District of Tumbler Ridge Regular Meeting of Council

July 12th, 2010 Official Minutes can be obtained from Town Hall.

In attendance: Mayor White, Councillors McManus, Mackay, Beale and Wren.

1. Call to order: 7:00pm

Agenda accepted as amended.

2. Adoption of Minutes

2.1 June 21st, 2010 Regular Meeting of Council-accepted as presented.

2.2 June 28th, 2010 Special Meeting of Council-accepted as presented.

2.3 July 5th, 2010 Special Meeting of Council-accepted as presented.

3. Business arising from the minutes:

Councillor McManus inquired on the finishing work that needs to be done on the visitor centre. Ms. Isaak advised some of the materials still need to be delivered to finish it.

Mayor White thanked HGTA for donating and planting trees along Mackenzie Way. ?Councillor Mackay asked if there was any more information about BC?s Provincial Parks 100th anniversary. Ms. Isaak explained they are looking for communities to suggest what they would like to see, but it is more along the lines of events and celebrations, not upgrading.

Mayor White suggested Councillor Schembri be nominated to replace Ray Proulx on NRAHTA?s board.

4. Petitions and Delegations:

4.1 Brad Bossack-Requesting a Change to Unsightly Premises Bylaw no.444 s.2.1(e) which states that ?No owner of a parcel of land shall allow vegetation on a parcel to become unsightly, including allowing a grass lawn on a developed property to grow higher than 15 cm?.

Property in question: 168 Gwillam.

Brad Bossack explained to council he and his wife, Benita Skinner, have lived in Tumbler Ridge for nearly nine years. They moved here from the city, to escape city life. In the time they have lived here, they have paid their taxes and in return, want to live life with few bothers.

Mr. Bossack explained his front yard is an ?expression of his love for the natural world?. In preparation of addressing Council, he spoke to approximately 200 people and gathered 177 signatures in support of keeping his yard as it is. He was recently given a removal order.

His front yard, as he explained it, is a ?self supporting ecosystem, reflective of the ecosystem surrounding ? Tumbler Ridge. He stated, ?it may not be the mainstream, but it is the way I went?.

Mr. Bossack stated the ?intention of the bylaw is respectable? to him, and ?he does not reject it outright?.

He ?deeply feels the bylaw should be amended.?

Mr. Bossack explained to Council he is a member of Naturescape. According the their website, http://www.naturescapebc.ca/naturescape/about.htm, The Naturescape British Columbia program is about restoring, preserving, and enhancing wildlife habitat in our urban and rural landscapes throughout the province.

The front yard, which is considered finished, still needs some care and attention daily, explained Bossack. Normally he can be found outside everyday. He explained he has not had as much time lately, as he and his wife are preparing to move.


Councillor Beale stated he is impressed with the amount of signatures that were gathered. He also stated he would like a tour of Mr. Bossack?s property.

Councillor Mackay stated, ?there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, you are doing it for the right reasons?. His only concern was a neighbours line of sight, for when they may be backing up out of their yard.

Mayor White explained to Mr. Bossack that no decision will be made regarding the bylaw during the meeting. More discussion will ensue and Council will get back to him.

5. Correspondence: none

6. Bylaws:none

7. New Business

7.1 Signing Authorities.

The district signing authorities were updated to reflect Chuck Jenson, the newly hired Director of Community Services, and the departure of the Community Development Officer, Ray Proulx.

7.2 Petition to Northern Health Authority

The Senior?s Needs Committee has been lobbying for increased medical services for the past two years. After several meetings with the Northern Health Authority, the Ministry of Health and the local MLA office, services have still to be further reduced.

To see the return of the prior levels of service, the senior?s needs committee recommends a petition for this to be distributed as soon as possible.


Mayor White commented ?we have exhausted all our means?, after meeting with Northern Health and MLA Blair Lekstrom.

Councillor Beale commented he is a long time resident of Tumbler Ridge. Over the years he has seen a reduction of services and he would like to be the first one to sign the petition.

Councillor Mackay is concerned that nothing has happened as a result of the meeting with MLA Lekstrom and Northern Health.

The recommendation that Council endorse the petition by distributing it to the public and then on to Northern Health Authority-carried.

7.3 TR Ministerial Association Community Street Party

The Tumbler Ridge Ministerial Association is looking to have a Community Street Party on August 28th, 2010. The funds raised during the event will be used to support the Tumbler Ridge Family Assistance Program.

The Ministerial Association is requesting permission to use Lot Q(located across Southgate from the Shell station). Their second choice of location is the TRSS field.

Councillor Beale has concerns with safety and the traffic flow during the event. Blocking traffic could be an option.

The recommendation that Council approve the use if Lot Q by the Tumbler Ridge Ministerial Association for a Community Street Party to raise funds for the Tumbler Ridge Family Assistance Program-carried.

7.4 Gazebo for Community Garden

The recommendation that Council authorize the Tumbler Ridge Garden and Composting Society to erect a gazebo on the land that they lease from the District of Tumbler Ridge and

That prior to any construction, a permit be obtained through the building department-carried.

7.5 UBCM Nomination

The recommendation that Council extend their support Councillor Schembri in her seeking nomination to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Board of Directors-carried.

7.6 Aquifer Protection Plan

Proposals for an Aquifer Protection Plan, including quotes, were requested verbally from three engineering firms.

Clark Hazlehurst, Public Works Operations Manager, recommends the district hire EBA consulting, ?based on the complete and thorough proposal, and the methodology staged over a 3-4 year period?.

Money has been allocated for the project in the budget, explained Ms. Isaak.

The recommendation that Council approve the expenditure and direct senior staff to enter into a service agreement with EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., for this years stage one of an Aquifer Protection Plan at a cost of $24,700.00-carried.

7.7 Schedule of Meetings

Unless otherwise posted, meetings are held Monday nights at 7pm in Town Hall Council Chambers.

Regular meetings: August 9th, September 7th(Tuesday) and September 20th.

Policies and Priorities meetings: July 26th, August 23rd, September 13th.

8. Councillor?s Business

The following is a summary of business as it pertains to Council.

Councillor Mackay has a concern with a near miss that occurred at the boat ramp recently. He would like another conversation on what can be done about this.

He also thinks not a lot of money and a bit of work can make a great swimming hole under the bridge at Flatbed, since recreational opportunities has been identified as a need.

Councillor Mackay also voiced his concern about an accident (40 km out of town) that required the Dawson Creek ambulance to attend, as the one ambulance from Tumbler Ridge that originally got called out, was called back to town for another incident. Mayor White advised Councillor Mackay there had been a warning of the shortages for the weekend.

Councillor Wren mentioned he had tried to get in touch with the school trustee, Sherry Berringer, with regards to some resident?s concerns about Gr 7 students being in the high school. The concern being the Gr. 7?s are too young. He is hoping to get in touch with her soon.

Councillor Wren commented as he drove back from Dawson Creek, he noticed the large billboards advertising Tumbler Ridge?s waterfalls and dinosaurs. The road to Kinuseo is not good and he stated, ?I think we need to push more? to get some work done on it.

Councillor McManus commented it would be nice to take out the large stones under the bridge at Flatbed, in order to make it more flat for swimming.

Councillor McManus attended the Dawson Creek Council meeting with Mayor White to express council?s concerns with the Encana Centre booking a musical act during Grizfest.

After the meeting with DC Council, Councillor McManus and Mayor White had a meeting with the management company that runs the Encana Centre. The Encana representatives came up with the idea to advertise Grizfest on the Encana Events Centre website.

Mayor White commented the Canada Day events at TRSS were well done. He enjoyed himself until he was dunked in the oatmeal.

Mayor White will be expressing his concerns to Capital Power about their wind project, which has plans to be situated in the community forest area.

Mayor White stated that there are $1.3 million in taxes in arrears. Due to this, the district must borrow this money to pay for their commitments(budget).

Mayor White would like Council to support a letter to the Ministry of Community Services, as there is no incentive for taxpayers to pay their taxes before December 31st. There is only a 10% penalty added on if you pay between July 3rd and December 31st. He would like there to be a larger penalty for each month taxes are in arrears.

9. Question and Answer period:

Tom Goodman, who lives at 140 Gwillam, asked Council, ?Am I next?? to receive a removal order. He too has a front yard that is more like a forest. He explained he once heard that in order to help the environment, you should plant a tree, so that is what he has done.

10. Resolution to a Closed Meeting:

10.1 Section 90 (1) c labour relations

10.2 Section 90 (1) e land

11. Adjourned to a closed meeting at 8:21pm