District of Tumbler Ridge honours LaPrairie Crane?s contributions to the community

Clay Iles stands beside the plaque honouring LaPrairie Crane?s contributions to the community. Iles was instrumental in arranging the Peace Park plaque, created to commemorate the trees donated by LaPrairie Crane for Tumbler Ridge?s 10th and 20th anniversary. The trees are May Day, Schubert Chokecherry and Northern Ash, some of which are planted along Main and Front Streets.

The trees were planted and are maintained by the Publc Works staff from the District of Tumbler Ridge.

LaPrairie Crane has a long history of commitment to the community of Tumbler Ridge, and was one of the largest single private donators to the swimming pool when it was built. The company is an example of what can be accomplished with support from business.

The plaque was placed in the park in November, 2005 and although it is covered with snow at the moment, it is in a perfect position to be enjoyed by local passerbys during the summer months.