District of Tumbler Ridge

Regular Meeting of Council

September 21st, 2009

In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors McManus, Schembri, Beale, Mackay, McPherson and Wren

Official Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

1. Call to order: 7:00pm

Amendment to the agenda: Letter to the Mines, Not for profit groups rates at the Community Centre

2. Adoption of Minutes

(a) September 8, 2009 Regular Council Meeting-adopted as presented.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes:

Ms. Isaak commented the Visitor Information Centre will be painted. The caboose has been waxed and Ms. Isaak explained the wax will eventually restore the caboose to its original condition. The red colour did not take as well as the blue to the recent waxing job.

Councillor Schembri thanked staff for removing the painters tape that was on the caboose.

4. Petitions and Delegations :none

5. Correspondence

(a) Lynn Way

Ms. Way wrote to Mayor and Council with concerns about the way the condition the downtown core is in. To name a few, photos showed the lack of colour, minimal landscaping, cigarette butts, and the broken post with directions.


Councillor McPherson agrees fully with Ms. Way. Commenting on the broken post, McPherson explained the Mile Zero post in Dawson Creek is maintained yearly.

Councillor Schembri stated Tumbler Ridge is falling short in a couple areas. On a positive note, Schembri mentioned the work the garden club is doing around the downtown core. There are people making a difference and the town needs to support them.

Ms. Isaak explained one of the district?s priorities is ?revitalization of the downtown core?.

More discussion will continue at an upcoming Policies and Priorities Meeting.

(b) Royal Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion is holding the Quad Poker Run Saturday, October 3rd at 11am. The Legion has requested the ?main ?crossings? within town limits to be exempt for a minimum amount of time for crossings.? They also requested registered machines be allowed to cross without getting off of the quads within an allotted time period.

The request was approved.

(c) Province of British Columbia

Mayor and Council received a letter from Premier Gordon Campbell. The letter thanked Mayor and Council for their letter supporting BC Public Libraries. Item received for information.

6. Bylaws:

(a) Municipal Ticket Information(MTI) Bylaw

MTI?s are an enforcement tool for a variety of offences. The new MTI Bylaw incorporates the amending bylaws and reflects current legislation. Council had several questions on fine amounts and bylaws that may not pertain to Tumbler Ridge, like ?Meter Expired? and ?Stop in Bus Stop?. Councillor Wren also questioned the small amount of some of the fines, wondering if the cost of administration would be more than the fine.

Staff will bring back the bylaw after some amendments are done.

(b) Tax exemption Bylaw

Section 224 of the Community Charter allows Council to grant exempt tax status to certain religious and not-for-profit recreational properties. The following properties are included in this bylaw: TR Fellowship Baptist Church, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Roman Catholic Church, Grizzly Valley Saddle Club(except mobile home and residence), Seventh Day Adventist Church, Tumbler Ridge Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Jehovah?s Witness Kingdom Hall, and area occupied by the Tumbler Ridge Sportsman Association, for the purpose of the outdoor gun range.

·first reading-carried

·second reading-carried

·third reading-carried

7. New Business

(a) Financial reporting- August 2009

Update on operating expenditure, capital expenditure and grant funding received in relation to the budget for 2009.

Some cost saving initiatives the district has taken include: making own travel arrangements(no longer using an agency that charged $35/ticket), purchasing a colour printer for the community centre to print their own brochures and posters, saving on publishing costs, and scaling back on conferences and allocating funds to relevant or pertinent training.

Report received for information.

(b) PRRD Regional Recreation Awards Program

The following nominations to the 2009 PRRD Regional Recreation Awards were made by Council:

1.Charles Helm-Individual Achievement Award.

2.Tumbler Ridge Community Centre- Communications Contributions Award.

3.Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society-Organization Award.

(c) Cell Phone Policy

There have been recent concerns brought forward on the use of cell phones and other mobile communication devices by District employees. It has been recommended by the Occupational Health and Safety Advisors that the implementation of a cell phone phone policy can help reduce liability risks when it comes to occupational health and safety. The policy applies to workers, contractors and consultants. Employees may not use any communication device in the workplace while they are working. Prohibited uses includes, but is not limited to, use of communication devices to:

·engage in conversations

·play games

·surf the internet

·check email

·send text messages

·listening to iPods or other like devices.

The recommendation that Council adopt the District of Tumbler Ridge Cell Phone Use Policy PERS 22 effectively immediately-carried.

(d) Meeting Cancellation

Due to the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference(UBCM) being held in Vancouver September 28-October 2, 2009, the Policies and Priorities meeting on September 28th, 2009 will be cancelled.

(e) Schedule of Meetings

Policies and Priorities Meetings: October 13th and 26th

Regular Meetings of Council: October 5th and 19th

(f) Draft Letter to Mines-Hiring Practices

MLA Jay Hill?s office received a complaint about hiring practices at the local mines in Tumbler Ridge. The letter to Peace River Coal and Wolverine is to give the mines a ?heads up of the concerns?, explained CAO Kim Isaak.

Councillor Wren would like the language of the letter to reflect Mayor and Council?s support for hiring local.

Mayor White commented he has also been ?accosted by people? about not being hired by the mines in Tumbler Ridge.

The letter will have some minor wording changes and will be sent to the two mines.

(g) Rates for Not for Profit Groups at the Community Centre

Councillor Wren stated the issue: ? it has come to my attention from several not-for-profit groups that they are finding it more and more cost prohibitive to hold fund raising events within the Community Centre(space rental and equipment fees)?. Due to the issue being raised, Councillor Wren made the recommendation that ?local not-for-profit groups who hold fund-raising events within the Community Centre be charged a percentage(10%) of the profits raised at the specific event with a minimum of $20.00 effectively immediately?.

Ms. Cheryl Hayden, explained to Mayor and Council the Community Centre has already worked with several groups to help fund-raise including the Arts Council, TRUMP and the Seniors. The community centre donates rooms, equipment and takedowns. Working in partnerships with these groups, events are put on and profits are then divided. The community centre has also helped with advertising for these partnered events. Ms. Hayden stated if the community centre did what Councillor Wren suggested, it would contradict fees policies. Councillor Wren responded by saying, ? I am suggesting changing policy?.

This will be discussed further at a Policies and Priorities Meeting.

8.Councillors Business

The following is a summary of Councillors Business that pertains to Council.

Councillor McManus mentioned he had walked around the tourist information centre and the caboose. He does not agree with the waxing of the caboose, he thinks it needs to be stripped, repainted and then waxed again. He gave an example of Grimshaw, Alberta. There is a similar set-up with a caboose and a tourist centre and it is really made to look nice, so nice people take pictures at their tourist information centre. He commented Tumbler Ridge could take a lesson from them(Grimshaw).

Councillor McManus asked, ?who is camping in the tennis courts??

Ms. Isaak explained the engineers(Silex) are camping there for security reasons during the community centre envelope upgrade.

Councillor Mackay spoke about the community gardens. Ms. Isaak has provided a site plan and he is hoping the irrigation will be ?done before the snow flies.?

Councillor Wren explained there will be sign-age made to make citizens identifiable who are in need of help with snow removal. The ?adopt a senior? plan will hopefully be done by volunteers.

Councillor Wren commended the curb painting that had been completed.

Councillor Beale had a meeting with the Fire Chief, the bylaw officer and tow RCMP members to discuss the ATV issue in Tumbler Ridge. More research into the town of Elkford?s ATV ticketing bylaw and trails will be done.

Councillor McPherson suggested looking at the Town of Taylor?s boat launch to see how a boat launch should be. There has been a truckload of gravel dumped down at the Murray River Boat launch, which has now created a cliff. ?Something needs to be done?, stated McPherson.

Councillor McPherson also asked why there is no plaque on the large bucket. When the bucket was donated, there was an intent to put on a plaque. It has not been done yet.

Councillor Schembri requested ?no littering? signs. There seems to be more litter around the downtown core.

Mayor White explained Councillor Schembri is acting Mayor until further notice.

Mayor White has a confirmed meeting with Pat Bell, Minister Lekstrom and Larry Wieks in Vancouver during the UBCM about a possible Biomass project.

9. Question and Answer period: none

10. Close Meeting items:

(a) Closed pursuant to the Community Charter provision section 90(1) (b), (j)

section (b): personal information about an identifiable individual who is being considered for a municipal award or honour, or who has offered to provide a gift to the municipality on the condition of anonymity;

section (j): information that is prohibited, or information that if it were presented in a document would be prohibited, from disclosure under section 21 of the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act.

11. Adjournment: 9:10