District of Tumbler Ridge

Regular Meeting of Council

September 8, 2009

In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors McManus, Schembri, Beale, and Wren

Official Minutes can be obtained from Town hall.

1.Call to order: 7:00 pm

Statement by Councillor Wren. ?In light of recent issues with the print media, I have given serious consideration of my assignment to the health portfolio and my position as an employee of Northern Health. It is important to me that I perform at my best in my profession and also that I participate fully in specific roles assigned to me by this Council. Matters will undoubtedly arise through the health portfolio that I would have to excuse myself from participating in, due to a potential or a perceived conflict of interest with the role I hold within Northern Health. Or, due to a potential perception that I may be breaching confidentiality policies. I therefore feel it best to resign my role of health portfolio.?

Mayor White assigned Councillor Wren to the new portfolio, ?Community Welfare?.

2. Adoption of Minutes

(a) August 10, 2009 Regular Council Meeting-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: none

4. Petitions and Delegations: none

5. Correspondence

(a) District of Hudson?s Hope

Mayor and Council have been invited to attend the next meeting of the Peace River Municipalities Association( PRMA), September 22, 2009. There will be a tour of the WAC Bennett Dam and dinner before the meeting. Council is to advise staff if they will be in attendance. Item received for information.

(b) Legacies Now

Greg Amos wrote to Council regarding a $5000 grant received. The money is to be used to launch the first stage of a literacy plan for Tumbler Ridge. The money is from the Literacy Now Communities Program, an Olympics related fund. Item received for information.

(c) Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT)

Letter dated August 20, 2009. Neat informed Council they were successful in obtaining an amount of $144,400 to ?renew and strengthen its position as the leading environmental organization serving north-eastern BC.? ?With this funding, NEAT will launch new programs and expand its capacity?. Item received for information.

(d) Hockey Canada

Bob Nicholson, President of Hockey Canada, sent a letter to Mayor and Council to thank Tumbler Ridge for its hospitality and support during the 2009 National Women?s Team Spring Conditioning Camp.


Councillor McManus asked where the autographed jersey was. Ms. Isaak informed him it had been sent to be framed.

The framed jersey and picture will be put in the Sports Hall of Fame during the Olympic torch celebrations.

Mayor White requested the thank you letter be sent to TR News to be printed.

Received for information.

(e) Emperor?s Challenge Mountain Run

A thank you for the ?Platinum Level? contribution by Council was received by Sharon Caisley, Race Organizing Committee.

The district also provided outhouses, tables, risers, and barricades. Pool facilities were also made available to participants after the run. Received for information.

6. Bylaws: none

7. New Business

(a) Shift Change Policy

The Community Centre has a number of part time staff. There are times when an employee wishes to exchange a shift with another employee. There once was a policy in place but it was rescinded a number of years ago. The shift exchange policy will allow for a formal and documented process for employees wishing to exchange shifts.

The recommendation:

That Council adopt the Shift Change Policy -Admin 46 effective immediately-carried.

Note: This policy applies to all departments, however, it will be used mostly by aquatic centre staff.

This policy does not give employees permission for overtime.

(b) Municipal Insurance Association (MIA) Appointments

MIA will be hosting its annual general meeting during the UBCM Convention on September 29th, 2009. The District of Tumbler Ridge is a member of MIA and therefore is allowed to have two voting delegates in attendance at this meeting.

The recommendation:

That Councillor Rob Mackay and Councillor Schembri be appointed voting delegates to the Municipal Insurance Association Board and that Councillor McPherson be appointed as alternate delegate-carried.

(c) Curling Club Recommendations

Highlights of recommendations include:

·outstanding PST information that is required from the Curling Club is to be submitted immediately to the District?s Accounting coordinator.

·A bar coordinator from the curling club will be appointed by the curling club. The bar coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the bar.

·The Curling Club will determine a reasonable increase in their membership fees, will increase fund-raising endeavours and will make every effort to increase membership numbers.

·The community centre will refer rental users to the Curling Club who are interested in having bar services.

·If another group wants to use the bar, the curling club will need to run it.

The recommendation:

That direction be given to staff to renew the Curling Club Lease for one year including the recommendations provided-carried.

(d) Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association (NRAHTA) Appointments

Motioned to discuss at the next Policies and Priorities Meeting-carried.

(e) Playground Signs on Mackenzie Way

Councillor Beale brought up removing the playground signs on Mackenzie Way. There is no longer a school in the area and there are few people who are playing at the playground.

The recommendation to remove the playground signs on Mackenzie Way and replace them with pedestrian signs-carried.

This recommendation will allow speed to remain a constant 50km/hour along Mackenzie Way.

Councillor Beale commented he would also like to see crosswalks indicated more clearly on Monkman Way.

(f)Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities: September 14th and October 13th.

Regular Meetings: September 21st and October 5th.

8.Councillors Business

The following is a summary of Councillors Business that pertains to Council.

Councillor Schembri commented there is still painters tape on the caboose ?blowing in the wind?.

Councillor Schembri attended the BC Hydro meeting September 8th and she is impressed with the initiatives BC Hydro is involved in, trying to better relationships with communities.

Councillor Beale will be having a meeting on ATV issues(September 9th).

Councillor McManus commented a pet peeve of his, is the fallen timber from BC Hydro. Tumbler Ridge won?t be able to sell it and will be assuming the costs to clean it up. He thinks BC Hydro should take care of it.

Mayor White commented BC Hydro mentioned Tumbler Ridge is the only community where they did do clean up, they had never done it before.

Councillor Wren commented about the waxing job done on the caboose. He does not think it has changed the appearance of it. He would still like it to be painted.

Councillor Wren attended the Zilkha Biomass meeting and was impressed by the group. Councillor Wren would like to discuss the remaining wood at a P and PC meeting.

Mayor White has been busy with the topic of Biomass. Zilkha came and did a presentation to Council in August. He has also been contacted by a third interested company. The Ministry has given an initial response to Tumbler Ridge and they feel they will have the timber supply for us. Mayor White was clear and stated, ?I am not going to put up any road blocks?.

9. Question and Answer period:

Q:Is there anything being done about the Board of Variance?

A: There is a board of variance, two people have been appointed. The third person has moved away, but has not resigned. One member has attended the training session. Mr. Ray Proulx, EDO, explained ?the board of variance has been inactive because nothing has been referred to them.?

10. Close Meeting items:

(a) Closed pursuant to the Community Charter provision section 90(1) (a), (j) and (k)

11. Adjournment: 8:20pm