see the mural when traveling along MacKenzie Way. The Society has said that they will cover all costs associated with reducing the height of the berm and building it back up when they vacate the premises they are currently in.

In a memo to Mayor and Council Lonny Miller, Chief Administrative Officer expressed his concerns:

?The Museum Society has indicated that they will cover all costs associated with reducing the height of the berm and then building it back up when they vacate the premises. The Museum Society hope to move to a larger facility in the future (3 to 4 years).

Staff has concerns for reducing the berm. It will set precedence and council may get further requests from adjacent property owners or others in the community, to amend the berm further. The berm was an engineered structure designed to mitigate the nose and unattractive appearance of the buildings and equipment common to a light industrial area. The end wall of the two-story building is unfinished and will be more prominent if the berm is reduced in height. The berm is a small part of the community?s ?green space? and should be maintained to ensure the character and charm of the community.?

Museum members attended the Committee of the Whole meeting in a show of support, and after discussion, the decision was made to allow the removal of the berm. The vote was five to one in favour, with Councillor Hunter voting against the proposal.