District of Tumbler Ridge Policies and Priorities Meeting

June 22, 2009

All present.

Official Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall

1. Call to Order: 6:56pm

2. Adoption of Agenda-adopted as amended. Dr. Helm to appear as a delegation.

3. Adoption of Minutes for June 8, 2009-carried.

4. Business arising from the minutes: The legacy fund is working towards a ?Centre for Arts and Culture? not a ?Centre for Performing Arts?.

5. Delegations

5.1 Dr. Helm: Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation(TRMF)

Dr. Helm spoke to Council on behalf of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation. He spoke of the museum?s vision to use the caboose as a ?venue for the TRMF to develop a community exhibit regarding the Tumbler Branch Line and the trains which have operated on it?. The BC electrified rail line story has yet to be told by the TRMF. The TRMF is hoping to use the Caboose during the Spring and Summer months, since the caboose is unheated, and they are looking at an opening date for 2010. The TRMF would like to put up posters and pictures from when the line was in use and they would also like to include a movie on the development of the rail line in the exhibit. The museum would be able to access several items from people who they have been in contact with.


Councillor Mackay asked if the museum was looking at staffing the Caboose exhibit. Dr.Helm explained he doesn?t think it will need to be staffed as the exhibits will run themselves. There is a possibility that the tourist information centre will be able to open and close the Caboose.

This item will be sent to a regular Council meeting for a formal motion.

5.2 Dr. Helm: Community Adjustment Fund

There is little time to get this application in (due Friday June 26th). This money that is available is to help with trail development and local infrastructure. Dr. Helm explained there is up to one million dollars available. The program is a ?federal stimulus plan?, explained Dr. Helm. Therefore, you must be able to prove the proposed project will create jobs within the community. Dr. Helm explained the Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society(WNMS) has a lot of projects in mind for this potential funding. One of these ideas is to make Bullmoose flats wheelchair accessible. If funding is received, the town has until 2011 to finish the project. Dr. Helm explained WNMS will be able to provide the fieldwork but they will need help with the administration needs (payroll, job postings etc.) for a project like this.


Councillor Mackay: Can we use the grant writer to help with the application?

Ms. Isaak explained the grant writer?s focus is to help community groups with applications for grants. However, she may be called upon to help get this application in since there is such a short amount of time to complete it.

Councillor Mackay commented the money is not going to be around forever, therefore he thinks the application should be done if at all possible.


6.1Grant in Aid: Tumbler Ridge Youth Services Society (TRYSS)

TRYYS received $38,000.00 in grant in aid funds for 2009. The money was supposed to pay for the youth worker/coordinator?s wages. Council had agreed they would support the hiring of a ¾ time youth worker/coordinator.

TRYYS has budgeted $27,700.00 for this paid position. Thus, there remains $10,300.00 and TRYYS would like to use those funds for volunteers, insurance, bookkeeping and games maintenance.

After discussion, Council has agreed to grant the request of TRYYS to use the remainder of the grant in aid for the other budgeted expenses. The request will be formalized at the next regular meeting of Council.

6.2Monthly Financial Report

Michele Schalekamp provided Council with a financial report. The report offered Council information for all areas of the District and also included information on grant funding.

Council thanked Ms. Schalekamp for such a thorough report. Councillor Schembri commented she would much prefer to see the document sent electronically if it is going out every month. She explained she does not personally need a paper copy in hand. If they are sent electronically, it will help Council and the district work towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral.

6.32009 Strategic plan

The strategic plan will be formally adopted at the upcoming Regular meeting of Council.

6.4Segway Personal Transportation Alternative

Currently the BC Motor Vehicle Act defines the Segway as a motor vehicle, but it does not meet provincial equipment safety standards for on road use. Therefore, the Segway is only allowed to be used on private property in BC. The following resolution will be sent to UBCM by the District of Tumbler Ridge for consideration:

Whereas approximately one half of all car trips are less than 5km long and involve only a single occupant;

AND Whereas the electric Segway Personal Transporter is an environmentally friendly, short distance type vehicle;

AND Whereas in 2007 at the UBCM Convention, local governments and the province demonstrated their shared commitment to take action on climate change by signing onto the BC Climate Action Charter;

Therefore it be resolved that the District of Tumbler Ridge request the UBCM to lobby the Provincial Government to amend the Motor Vehicle Act to allow for the use of the Segway Personal Transporter on sidewalks adjacent to roadways.

6.5Commercial Truck Parking

Councillor Beale explained he has been approached by truckers as well as businesses. They are wanting to have access to ?reasonably located commercial parking?. This would be paid parking and Councillor Beale explained he envisions it to be for short term as well as long term. There were a few people who used the closed RV Monkman park as commercial parking this past winter and the fee was $300/month.

Councillor Beale is interested in the property across from Northern Metallic(next to Lakeview Inn and Suites).

Clark Hazlehurst explained the property in question is a waste soil dump and therefore the land is very unstable. It would take at least six inches of rock, he explained and commented there would be a fair bit of work involved. Thus, it would be a capital project.

Staff is directed to further investigate the property across from Northern Metallic and its feasibility for a proposed commercial parking site.

6.6Chartered Bank

Councillor McPherson would like money in the budget next year to investigate bringing in a chartered bank to Tumbler Ridge. The credit union is not a business bank and speaking from personal experience, McPherson commented the businesses need a bank in town to work with.

Staff has been directed to engage the existing bank in Tumbler Ridge, the credit union, in a discussion with what services they currently provide. Also, they have been directed to look into chartered banks and what is needed to be done to potentially bring one to Tumbler Ridge.

6.7Raising the Speed Limit on Highway 52east

Ms. Isaak spoke to Richard Prill and he confirmed the highway?s speed limit will be raised when the road is completely paved. Also, he will follow up on the guard rail request.

6.8NRAHTA(Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association)

Mayor White attended a NRAHTA meeting. He advised each Council will be responsible for appointing a member to the board. The appointee does not have to be a member of Council.


7.1Dunne-za Venture LP

Dunne-za Venture sent a request to Council asking them to consider waiving the camping fees being charged to the work crew in the Monkman RV Park. Clark Hazlehurst explained to Council they are already getting a fee reduction. Instead of the $27/day per site they are paying $15/day per site.

Dunne-za Venture is the company which obtained funding through the community development trust to provide job opportunities for displaced forest workers. The workers are upgrading the thirty WNMS hiking trails and they are also working at improving Forestry Recreation Sites in the Tumbler Ridge area.

It was decided to write Dunne-za Venture, explaining their request has been denied. In the letter, it will be explained they are already getting a reduced rate in the RV Park.

8.Question and Answer period:none

9.Resolution to Close Meeting:no items

10.Adjourn: 8:57pm