District of Tumbler Ridge appoints Bylaw Officer

Jennifer Wells has accepted the position of Bylaw Control Officer for the District of Tumbler Ridge, and has taken up her duties October 29, 2007. Wells will be taking additional training for this position at the Justice Institute in the lower mainland when a training position opens in June 2008. The five to seven day course teaches bylaw enforcement and investigative skills. She has a background in Criminology, and won a summer career placement in Victoria in the Criminal Justice Program, beating out the other 150 candidates that applied for the position.

Wells, with husband Matthew and three year old daughter Kaily, moved from Victoria to Tumbler Ridge in 2005. Affordable housing, the security of small town living, and the remarkable change in health for her daughter, who suffers from asthma, have convinced her that they will make their home here. As Wells said, ?We are here for the long haul.? Wells contributes the positive changes for her daughter to a number of factors, but primary among them is the clean, dry air, and the lack of smog and pollution. Wells said she expected more pollution and coal dust in the air, but in fact there are no discernible pollutants.

Wells is looking forward to her new job, and she can be reached at any time at the Fire Department, at 242-3939 or by email at jwells@dtr.ca

Joe Tummonds, who held the position previously, will continue to work as the District of Tumbler Ridge Animal Control officer.