District of Tumbler Ridge Public Hearing

1.Call Public Hearing to Order-Acting Mayor Councillor McPherson

2.Opening Statement read by McPherson-This Public Hearing is convened pursuant to Section 890 of the Local Government Act to allow the public to make representations to Council respecting matters contained in the proposed District of Tumbler Ridge ?Land Use Amendment Bylaw No. 479, 2004.? This amendment will be amended to read that Strata Lots 1-52, Plan PG 132, District Lot 3164 as identified on the Tumbler Ridge Zoning Map, Zoned to Commercial Core C-1.

Petitions and Delegations-There were over 40 interested parties on hand for these presentations. It was standing room only. The first presenter was:

1)Brian Sipe who voiced his support of the zoning bylaw change, seeing it as a significant step forward for the community.

2)Rhonda McEwan gave her support of this zoning change, asking if the greenspace between Cottonwood and the hotel would be kept. Hazelhurst is unsure of this and will meet with McEwan.

3) Carolyn Tanis voiced support and asked if something happened to the apartment building could the building be replaced by another type of business?

Nigel Black responded, ?Yes? but that Council would have a say into which type of business it is.

4) Burt Bibby spoke on behalf of his wife Joanne and himself saying that a hotel of this caliber will be an asset to the town. They are both in favour.

5) Pernell Kirby said that he is in favour of this project and that this may bring other business into town.

6) Arley Harder gave his support saying ?We should look at any base for tax that will help Tumbler Ridge along.?

7) Greg Sauve in favour.

8) Bill Hendley is in favour, he feels that this has been a problem for the last twenty years. Now there will be a place for people to stay when they come to town. We could look at holding conferences in town. Hendley gave his compliments to Council for their work on this.

9) Ken Toft, President of 340 Northgate said ?We have some concern with our lot being used for hotel parking?.

10) Dawn Cooksley is in favour.

11) Jake Block- in favour.

12) Ken Campbell-enthusiastically supportive.

12) Florence Stirling- in favour, this will be a big asset to Tumbler Ridge.

13) George White asked if the Wilderness Lodge will get tax incentives or will they pay commercial taxes like everybody else? Black replied that the Wilderness Lodge will pay taxes. White- in favour.

14) Dennis Payment: opened by presenting a document to Councillor McPherson and asked him if he had seen this document prior to this meeting. McPherson replied that he hadn?t seen it but had heard about it. Payment said that while he is wholeheartedly in favour of this Lodge–the plan is excellent– he is concerned that if this doesn?t work, Tumbler Ridge will lose out. He also feels that this issue hasn?t been handled properly. McPherson replied that the building is bought and paid for. Councillor Younge commented that Council did their homework, the building sold and now it isn?t up to Council to control business plans for this project or any other business in town.

15) Chris Brouse-in favour as long as everything is above board.

Councillor McPherson thanked everyone for their presentations and asked if anyone else had something to add. Councillor McPherson made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Councillor Way.